Portable Displays

Portable Display

When you’re planning to attend a trade show, you want to come up with all the elements you need to furnish your booth and make it stand out. To make an impression on attendees, your displays need to be a cut above the many other booths that fill the event space. In addition to putting effort into the appearance of your displays, you also need to consider logistics.

Especially if you’re attending a trade show out of town, you need displays that travel well. If you’re in the two-thirds of marketers who plan to exhibit at trade shows outside of the U.S., your need for portable displays is even more significant.

Portable exhibits should break down as much as possible to conserve space, and they should be easy to expand and set up once you get to your trade show venue. With the right displays and accessories from SpeedPro, you can enjoy the benefits of portable displays that go from compact and convenient to high-impact and able to turn heads.

Benefits of Portable Display Lighting

What Are Portable Displays?

So what are portable trade show displays, exactly? Portable displays encompass a wide variety of display types. What they all have in common is that they’re designed with portability in mind. They’re made to be compact, easy to transport and convenient to quickly set up at your trade show booth, no tools necessary. The sizes of portable displays vary from small, tabletop displays to models that can span your entire booth.

These displays include everything you need to create a fully fleshed-out and eye-catching trade show booth, including:

  • Banner stands
  • Sign systems
  • Hanging banners
  • Collapsible displays
  • Folding panel displays
  • Counters
  • Wall-mounted displays
  • Display lighting
  • Info centers
  • Table covers
  • Shipping cases
  • And more

Types of Portable Displays

You can clearly choose from many different portable display types, so don’t limit yourself to just one kind. An eye-catching and information-rich trade show booth should include a combination of various display types topped off with the perfect lighting accessories. To complete your ensemble, make sure you have the right carrying cases to keep all your portable exhibits safe. Let’s take a look at every type of portable display SpeedPro offers.

Banner Stands

One of the advantages of LED lighting for portable tradeshow displays is that it uses less energy.

Banner stands are a type of portable display stand that you can find in a variety of sizes and types to proudly display your graphics. SpeedPro offers the following types of banner stands:

  • Retractable: Also known as roll up banner stands, retractable stands are one of the most popular options with exhibitors. Your graphic will retract into the base of the stand, which means it offers protection for your banner and convenience when it’s time to set up and take down your display.
  • Telescopic: If you want a versatile stand that will work for multiple banner sizes, a telescopic banner stand is the perfect option. Telescopic stands will allow you to manipulate width or height, so you can reuse them over and over again for a variety of graphic sizes.
  • Spring back: Spring back banner stands are easy to set up and take down, and they’re a great economy option. Most of them have an X-shaped frame with a support leg, which is why they’re sometimes called X-style banner stands.
  • Tension fabric frame: When you invest in a fabric banner, a tension fabric frame will be the perfect way to display it. Choose from a variety of styles and configurations, including both single- and double-sided frames. Some tension fabric frames are also backlit with LED strip lighting to illuminate a display for even more impact.

Hanging Banners

Another way to display banners is by hanging them. Hanging banners are a great option if you want large, high-impact displays. With vivid inks and a range of quality materials, no matter where you want to hang your banner, you can expect it to look great. You can choose from custom size options, from as small as 2’x2′ to as large as 10’x10′. Choose from materials designed for indoor or outdoor display spaces.

Indoor banners come in vinyl, display poly and oxford fabric. These high-quality materials will display your message vividly in any indoor location. Outdoor banners, on the other hand, come in three weather-resistant materials — mesh, scrim and outdoor canvas. Scrim banners come in two different weights, one of which can be either single- or double-sided.

Wall-Mounted Displays

At some events, you may be limited to a table display. However, if you have a booth with walls, you should make the most of that wall space. Wall-mounted displays are an effective way to include your branding or share a message in multiple places. These displays come in several different types, including:

  • Hanging: If you want a display you can hang from any wall or even from a beam, you’ll want a hanging poster display. It features a snap rail system with hanging clips that can hold up the top of your poster. You can quickly and easily change out the graphic.
  • Framed: Another option that will allow you to quickly change out graphics are poster frames that feature spring-loaded edges able to open up and snap back together from the front. Your graphic will be mounted onto a polystyrene backer.
  • Light box: You can also choose snap frames that are lit all along the edge with an LED diffuser panel, which distributes the light evenly to fully illuminate a poster.
  • Fabric poster: If you want to display a fabric poster on the wall, there’s an option for that too. A metal frame holds push-fit graphics in place. Inserting the poster into the frame is simple, and you can change the graphics whenever you want.

Table Covers

Not all your displays need to be banners or posters. You can use every aspect of your display space, including your tables, to show off your branding. Adding a branded table cover can provide an elegant, complete look in your exhibiting space. You can also choose to use solid table covers and add a runner that bears your logo.

You can choose either an imprinted or printed table cover. The difference is that printed table throws feature vinyl lettering on top of the polyester, while printed table throws are made through dye sublimation, meaning the dye is pressed into the fabric. Printed table throws offer the widest range of options for customization.

