3 Questions to Help You Get the Most for Your Money with Large-Scale Visuals

How do you know your wide-format printing partner will help you get the most for your money?

As a business owner, it’s important to consider which vendor will produce the right products and services that generate your desired return on investment (ROI).

The following questions can guide you through the decision-making process so you get the most out of your large-scale visuals.

  1. What’s the value of a local vendor for wide-format printing and graphics?

There are numerous vendors capable of creating marketing materials. However, the level of quality and service vary significantly. Instead of zeroing in solely on the price point, consider which company will go beyond a transactional relationship and fully invest in a consultative approach to be your local partner.

“We’ve seen lots of customers get burned from ordering online,” said Patrick Finn, Director of Production Support. “Often our customers are on tight deadlines, so it’s important to work with someone local, who can get it done quickly and resolve any issues in a timely manner.”

As is evident in the name of our company, we work quickly to meet our customers’ deadlines. And the other component of our brand promise is the professionalism that businesses seek with a wide-format printing partner. Online printers are typically competing solely on price. Additionally, they’re either going to be in a different city or another country entirely. Local SpeedPro Imaging owners are dedicated to getting the job done right and will be there if anything needs to be adjusted.

Patrick estimates between 50 – 60 percent of SpeedPro Imaging customers don’t know what they specifically need. A local partner can walk you through your options for wide-format printing and help you select the right strategy or adjust your vision to deliver the best bang for your buck.

  1. What other services will my wide-format printing vendor offer?

Ideally, your wide-format printer will not only produce your designs, but act as a solutions provider that will make sure the campaign is comprehensive and built to help you achieve your specific goals.

“People often come to us hoping to hone in on their current ideas,” Patrick said. “We’ll ask about goals, budget and venue – things we know to design for and that some business owners may overlook.”

Patrick added that customers are often surprised at what SpeedPro Imaging can do. They know about banners and signage, but few realize there are so many applications for which we can produce graphics, including floors, ceilings, windows, cars, elevators and countless others. We’re able to create a comprehensive plan with the best large-scale visuals to meet customers’ goals based on the venue or location and their purpose.

For example, a growing number of businesses are combining wide-format printing and digital advertising. Consumers tend to ignore a digital display by itself, Patrick indicated. But when digital signage is paired with wide-format printing that surrounds the interactive display, it does a better job of drawing potential customers in to learn more—especially when it’s well-designed and part of an integrated strategy. Your typical online vendor won’t be able to deliver this level of service.

  1. How can I effectively measure ROI?

“It’s been a challenge for many years for business owners to figure out how much business a specific billboard is sending,” Patrick explained. “Is it effective or is it worth my money?”

Nowadays, tracking ROI has become more sophisticated with wide-format printing, whether you’re using a billboard, vehicle wrap or other types of environmental advertising. For instance, a growing number of businesses are integrating unique contact information for a specific graphic or advertisement, including unique phone numbers or landing page URLs, QR codes or special text message numbers. By doing so, you can determine that “X” customer visited my website or called my store because of “Y” advertisement.

Businesses have also begun testing out real-time advertising through vehicle wraps.

“You could have your car wrapped with a one-week special or it could be just a general service, and that vehicle might be driven through certain parts of town,” Patrick said. “And if a certain number of calls are coming from ZIP codes within those areas instead of others, you’ll begin to develop a heat map of where new business comes from during that time frame.”

Other business owners take the old-school route, simply asking customers with an online survey “How did you hear about us?” and providing a drop-down menu of options that include different marketing and advertising channels, including large-scale visuals.

With these measurement tools in place, you can more easily understand the ROI of your campaigns and use this data to make better decisions about future marketing and advertising campaigns.

To learn more about how SpeedPro Imaging can improve your bottom line with the right large-scale visuals and signage, check out our products and services.


SpeedPro Imaging Featured as Experiential Graphics Expert in Several National Publications

Three Studio Owners Representing the Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise Showcase Transformative Works of Art

(Centennial, CO – May 17, 2018) – SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large-format franchise, was featured by several prominent national publications as the premier thought leader on experiential graphics.

