Stepping Up for Parkland — Using Large Graphics to Deliver an Emotional Message

Dan and Nathan Paris Join Community Effort to Support Stoneman Douglas High School Community

Students across Florida are teaching the country, and perhaps the world, a valuable lesson about resolve, perseverance and compassion in and around a moment of crisis. As people in Parkland try to gain some semblance of normalcy in the wake of the February 14 shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School that took the lives of 17 people, neighboring community members and businesses, such as SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, want to remind them they’re not alone.

That’s the message the students of Spanish River Community High School in nearby Boca Raton are sending to their peers at Stoneman Douglas, along with the help of a local SpeedPro Imaging studio. In the days following the senseless shooting, students at Spanish River immediately hung up a large banner. The message: “Sending our thoughts and prayers from Spanish River to Stoneman Douglas.”

What was once a blank piece of white paper was soon covered in colorful messages of encouragement. The abundance of messages necessitated an additional piece of paper. The Spanish River students were ready to deliver their kind words, but they needed assistance of their own. Stoneman Douglas administrators required all signs to be laminated.

That’s how Dan and Nathan Paris of SpeedPro Imaging Boca Raton were able to lend support to the effort. A member of the PTA called the father-and-son-owned studio inquiring about their laminate capabilities. “The woman was part of the Spanish River PTA,” Nathan says. “She first asked if we were able to laminate anything larger than 36 inches. I asked her to bring it to the studio, so I could review and determine the best way to get the job accomplished.”

Like many people in the area, the shooting was too close for comfort for the Paris’. Nathan is a graduate of Spanish River High School. His wife and her twin sister graduated from Stoneman Douglas High School. His brother-in-law, also an alumnus of Stoneman Douglas, graduated within the last five years.

“For us, this whole tragedy hit too close to home,” says Paris. “It was surreal. We know people who have kids who go to Stoneman Douglas. We heard horrible stories from parents who knew kids that were part of the incident.”

Paris and his father, who just opened their business two days before the shooting, saw this effort to help the Spanish River campus deliver a powerful message of compassion as the right thing to do. “I wasn’t thinking as a business owner; I was acting as an alumnus of Spanish River High School,” Paris says. “I wanted to do my part to help the kind-hearted students out any way I could.”

His assistance included not only laminating the banner at no cost, but Paris also added foam board backing to give the poster extra stability and longevity. “It was one of our first jobs, and we wanted to make sure it was perfect when it was delivered,” Paris says.

The healing from this tragedy continues nearly one month later. Time doesn’t necessarily mend all wounds. Students from Boca Raton are playing a major role in the healing process. It’s part of the many reasons Paris is proud to call the area home.

“When it comes down to it, the events that have transpired after the tragedy show that the students are more united than we think,” he says. “Everyone goes through problems, but at the end of the day, everyone bands together. Not only are the students from Spanish River showing their support, but I’ve seen students from other schools – many from miles away – march long distances simply to show their support. I’m in awe by the outpouring of support the students have shown following this tragedy. My heart goes out to everybody.”

If you are looking for ways to give back to the Parkland community and students, faculty and staff at Stoneman Douglas High School (or if you’re launching a different community-focused campaign and would like our help), please don’t hesitate to contact us at

5 Ways to Elevate Your Business with Window Graphics

Equipped with the right graphics, windows can turn front doors into centerpieces, elevate the privacy and intimacy of office rooms, and even transform the culture of your entire building (don’t take our word for it, just ask this Volkswagen dealership manager).

Whether you have one simple storefront window, or your office workspace resembles a glass house, you can send impactful messages to your customers, clients and workers with window graphics.  When you partner with proven experts, like SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, you can turn any window into a permanent billboard with window graphics – making your storefront a living, breathing marketing asset for your business.

Let’s examine a few reasons why window graphics are trending up…and helping businesses across all industries reach/influence/keep new customers and talented employees.

16 Winow GraphicsAttract New Customers

The ability to attract and retain new customers is a science. A smart and effective use of window graphics will take some of the mystery out of it. To move people, you must tug at their senses. One study found it takes a tenth of a second to make a first impression when it comes to meeting people. In a blink of an eye, people have already made up their mind. That’s why it’s key you get noticed, but in a memorable way. Your message should be succinct and to the point. An effective message shared via window graphics on your front door/storefront is inviting, not annoying.

Boost Your Brand

18 Window Graphics_Interior DesignWhile your service may speak for itself, it never hurts to have cheerleaders on hand. Window graphics will help you and your team re-emphasize the world class products and services you consistently deliver to customers.  Also – are you active on social media? If so, a savvy trick up your sleeve could be a window graphic that can be seen from the inside looking out highlighting your social media handles to clients waiting in your lobby.

Gain Competitive Advantage

In many instances, it’s not the message itself, but how you present it. Window graphics give you an opportunity to present your brand with extra pizzazz! A bold statement with vivid colors is sure to stand out. Showing your clients (and employees) you’re willing to go the extra step to impress them, could pay dividends down the road. You can use your window space to tell a short story with the ending to be concluded only if the passerby decides to step inside.

