Modular Trade Show Displays

Modular Displays

Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to reach potential partners and clients in a place where people are receptive and eager to learn about what your company can do for them. To have a successful trade show experience, however, you have to overcome the challenge of standing out amidst aisles of other trade show booths, all of which are vying for the public’s attention, just like you are.

Exhibitors understand this challenge and are rising to meet it. Most companies are optimistic about the success they’ll see at future events. As of 2018, 84% of exhibitors had confidence that their trade show marketing programs would yield greater success in the future than in the past. So, how can you feel confident that your next trade show will be a success? That confidence starts with an exhibit that will attract attention and making a lasting impression on your audience.

Modular displays from SpeedPro are an excellent option for companies that want to create impressive trade show exhibits that are cost-effective, easy to assemble, durable, professional and exceptionally versatile.

What Are Modular Trade Show Displays?

Modular displays are an off-the-shelf solution for a trade show booth that appears fully customized. Exhibits are considered modular when they work as building blocks that you can mix and match to form different combinations. Modular displays are extremely versatile. Some modular backwalls, which function as a backdrop for an inline booth, are even designed so that you can reconfigure them to fit either a 10- or 20-foot space.

Modular displays are off-the-shelf solution for a trade show booth that appears fully customized

In addition to large displays like backwalls, modular displays also include smaller components, such as kiosks and counters, and accessories that attach to your backwall, such as monitor mounts, shelves, lights and more. Modular backwall kits come with some of these accents, so you may find a ready-made comprehensive solution that offers all of the pieces you’re looking for.

In addition to customizing your display by choosing the building blocks you like and arranging them in your own configuration, you also get to customize your display through your graphics. Except for accessory attachments that are comprised solely of hardware, modular displays prominently feature custom graphics, either in the form of dye-sublimated fabric or rigid printed panels.

The wide range of modular building blocks available makes it possible to create a booth that works perfectly for your company and allows you to rearrange or scale this exhibit for the various events you attend for maximum versatility. Add your custom branded graphics, and you have a reconfigurable, fully customized exhibit that is anything by cookie cutter in appearance.

What Different Types of Modular Displays Are There?

Modular exhibits from SpeedPro come from four different brands. Each of these collections has its own distinguishing style. Many companies select one of these collections based on their preference and then a select kit along with additional accessories within that collection so that every part of their exhibit has a consistent appearance. Of course, you can also choose to mix and match across brands when it comes to freestanding displays like counters or kiosks. Let’s look at each of these four banded collections.

1. Hybrid Pro Modular Exhibits

Hybrid Pro™ modular exhibits are elegant with a modern edge. These kits, which provide a comprehensive solution for your booth, come in a variety of designs to fit 10- and 20-foot inline exhibits and 20-by-20 island exhibits. Inline options include trade show backwall displays that make it easy to highlight your brand, and some even include partial side walls. Island exhibits are comprised of impressive structures that will make your company look like a giant on the trade show floor.

Hybrid modular exhibits for trade shows also come with the accessories you need to complete your display, including counters, monitor mounts, shelving and more. If you find a kit you love, but it doesn’t come with all the accessories you need, you can purchase these add-ons separately to create your ideal setup.

2. Linear Modular Displays

Linear™ Pro modular trade show displays include a small collection of linear backwall display kits designed for both 10- and 20-foot inline booths. With interesting lines and bold opportunities to highlight your branding, these modular backwall kits are an excellent option for any inline booth. If you want your display to work for both 10- and 20-foot booths, opt for a 20-foot display which you can reconfigure to fit a 10-foot booth.

All Linear inline displays feature a canopy accent, overhead lighting and tables, which all add function and enhance the design of your space. You can also easily add a shelf, literature holder or tablet holder which connect right to your backwall frame. As with any exhibit, you can also purchase freestanding displays like counters or kiosks to add to your booth.

3. Orbital Express Truss Exhibits

Orbital Express truss exhibits are one of the most popular lines with SpeedPro customers. These modular kits are designed for island exhibits as well as 10- and 20-foot inline exhibits. Orbital truss trade show exhibits have a modern, industrial look with exposed steel frames that surround your custom graphics. These frames look cool but are also easy to assemble without the need for any tools.

In addition to their unique look and the fact that they’re an exceptionally easy-to-assemble trade show display, these exhibits offer another great feature — they are completely reconfigurable. With a reconfigurable backwall, you can make your display work in different spaces and can put your personal touch on the layout of your booth by repurposing parts to form structures that work for you. Choose kits that include the accessories you want, from lighting and monitor mounts to tabletops and more.

4. Vector Frame Modular Displays

Vector Frame™ modular trade show displays are kits designed for 10- and 20-foot inline booths. These exhibits are made from aluminum extrusion frames and push-fit, silicone-edge graphics. They include interesting design details that can help your backwall pop. With the economy Essential line and the premium Master collection, there are plenty of options to select from to create your perfect inline display.

These systems come with accessories such as shelving, monitor mounts, counters, literature holders and more. For extra impact, choose a backwall kit that adds some illumination through backlit graphics. No matter which kit you pick, Vector Frame displays are unmistakably stylish and can help you make a lasting impression on the trade show floor. If needed, you can add more accessories to help you complete your ideal booth.

Why Use Custom Modular Displays?