The phenomenon that is experiential graphics (or, environmental graphics) is sweeping across America, and SpeedPro Imaging is leading the charge. Experiential graphic design incorporates traditional, technological and form graphics with the surrounding environment to convey a message or enhance an experience.

Q1 2018’s “Experiential Graphics” PR campaign provided local studio owners across the country an opportunity to highlight their work in a wide variety of settings. Each SpeedPro Imaging studio owner shared the high return on investment and “wow” factor enjoyed by their clients.

Featured_Install_BarArea - Moe's Tavern Chicago 1Sign Builder Illustrated profiled three SpeedPro Imaging studio owners for their works with experiential graphics. SpeedPro Imaging Chicago studio owner Shira KollinsThe Simpsons inspired graphic was recognized in the article “The Funny Thing About Experiential Graphics.” When a Chicago bar owner made the decision to temporarily replicate Moe’s Tavern from the animated television series, Kollins made his vision a reality. “We specialize in [projects] that aren’t normal,” Kollins said. “However, transforming people’s workspaces with experiential graphics is one of my favorites.”

SpeedPro Imaging Marin studio owner Steve Moran-Cassese was featured in Sign Builder Illustrated’s   “Into the Woods with Environmental Branding” article. Moran-Cassese assisted in the massive rebranding of Hewlett Packard’s Worldwide Headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Moran-Cassese, a long-time proponent of experiential graphics, says it’s the fastest-growing sector in wide format.

HP Welcome Center Marin 2“Not only can you pick the image that you want, but you can pick the surface look that you want it to appear on,” says Moran-Cassese. “You can pick a huge glass atrium – it doesn’t matter how big or how wide. We are seeing an increasing interest in environmental graphics among architectural design firms, which is pretty exciting.”

Transforming a bland and lackluster dealership showroom into a vibrant, Polynesian beach-themed landscape resulted in two major profiles for Mark Simmons, studio owner of SpeedPro Imaging Apex, NC. Simmons was featured in Sign Builder Illustrated’s article “Environmental Graphics: Just Like Paradise” and Sign & Digital GraphicsFeatured Project: Bringing the South Pacific to Carolina.” Simmons came up with the idea, the company trusted his branding vision and the rest is history. Leith VW Raleigh 2-BMorale among employees, who now don Hawaiian t-shirts, is up. And so are car sales, by a tune of 30 percent. “They now have beach music playing inside the dealership, which they didn’t have before,” says Simmons. “And they have these nice, colorful graphics to put employees – and customers – in a better mood.”

There’s no indication that SpeedPro Imaging’s wave of momentum showcasing the power of experiential graphics will slow any time soon. As the second quarter continues, SpeedPro Imaging’s knowledge and expertise will be on display in several additional publications. That includes:

  • PS Magazine
  • Commercial Architecture Magazine
  • What They Think
  • Sign and Digital Graphics

SpeedPro Imaging CEO Larry Oberly is thrilled to see these studio owners receive the national recognition they have worked hard to deserve. Oberly says he’s proud of their amazing work and says its representative of the capabilities all SpeedPro Imaging franchisees possess.

“There’s a passion to provide the best service burning inside all SpeedPro Imaging studio owners across the country,” says Oberly. “Local studio owners take pride in every opportunity presented to them and the results tend to attract newfound attention for their clients – and in some cases, the studio owners themselves. Our system is set up to be at the forefront of industry trends and that is certainly the case when it comes to experiential graphics. Everyone at SpeedPro is working hard to position ourselves as the trendsetter and I’m glad we’re being recognized as such.”

As the nation’s leading large-format graphics franchise, SpeedPro Imaging can handle any printing project on behalf of their clients. Each of these new owners is proud to offer a full range of large-format printing services, including:

  • Banners, decals, digital signage, directional signage, elevator wraps
  • Event graphics, event tents, flags, fleet wraps, floor graphics
  • Indoor signage, outdoor signage, point-of-purchase displays
  • Retractors, signs & graphics, table coverings & table-toppers
  • Trade show displays, vehicle wraps, wall murals, window graphics

For more information about SpeedPro Imaging’s printing and graphics solutions, please visit speedpro.com.