12 window graphics_TheatrePromote Products, Services or Events

Invest in your restaurant with bold and vivid images of your best menu options strategically displayed on your outside windows. Your new street-level grocery store is a few months from opening. Don’t put up the old-school brown paper to shield construction – use window graphics to hide the construction while sending a message. Use life-like graphics to give passersby a glimpse of what is coming and the hashtag they can use to join in the anticipation! The latest high-tech device is weeks away from its big debut. Let early adopters know you’re going to be selling it and use directional signage on your windows to let them know where the line begins.

9 Window Graphics_Interior DesignElevate your Atmosphere

Don’t let your interior glass space go to waste. Use frosted graphics to give your conference room a hint of privacy. Use window graphics to not only add a little bit of shade from the intense sunlight, but to remind employees of the upcoming enrollment period. Window graphics can be used to communicate company strategies, sales pitches and inform students at the university how to get in contact with campus administration.


Your storefront and interior windows present endless opportunities for maximizing your space and marketing your business through window graphics. And at SpeedPro Imaging, we have the know-how and insight to use those graphics to the best of your advantage.

For more information about SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, and to contact your local SpeedPro to get started, please visit

5 Reasons the Future is Now with Experiential Graphics

If communication is the key to success, smart communication is pivotal to your brand’s prosperity. Thinking outside the box is necessary at a time when the attention spans of your potential customers are shorter than ever. SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, wants to help you stay ahead of the curve with experiential graphics as content delivery becomes just as important as the content itself.

Experiential graphic design uses technology, form and traditional graphics to reach your intended audience on several different levels. Colleges and local municipalities have incorporated experiential graphics to immerse students/visitors and elevate the environment. Same goes for corporations trying to attract employees/clients and event planners seeking to deliver a next-level experience.

Successful brands are also adopting and implementing experiential graphic design. And they’re coming to SpeedPro Imaging studio owners across the country to turn their vision into reality:

  • Mark Simmons of SpeedPro Imaging Apex, NC, helped coordinate stunning displays at a local auto dealership in NC that directly generated sales and improved company culture.
  • Shira Kollins of SpeedPro Imaging Chicago, has received praise for incorporating experiential graphic designs to produce game-changing results for multiple clients, including Moe’s Bar – a real-life replica of the Simpsons’ watering hole.
  • And Steve Moran-Cassese of SpeedPro Imaging Marin, CA is an early adopter of experiential graphics. He calls it the fastest-growing market segment, and he has a reputation in the Bay Area and beyond of delivering awe-inspiring results – like this fantastic piece for HP’s headquarters.

Companies across the globe are starting to embrace the transformative power of experiential graphics. Here are five reasons why the future is now with experiential graphics:

1) Powerful message delivery

VinWorx2017If done right, your message will be received loud and clear. So why not do it with a little added flair? With experiential graphics, you can direct visitors to your business while educating, communicating and impressing. Let your message turn into a conversation starter through innovative visual stimulation, with content that will have your guests flocking to show it off in social media selfies.

2) Keep audiences engaged

Experiential design takes many forms – signage, exhibit design, architectural graphics, and now more than ever, digital technology. Each holds the ability to integrate multiple elements and give your brand life. Sure, you want the graphics to be useful, but don’t fumble away the chance to immerse your clients in an unforgettable experience.

3) Cost-effective

8 Wall Mural-BThe ability to leave your customers in awe and give them something to tell their friends about is well worth the price of admission. Not convinced? The graphics are designed to enhance your creative side. And if creativity comes with a strict budget, that’s not an issue. No one will notice how much you didn’t spend, if you do it right.

4) Transform and enhance environments

Get the most of your setting. Whether it’s a picturesque park, a food court or a parking garage, the possibilities to turn drab into dramatic is limited only by your imagination. While some might consider a rogue door or vent an obstacle, we envision it as an opportunity to present your brand in a unique and memorable way.

5) Attract and retain youthful employees and customers

The new kids on the block aren’t settling for the status quo. They’re expecting creative workspaces. They’re expecting an engaging environment. There’s no need to bury your head in the sand. Experiential graphics inspire a different energy and attitude that make employees, of all ages, better than ever!

Your future begins now. Let SpeedPro Imaging show you the way to success. For more information about SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading large format graphics franchise, and to contact your local SpeedPro to get started, please visit

SpeedPro Imaging: Super Bowl LII’s MVP (Most Valuable Printer)

SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, isn’t your average printing company.

We’re your local wide-format printing studio, with personal connections in the schools, chambers and communities you call home. On the other hand, we’re also a nationwide network that spans from coast to coast, with years of experience in the wide-format graphics industry to boot.

When you combine BIG capabilities with detailed visions and local, personal support, you get high-quality products for projects and events of any scope – even Super Bowl-sized.

Last year, Entrepreneur Magazine took notice of SpeedPro Imaging Sugar Land owner Kirby Ducayet’s team, who made several big plays for Super Bowl LI. The Houston-area studio designed wall murals, signage and other stellar graphics that were seen in the host city all week before the big show-down.