So, why is it smart to consider using modular exhibits? These displays offer some major benefits, whether they’re used as modular retail displays at your place of business or for a custom trade show exhibit. Let’s focus in on the strengths that modular displays bring to the table for trade show exhibitors. Modular displays are:Why Use Custom Modular Displays? [list]

1. Versatile

One of the main advantages of choosing modular displays for your trade show exhibit is that they’re incredibly versatile. Rather than committing to one setup that you must replicate at every trade show you attend or having to purchase a whole new exhibit when you need to fit a different booth size or purpose, with a modular display, you can reuse the various elements of your display and make them work for each event you attend.

You can resize as needed to fit your space, and you can eliminate, add or rearrange elements to create the perfect display that helps you accomplish your trade show goals. For example, at some events, you may want more of an emphasis on multimedia elements. You can add kiosks or monitor mounts to your existing display to incorporate this multimedia aspect. If you’re looking for a versatile exhibit, modular displays are the way to go.

2. Cost-Effective

Because modular exhibits are so versatile, they are also a cost-effective option. Rather than continually spend money on new exhibits, you can invest in various pieces within the modular booth system which you can reuse at different events. When you know you’re making an up-front investment that you’ll reap ongoing rewards from, you can afford to purchase high-quality displays you’re proud of.

Even if you decide to rebrand or change out graphics, you can keep your hardware and just order new fabric or rigid printed graphics to cover your hardware. These graphics cost a fraction of what it would cost to purchase a whole new display. When you’re looking for a display that’s friendly to your budget, don’t just look for low price tags. Opt for versatile modular displays so your investment pays off in a big way over time.

3. Professional

Your trade show booth serves as the face of your company at a trade show and is how visitors who are unfamiliar with your brand will form their first impression of you. If you want to project a professional image, then you need your displays to appear professional. Modular exhibits look professional for two main reasons.

One is that, rather than your booth looking like it was thrown together from disparate elements, a modular display kit always appears cohesive. You can choose options where shelving, counters, monitor mounts and more are seamlessly integrated into your overall display. The other reason is that modular exhibits from SpeedPro are made from high-quality materials, including durable hardware and vivid graphics. With a modular exhibit, your company can put your best foot forward on the trade show floor.

4. Convenient

With all the planning and preparation that goes into exhibiting at a trade show, you don’t want designing your displays to be a burden that further complicates the process. Some businesses may even feel overwhelmed by the task and see it as a deterrent to marketing themselves at trade shows. The good news is that modular exhibit kits make it easy to create a booth that will wow your audience without having to spend time and energy on designing a booth from scratch.

Modular exhibits also make setting up your booth convenient. As with other portable trade show displays from SpeedPro, modular display stands are easy to transport and easy to assemble. Orbital Express truss displays are especially easy to assemble and reconfigure without any need for tools. Convenient transport and setup help you start your trade show experience on the right foot so you can worry less about building a display and focus instead on energizing yourself for a productive day.

5. Durable

We’ve talked about the benefit of being able to reuse your displays, but you may be wondering how long these displays actually last. After all, you can only reuse them as long as they’re still working and looking great. Even though modular displays are lightweight, they’re also made from durable, high-quality materials.

Most modular exhibit kits come with a lifetime hardware warranty. Orbital Express truss parts come with a five-year warranty, which is also an impressive length of time. Because modular displays are made to last, you can plan on using them over and over again. This is great news for companies who have seen great results from trade shows and plan to attend many more in the future. A quality modular display can hold up to the wear and tear and continue to help make each event a success.

What Can You Add to Your Modular Display?

When you purchase a modular display kit, you aren’t confined to using only the components included in your kit. You can customize your booth further by adding additional items that help you market your business and make your booth more functional. These add-ons are included in three categories — counters, kiosks and accessories. Let’s take a brief look at each one.

What Can You Add to Your Modular Display?

1. Counters

Custom modular counters are available in all four modular collections — Hybrid Pro, Linear Pro, Orbital Express truss and Vector Frame. These counters give you another opportunity to feature custom graphics, and they’re extremely functional. They make it easy to facilitate sales transactions, give speeches, serve refreshments or welcome conversations. Most counters even include storage space where you can stow away items that may otherwise clutter your booth. A custom counter is an excellent addition to any modular trade show exhibit.

2. Kiosks

Modular kiosks are available to match Vector Frame, Linear Pro and Orbital Truss exhibits. No matter which model you choose, a kiosk can add a lot to any trade show booth. You gain a monitor mount where you can show videos or feature interactive demos or other sources of information. Since this mount is connected to a freestanding display, it gives you another opportunity to show off your branding through eye-catching graphics, and you can position it wherever you want in your booth. Some kiosks also include built-in countertops.

3. Accessories

Accessories consist primarily of monitor mounts, which are designed to connect to any modular exhibit, as well as add-ons that attach to Orbital Express truss displays. Monitor mounts allow you to add multimedia features to any modular exhibit. Even if you pick a kit that comes with a monitor mount, you can add more as needed. As for truss accessories, these items are made to seamlessly integrate with your overall display, giving it the added function you need. These accessories include things like wire racks, hanging racks, tabletops and more.

Find a Comprehensive Modular Solution for Your Trade Show Exhibit Today

If you’re looking for a partner to help you create a custom trade show display that will attract attention and impress everyone who walks by, talk to the experts at SpeedPro imaging. With studios all over the country and a reputation for excellent quality and fast solutions, SpeedPro is your ideal partner for large-format graphics.

A modular exhibit from SpeedPro makes it easy to turn your next trade show and many thereafter into successful experiences. To get started, find a SpeedPro studio near you and get in touch with the staff to learn more about how we can bring your ideal trade show exhibit to life.

Find a Comprehensive Modular Solution for Your Trade Show Exhibit Today