For more information about the SpeedPro Imaging Franchise opportunity, please visit speedprofranchising.com.

About SpeedPro Imaging

SpeedPro Imaging is the nation’s leading business-to-business printing and graphics franchise. Providing visual communications solutions to all industries since 1992, SpeedPro Imaging specializes in high-quality wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps, window graphics, and other wide-format products. Today, there are more than 135 studios open and in development in 32 states.

Is Your Wide-Format Printing Partner Holding You Back?

Wide-format visual marketing drives sales for your business. But the quality and professionalism of your printing and graphics vendor has a significant impact on your return on investment.

If you spend time and energy micromanaging your printing partner, ironing out mistakes or waiting on finished products, you’re not maximizing your marketing dollars. A true partner works with you to create wide-format visuals tailored to your specific business goals – and remains invested in your results.

Is your printing and graphics vendor holding you back? Here are some questions to ask as you look for a superior printing and graphics partner:

  1. How do they view their clients?

Does your printing and graphics provider view itself as a third-party vendor that processes orders? Or, do they consider themselves a long-term partner that collaborates with your business to find solutions based on your objectives?

Ideally, your printing partner should function as an extension of your marketing team. After all, printing and installation are simply two steps in the marketing process, and they should be optimized like all the rest. When your printing partner is knowledgeable about your big-picture goals for each project and campaign, you are better equipped to reach them. As you evaluate printing partners, ask questions to determine if they take an analytical approach to client needs.

  1. What is their work culture?

If you spend marketing dollars on a wide-format printing service, your provider should take your business as seriously as you do. The company culture at your printing and graphics vendor is important to consider, as it affects your customer experience.

It’s no surprise that printers with highly professional company cultures consistently outperform their more lax counterparts. But many businesses continue to partner with printers that don’t operate at the same pace or abide by the same standards of timeliness and communication.

At SpeedPro Imaging, most of our studio owners come from business backgrounds. They’re familiar with corporate protocol and communicate seamlessly with clients and their companies. As a business-to-business printing provider, our customers rest easy, knowing their vendor abides by the highest standards of professionalism.

  1. Are they personally invested in their work?

A superior printing and graphics provider values your time and your relationships with customers and delivers high-quality work on time, every time.

Quality should be your printing partner’s number-one focus. Ask about quality standards before you place an order, as well as how the vendor handles customer complaints or problems with the final product. A superior provider should work swiftly to correct any issues.

SpeedPro’s extreme resolution levels and unparalleled color matching technology create top-quality marketing solutions for clients. Our owners and their teams pride themselves on their creative, strategic and consistent work – and they’re personally invested in its quality.

SpeedPro uses its unrivaled quality and professionalism to build business relationships that last. For more information, find a SpeedPro Imaging studio near you.

3 Ways Your Organization Can Leverage Digital Signage

Digital signage catches and holds the attention of consumers at businesses, passersby on the street, and visitors to business offices, medical facilities and hotels. It’s no wonder that restaurants and retailers are boosting their bottom lines with digital signage.

Here are some ways digital signage is helping organizations better serve their customers:

Adding Convenience at Restaurants

Brightly lit, colorful and detailed digital menu boards improve the customer experience at restaurants. They’re easier to read, so customers can quickly spot menu items, prices and even calorie counts in carry-out restaurants. With convenience a top priority for consumers on the go, digital menu boards help customers order and get out the door quickly.

3 Digital Signage14 Digital Signage Resturant 4For full-service restaurants, a digital menu outside the restaurant helps bring the curious diner inside.

Digital menu boards also improve the restaurant staff experience. Digital menus can be programmed to automatically change to reflect time of day, season, specials and limited time offers. This frees up staff members’ time to concentrate on customer service. Restaurant staff can also easily change images and designs on digital menu boards.