Collapsible Displays

Collapsible displays are a type of popup display that comes in a variety of styles and sizes, from tabletop models to options that span the whole back of a booth. These displays are made with accordion-style support frames, so they become extremely compact for storage and shipping and expand in minutes to create impressive displays with minimal effort.

The support frames are covered in fabric graphics that can put a spotlight on your branding and message. You should choose a style that fits the look you’re going for. For instance, some frames are curved, and some are straight. You can also choose a multi-panel display for more dimensional interest. Collapsible displays are an excellent option if you want a high-impact display that you can set up with speed and no tools.

Folding Panel Displays

Folding panel displays don’t just belong at the science fair. You can also use them to show trade show attendees what your business is all about. You can prominently feature one image or include a combination of text, photos and graphics that will inform your audience and hopefully lead to conversions.

Folding panel displays are all made to be placed on a tabletop, but they come in different sizes and configurations. You can choose from three-, five- and eight-panel designs. Whatever size and configuration you choose, you can add a header panel to make sure your company’s name or other branding elements come through loud and clear.


Tables or counters are an essential part of any trade show display. Counters offer the unique advantage of being taller than tables, so they’re easily accessible at standing height. They’ll give you a place to set things like email sign-up sheets, portfolios and other items that trade show attendees may want to peruse. They’re also a great spot for eye-level tabletop displays.

In addition to providing a surface for informational items and graphics, counters also offer a natural place for staff members to position themselves. Having enthusiastic members of staff behind a counter is an excellent way to receive guests.

SpeedPro offers a variety of styles of counters. Unlike standard counters, these counters feature eye-catching graphics that will drive your branding home. Some options even offer storage space. No matter what features or aesthetics you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the perfect counter to meet your needs and elevate your entire portable booth display.

Info Centers

When you want to provide trade show attendees with more in-depth information about your company, an info center is a great place to start. You can find multimedia options along with solutions to accommodate more traditional print materials:

  • iPad stands: You can use an iPad or other tablet device to display video content or provide interactive information. Freestanding and tension fabric iPad stands are the perfect means for displaying an iPad in a way that’s professional and consistent with your branding.
  • Kiosks: Whether you want a tiny interactive screen, a 70″ monitor or anything in between, a kiosk with your choice of graphics is the way to go. You can even feature charging stations complete with your custom graphics.
  • Sign stands: Whether you want to provide wayfinding signage or share information about your company, sign stands will give you the means to make you signs appear professional and noticeable. Choose from a variety of options, including flat and three-dimensional styles.
  • Literature racks: Whether you want to display a brochure, catalog, portfolio or any other type of informational literature, a freestanding literature rack will give you a sleek way to make this information accessible while keeping your table or counter space free.

Sign Systems

Some displays are classified as signs. Signs typically provide trade show attendees with helpful information. When you want to point them in the right direction with wayfinding signage, direct their attention to aspects of your booth or simply welcome them, sign systems can help you accomplish all your communicative goals.

Choose from a variety of options, including wall signs and freestanding signs. You can even select an LED light box for an illuminated sign. Features like snap frames allow for easy graphic insertion and switching, so you can update the information in your signs as often as required. No matter what information you need to display or how you want it to look, SpeedPro has all the options you need to design the perfect solution.

Types of Lighting for Portable Displays

Display Lighting

The right lighting is the perfect finishing touch to bring any display to life. If you want to provide a large volume of light to brighten up your display, opt for floodlights. You can choose from slimline models and accent lights, which come in a variety of colors. If you want to draw attention to certain parts of your display, opt for spotlights, which are the perfect means to highlight focal points.

Lights from SpeedPro all feature LED bulbs for more efficient, bright lighting that will also last longer. You can choose either warm or cool white light, or you can pump up the color in your display booth with RGB lights, which will allow you to choose the perfect color to match your branding or the mood you’re going for. No matter what look you want to achieve, the right lighting can help get you there.

Shipping Cases

When you find the perfect portable trade show displays, you’ll want to protect them so that you can transport or ship them to their destination without worrying about your displays being damaged. That’s where a shipping case comes in. You can extend the lifetime of your displays by properly protecting them. That way, you can reuse them over and over again at various events, knowing they’ll look great every time.

Whether you’re using banner stands, collapsible displays, folding panel displays or any other type of portable solution at trade shows, a shipping case is an essential accessory for protection. Shipping cases from SpeedPro are durable and made to hold your hardware and graphics all in one place for dependability and convenience.

Partner With SpeedPro for Portable Displays That Impress

You don’t need a bulky display that takes hours and special tools to set up in order to achieve an impressive appearance that captures the attention of trade show attendees and leaves a lasting impression. SpeedPro can help bring your vision for your trade show booth to life, all using portable displays that are easy to ship, carry and set up.

Our team is ready to help you produce high-impact portable displays complete with vivid graphics and high-quality hardware so that you’re ready to take your portable trade show booth on the road. Get started by finding a studio near you today.