Raising Comfort Levels in Lobbies and Reception Areas

Like a digital menu board, digital signage in the lobby of an office building or the reception area of a medical office or hotel improve visitors’ experience.

A bright, easy-to-read digital sign helps clients, job-seekers, new employees and delivery people find the right office in a corporate building. The lobby makes an impression on everyone who visits, and a digital directory sign creates a polished look.

The right digital signage also engages patients at medical facilities and visitors at hotels.

In addition to displaying comforting images in the reception area of a hospital or doctor’s office, digital signage can share health tips, programs and medical news. Waiting can be the hardest part of a hospital visit – studies on the effectiveness of digital signage show digital displays make wait times feel shorter than they actually are.

Hotels can boost visitors’ excitement by displaying promotions for upcoming local events or activities. A digital sign can also show off hotel amenities in a much more eye-catching way than a poster. Similar to the digital directory in an office building, a digital sign provides easy-to-follow directions to rooms, banquet halls, pools, fitness facilities, restaurants, bars and events.

Highlighting Promotions

Any type of organization can utilize digital signage to announce a promotion, whether it’s a product, service or event. The brightness, easy-to-read content and dynamic imagery boost engagement. Convenience stores and truck stops, in particular, are leveraging digital signage to capture additional revenue.

No matter the size, digital signage effectively grabs attention and engages customers. The power to provide convenience, comfort and advertising makes digital signage an invaluable tool for any organization.

To learn more about how SpeedPro Imaging can increase your bottom line with digital signage, visit our website.

Summertime Kickoff Solutions for Restaurants and Breweries

Despite Old Man Winter’s stubborn efforts, summer is right around the corner. People across the country are tying up the loose ends on their summer vacation plans. If you’re a restaurant or brewery looking to kick off your summer business plans on the right note, now is the time to consult with SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large-format graphics franchise.

LA 2Last December, the National Restaurant Association released it’s 2018 “What’s Hot” for menu trends. At the top of the list was hyper-local (e.g. restaurant gardens, onsite beer brewing, house-made items).  That bodes well for you, and SpeedPro Imaging is here to help you capitalize on the prediction.

It’s hard to believe Memorial Day is a little more than a month away. Don’t get caught off guard. You have a great product. Do you know what makes your in-house brew and locally sourced burgers taste even more delicious? The ability to enjoy those items on a sun-drenched patio! And as the leading printing and graphics partner for restaurants and breweries, SpeedPro Imaging is here to assist in your summertime marketing efforts.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the summer season. Let us create elaborate and interactive signs and displays that will strategically position your restaurant or brewery as the hang out spot not only on the holiday, but throughout the summer season and beyond.

Window Graphics: Crisp. Refreshing. Bold. That describes the graphics we’ll design for your windows. We offer both short-term and permanent impact graphics that transform ordinary windows into visual artwork that aligns with your brand.

Flags & Outdoor Signage: Custom flags are sure to add some flair as they stand tall outside your establishment. Our flags and outdoor signage are highly customizable and an effective advertising medium. We can help convey the message outside that will draw customers inside.

Wall Murals: Let your walls entertain customers with customized coverings and murals. Brick, concrete, wood or your average sheetrock – no matter the service, we know how to add vivid colors and colorful display graphics. Leave your guests visually hypnotized, as you captivate their taste buds.

Table Graphics: Often overlooked, but an essential player in your marketing game plan. Hopefully, this is the place where your patrons will spend the most time. Reinforce everything that is special about your brewery with mesmerizing table coverings. Give notice to upcoming events or show them how to engage with you via social media.

Decals: Small in name, big in stature. We’re not talking those little, annoying stickers you used on models. No matter the size, these bold, multi-dimensional graphics are durable and a cost-effective form of advertisement.

The cool weather will eventually pass. Let’s fire up a conversation on the best course of action to make your restaurant and brewery the Memorial Day destination. Visit our locations page and type in your zip code to find the SpeedPro Imaging location closest to you!

Takin’ It to the Streets: The Value of Wall Murals

The grimy, gritty look of the 1980’s urban graffiti seems to be making a dramatic return in the United States and beyond. But instead of the unsanctioned and illegal works that littered abandoned buildings and subways, we’re seeing colorful expressions in urban settings re-emerge as stunning wall murals.

The trend of large-scale wall murals coincides with the explosive growth of downtown living in many cities across America. That’s particularly true for educated millennials, who are opting to reside in the core of the city versus suburbia. Cities are being remade and wall murals are part of that transformation.

Wall murals are also being used to show off civic pride, as a remembrance of the city’s glorious past and to help bring business together for common causes. What was once seen as vandalism, is now big business. It is not uncommon to find graffiti artist advertising their services online. Artists who were once shunned are now being sought after by city planners and design firms to spruce up neighborhoods and buildings to add more charm to the area.

However, wall murals are not exclusive to the downtown setting. There’s an ambitious project underway at the U.S.-Mexico border wall. An artist is using the wall that separates the two countries as his canvas. His goal is to paint the world’s longest mural.

At SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large-format graphics franchise, the design, production and implementation of wall murals is one of our many specialties. When you’re interested in joining in on the trend, we’re here to help.

Outdoors Inside!: There’s no reason your office space should look bland and boring. If you’re paying a steep price to be located in downtown’s revamped warehouse district, let’s incorporate some of the scenery that surrounds your office outside, into your open space inside. Our SpeedPro Imaging studio owners are experts at experiential graphics, helping you make the most of any environment. We can help you deliver and re-emphasize your branding to guests and clients, as well as staff.

Crawl Before You Run: We get it, you want to take a leap of faith, but you’re not entirely sure street art is the way to go. Our materials and laminates are of the best quality to ensure your display graphics remain vivid for many years. They’re also set up to be removed at any time. Unlike graffiti, our studio owners know how to remove the displays without leaving a trace of remnants. On the flip side, that also gives you versatility, allowing you to design a quarterly campaign that will keep you the talk of the town all year long!

Like the skyscrapers that adorn the urban landscape, the sky is the limit when it comes to wall murals. Let SpeedPro Imaging show you all the possibilities.

For more information about SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large-format graphics franchise, and to contact your local SpeedPro to get started, please visit speedpro.com/locations.

It’s March Madness – Here’s How Sports Teams Turn to SpeedPro Imaging For the Win!

The brackets are filled. The games are getting close. The madness is in full swing. It’s that time of the year when everyone is optimistic they have the bracket that will give them bragging rights – and maybe something a little extra – in the office, dorm or online. March is a big month for sporting events. And when you think Big!, you should always think of SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large-format graphics franchise.

SpeedPro Imaging is here to take the madness out of your large-format graphic printing needs. Our game plans aren’t formulated before our initial meeting. Our experienced studio owners work with you to create custom plans that are built around your specific marketing needs.

Whether you represent youth sports organizations, high schools, college programs, or a pro sports franchise, we’re your one-stop-shop for bold branding. Let’s analyze some keys to a successful graphics package:

Marketing: A key goal in marketing is to match your organization/sports team to your target audience. Bold and vivid banners, window graphics and door wraps that reflect the focal point of your team will stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Advertising: Your team had a fantastic run last season and season ticket sales are going strong. The effective use of digital signage, providing stunning graphics with the versatility to deliver a variety of important messages, will push those sales over the top. Re-emphasize those season ticket sales deals with strategically placed flags and banners.

Mobility: Your budding sports team is on the verge of something special, you just need a few additional key players to make you into contenders. Don’t just rely on word of mouth to spread the message. Spread your message with vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps take your message to the people, no matter where they are. When it comes to cost and ROI, vehicle wraps have the lowest cost per impression.

Rest assured, we not only talk a good game, we have the insight, knowledge and know-how to back it up. At SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large-format graphics franchise, our studio owners are not simply entrepreneurs, they’re some of the biggest sports fans out there. They take pride in their work. That’s why some of the biggest names in sports rely on SpeedPro Imaging to get the job done.

Jon GraberSpeedPro Imaging Mount Vernon (NYC): Jon has been a sports fan his whole life. That love of sports has been passed down to his kids. “I love almost all sports but these days soccer has taken the lead,” Jon says. “We are big NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA and MLB fans as well.”

Jon is the official printer as well as sponsor of the NBA G League’s Westchester Knicks. He has also partnered with the athletic department at St. John’s University and the Boston Marathon. His work with the Westchester Knicks has him handling all the team’s printing needs, from roster cards, to promotional items, to banners.

“It’s a great way to get exposure and it gives you credibility to other customers,” says Jon about his work being seen by so many fans.

Littie BrownSpeedPro Imaging Marietta (GA): Littie has loved sports since she was a little girl. A resident of the Atlanta area now, Littie is a season ticket holder for the Braves, Dream, Hawks and Falcons. “I also love golf,” Littie says. “I’d rather play than watch, but I love both. I love track and field, too!”

Marietta GA 6 wall graphic061415_ATL Dream Epi Center BLittie has worked with all four of Atlanta’s major professional sports teams. That includes printing wall graphics, to vehicle wraps and tradeshow display products. A few years ago, her studio wrapped the individual lockers for the Atlanta Dream.

“It has been a big part of our success and everyone knows them,” Littie says about her work being seen by so many fans. “When we tell potential clients we have worked for any of the four (professional franchises) we gain immediate credibility. Plus, the images are in high-traffic areas and people can associate the SpeedPro Imaging name whenever they enter the arena.”

Jeff Kolenich and Lori KolenichSpeedPro Imaging Cleveland West – The pair are both avid sports fans. Jeff played sports until his late 20’s. “Our favorite sport to watch is basketball and football,” Jeff says. “We attend several basketball games each year.”

5 Athletics 7 Elevator wrap_Athletic)The Kolenich husband and wife team played a major role in LeBron James’ homecoming when the perennial all-star returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014. Their SpeedPro Imaging studio was responsible for wrapping the entire owner’s suite, the elevator doors inside and out, as well as the vital, main traffic areas of the Cavs downtown Cleveland arena.

“It was a great sense of local and team pride,” Jeff says of his work with the Cavs. “It was great to be associated with the project and we feel like we contributed to support our local team.”

SpeedPro Imaging has a strong roster of studio owners who are ready to team up with your organization to dazzle your fans with hall of fame worthy graphics. Let’s huddle and draw up a winning game plan together. Reach out to us right now by visiting speedpro.com/.

Stepping Up for Parkland — Using Large Graphics to Deliver an Emotional Message

Dan and Nathan Paris Join Community Effort to Support Stoneman Douglas High School Community

Students across Florida are teaching the country, and perhaps the world, a valuable lesson about resolve, perseverance and compassion in and around a moment of crisis. As people in Parkland try to gain some semblance of normalcy in the wake of the February 14 shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School that took the lives of 17 people, neighboring community members and businesses, such as SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, want to remind them they’re not alone.

That’s the message the students of Spanish River Community High School in nearby Boca Raton are sending to their peers at Stoneman Douglas, along with the help of a local SpeedPro Imaging studio. In the days following the senseless shooting, students at Spanish River immediately hung up a large banner. The message: “Sending our thoughts and prayers from Spanish River to Stoneman Douglas.”

What was once a blank piece of white paper was soon covered in colorful messages of encouragement. The abundance of messages necessitated an additional piece of paper. The Spanish River students were ready to deliver their kind words, but they needed assistance of their own. Stoneman Douglas administrators required all signs to be laminated.

That’s how Dan and Nathan Paris of SpeedPro Imaging Boca Raton were able to lend support to the effort. A member of the PTA called the father-and-son-owned studio inquiring about their laminate capabilities. “The woman was part of the Spanish River PTA,” Nathan says. “She first asked if we were able to laminate anything larger than 36 inches. I asked her to bring it to the studio, so I could review and determine the best way to get the job accomplished.”

Like many people in the area, the shooting was too close for comfort for the Paris’. Nathan is a graduate of Spanish River High School. His wife and her twin sister graduated from Stoneman Douglas High School. His brother-in-law, also an alumnus of Stoneman Douglas, graduated within the last five years.

“For us, this whole tragedy hit too close to home,” says Paris. “It was surreal. We know people who have kids who go to Stoneman Douglas. We heard horrible stories from parents who knew kids that were part of the incident.”

Paris and his father, who just opened their business two days before the shooting, saw this effort to help the Spanish River campus deliver a powerful message of compassion as the right thing to do. “I wasn’t thinking as a business owner; I was acting as an alumnus of Spanish River High School,” Paris says. “I wanted to do my part to help the kind-hearted students out any way I could.”

His assistance included not only laminating the banner at no cost, but Paris also added foam board backing to give the poster extra stability and longevity. “It was one of our first jobs, and we wanted to make sure it was perfect when it was delivered,” Paris says.

The healing from this tragedy continues nearly one month later. Time doesn’t necessarily mend all wounds. Students from Boca Raton are playing a major role in the healing process. It’s part of the many reasons Paris is proud to call the area home.

“When it comes down to it, the events that have transpired after the tragedy show that the students are more united than we think,” he says. “Everyone goes through problems, but at the end of the day, everyone bands together. Not only are the students from Spanish River showing their support, but I’ve seen students from other schools – many from miles away – march long distances simply to show their support. I’m in awe by the outpouring of support the students have shown following this tragedy. My heart goes out to everybody.”

If you are looking for ways to give back to the Parkland community and students, faculty and staff at Stoneman Douglas High School (or if you’re launching a different community-focused campaign and would like our help), please don’t hesitate to contact us at speedpro.com.

5 Ways to Elevate Your Business with Window Graphics

Equipped with the right graphics, windows can turn front doors into centerpieces, elevate the privacy and intimacy of office rooms, and even transform the culture of your entire building (don’t take our word for it, just ask this Volkswagen dealership manager).

Whether you have one simple storefront window, or your office workspace resembles a glass house, you can send impactful messages to your customers, clients and workers with window graphics.  When you partner with proven experts, like SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, you can turn any window into a permanent billboard with window graphics – making your storefront a living, breathing marketing asset for your business.

Let’s examine a few reasons why window graphics are trending up…and helping businesses across all industries reach/influence/keep new customers and talented employees.

16 Winow GraphicsAttract New Customers

The ability to attract and retain new customers is a science. A smart and effective use of window graphics will take some of the mystery out of it. To move people, you must tug at their senses. One study found it takes a tenth of a second to make a first impression when it comes to meeting people. In a blink of an eye, people have already made up their mind. That’s why it’s key you get noticed, but in a memorable way. Your message should be succinct and to the point. An effective message shared via window graphics on your front door/storefront is inviting, not annoying.

Boost Your Brand

18 Window Graphics_Interior DesignWhile your service may speak for itself, it never hurts to have cheerleaders on hand. Window graphics will help you and your team re-emphasize the world class products and services you consistently deliver to customers.  Also – are you active on social media? If so, a savvy trick up your sleeve could be a window graphic that can be seen from the inside looking out highlighting your social media handles to clients waiting in your lobby.

Gain Competitive Advantage

In many instances, it’s not the message itself, but how you present it. Window graphics give you an opportunity to present your brand with extra pizzazz! A bold statement with vivid colors is sure to stand out. Showing your clients (and employees) you’re willing to go the extra step to impress them, could pay dividends down the road. You can use your window space to tell a short story with the ending to be concluded only if the passerby decides to step inside.

12 window graphics_TheatrePromote Products, Services or Events

Invest in your restaurant with bold and vivid images of your best menu options strategically displayed on your outside windows. Your new street-level grocery store is a few months from opening. Don’t put up the old-school brown paper to shield construction – use window graphics to hide the construction while sending a message. Use life-like graphics to give passersby a glimpse of what is coming and the hashtag they can use to join in the anticipation! The latest high-tech device is weeks away from its big debut. Let early adopters know you’re going to be selling it and use directional signage on your windows to let them know where the line begins.

9 Window Graphics_Interior DesignElevate your Atmosphere

Don’t let your interior glass space go to waste. Use frosted graphics to give your conference room a hint of privacy. Use window graphics to not only add a little bit of shade from the intense sunlight, but to remind employees of the upcoming enrollment period. Window graphics can be used to communicate company strategies, sales pitches and inform students at the university how to get in contact with campus administration.


Your storefront and interior windows present endless opportunities for maximizing your space and marketing your business through window graphics. And at SpeedPro Imaging, we have the know-how and insight to use those graphics to the best of your advantage.

For more information about SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, and to contact your local SpeedPro to get started, please visit speedpro.com/locations.

5 Reasons the Future is Now with Experiential Graphics

If communication is the key to success, smart communication is pivotal to your brand’s prosperity. Thinking outside the box is necessary at a time when the attention spans of your potential customers are shorter than ever. SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, wants to help you stay ahead of the curve with experiential graphics as content delivery becomes just as important as the content itself.

Experiential graphic design uses technology, form and traditional graphics to reach your intended audience on several different levels. Colleges and local municipalities have incorporated experiential graphics to immerse students/visitors and elevate the environment. Same goes for corporations trying to attract employees/clients and event planners seeking to deliver a next-level experience.

Successful brands are also adopting and implementing experiential graphic design. And they’re coming to SpeedPro Imaging studio owners across the country to turn their vision into reality:

  • Mark Simmons of SpeedPro Imaging Apex, NC, helped coordinate stunning displays at a local auto dealership in NC that directly generated sales and improved company culture.
  • Shira Kollins of SpeedPro Imaging Chicago, has received praise for incorporating experiential graphic designs to produce game-changing results for multiple clients, including Moe’s Bar – a real-life replica of the Simpsons’ watering hole.
  • And Steve Moran-Cassese of SpeedPro Imaging Marin, CA is an early adopter of experiential graphics. He calls it the fastest-growing market segment, and he has a reputation in the Bay Area and beyond of delivering awe-inspiring results – like this fantastic piece for HP’s headquarters.

Companies across the globe are starting to embrace the transformative power of experiential graphics. Here are five reasons why the future is now with experiential graphics:

1) Powerful message delivery

VinWorx2017If done right, your message will be received loud and clear. So why not do it with a little added flair? With experiential graphics, you can direct visitors to your business while educating, communicating and impressing. Let your message turn into a conversation starter through innovative visual stimulation, with content that will have your guests flocking to show it off in social media selfies.

2) Keep audiences engaged

Experiential design takes many forms – signage, exhibit design, architectural graphics, and now more than ever, digital technology. Each holds the ability to integrate multiple elements and give your brand life. Sure, you want the graphics to be useful, but don’t fumble away the chance to immerse your clients in an unforgettable experience.

3) Cost-effective

8 Wall Mural-BThe ability to leave your customers in awe and give them something to tell their friends about is well worth the price of admission. Not convinced? The graphics are designed to enhance your creative side. And if creativity comes with a strict budget, that’s not an issue. No one will notice how much you didn’t spend, if you do it right.

4) Transform and enhance environments

Get the most of your setting. Whether it’s a picturesque park, a food court or a parking garage, the possibilities to turn drab into dramatic is limited only by your imagination. While some might consider a rogue door or vent an obstacle, we envision it as an opportunity to present your brand in a unique and memorable way.

5) Attract and retain youthful employees and customers

The new kids on the block aren’t settling for the status quo. They’re expecting creative workspaces. They’re expecting an engaging environment. There’s no need to bury your head in the sand. Experiential graphics inspire a different energy and attitude that make employees, of all ages, better than ever!

Your future begins now. Let SpeedPro Imaging show you the way to success. For more information about SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, and to contact your local SpeedPro to get started, please visit speedpro.com/locations.