This year, we’re back at it as we speak. Super Bowl LII is keeping SpeedPro Imaging of Eden Prairie, Minnesota owner Jay Nemecek busy. Nemecek is hard at work creating large-format graphics for various Super Bowl LII parties and experiential events hosted by local businesses. The local SpeedPro team is currently developing custom banners, displays, car wraps, outdoor signage, etc. to transform event spaces into Super Bowl central. Nemecek says sales are up 35% for Q1 this year over last year and expects that number to rise as more orders come in closer to the big game.

SP Shawnee - Super Bowl 2Jeff Quast, owner of SpeedPro Shawnee, Kansas, is also tackling a big Super Bowl project. His team is wrapping a box truck for TeamSmile, a non-profit organization promoting children’s oral health, that will be heading to Minnesota for the big game. The wrap completed by Quast’s SpeedPro team will help TeamSmile attract more Super Bowl goers to the truck, helping the non-profit provide dental care and education to underserved children in Minneapolis (and other cities later this year).

These Super Bowl projects are just a few examples of how we take pride in being your Most Valuable Printer. We know how to be a go-to marketing solutions provider for any event or company, big or small. We understand what brand consistency and professionalism mean for multinational corporations and major brands, and we execute requests with the care of a local provider.

Our network of independent franchise owners is large, but intimate. SpeedPro Imaging studio owners possess a unique relationship. They’re independent in nature, but members of a finely tuned machine and often collaborate to tackle big projects. No matter the size, scope, timeframe or complexity of the project you bring to your local SpeedPro Imaging studio operator, rest assured it will get done.

Need banners for a new business? We’d love to hear your “why” and help you get noticed. Or maybe it’s event graphics for a nationwide campaign? We’ll get to work keeping your message on point. When you partner with SpeedPro Imaging, you’re getting detailed-oriented, deadline-focused, professional players who know how to perform.

Let’s get to work on your game-changing graphics today. You can find a full list of products and services – and solutions for your specific company and/or industry – when you visit Send us an e-mail or call us at (844) 274-4784 to get started!

SpeedPro Imaging Holds Customer Satisfaction in High Regard – And They Can Prove It

Nation’s Leading Printing and Graphics Franchise Announces High Net Promoter Score

Centennial, Colorado – (January 28, 2018) – Excellent customer service is a way of life at SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise. SpeedPro franchise owners pride themselves on providing superior visual communications solutions for their clients – and now, they have the measures to prove it.

Six months ago, SpeedPro Imaging embarked on a partnership with Listen360 to understand how well the franchise served their clients. Using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey of all clients, SpeedPro received over 8,000 responses from across the county to understand how likely a customer would be to recommend SpeedPro Imaging to a friend or colleague.

Across the network of more than 130 locations, SpeedPro received an NPS of 95%. Measured through three groups of survey respondents – promoters, passives, and detractors – the ultimate score can range from a low of -100 to a high of 100. In SpeedPro’s case, more than 9 out of 10 SpeedPro clients said that they would recommend SpeedPro for quality large-format printing products, such as wall murals, window graphics, vehicle wraps, and trade show displays.

When comparing other leading firms on NPS Benchmarks, SpeedPro’s customer satisfaction score ranks higher than leading firms such as Amazon and Starbucks.

Randy Imhoff, owner of SpeedPro Imaging Austin, is one of the many SpeedPro owners with a perfect NPS score of 100%. The Austin studio has received more than 100 reviews from clients since the program began. “If you don’t take care of your customers, you won’t have any,” says Imhoff. “So, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We get out in our community and take the time to build relationships with local businesses to learn about their needs, so we can provide solutions that meet – and hopefully, exceed – their expectations. Once we’ve completed a project for our customers, we reach out to them to ensure that their needs have been satisfied.” This type of dedication allows franchisee owners to become true partners with their clients and sets SpeedPro apart from other printers. You can review what SpeedPro Imaging Austin’s clients are saying about their work here.

SpeedPro clients are citing efficiency, professionalism, knowledge and reliability as reasons they keep coming back to their local SpeedPro Imaging studio for their large-format printing needs. SpeedPro serves a wide-range of businesses including advertising agencies, corporations, entertainment companies, restaurants, retail stores, schools and universities, and other community organizations.

Borg and Ann Siburg, owners of SpeedPro Imaging Scottsdale, were pioneers in the franchise by testing Listen360 before it was available across the system. The early adopters hail the importance of being in tune to their customers’ opinions. “I find the surveys to be immensely useful,” says Borg. “I’m able to obtain feedback from clients quickly about their experience working with us. I get email notifications every morning and check to see if something needs my attention – if it does, I address it immediately. The near-real-time feedback allows me to understand the quality of service we are providing our clients and to provide relevant insight to our team. It’s also helped us spread the word about our business online – in seven months, we’ve increased our Google reviews by more than 500%!” Borg and Ann Siburg’s attention to superior customer service and high standards has allowed the SpeedPro Imaging of Scottsdale studio to obtain a Net Promoter Score of 99%, as calculated from 223 surveys, and a slew of rave reviews from satisfied clients.

SpeedPro Imaging has a nationwide network of 126 studios in 31 states. SpeedPro Imaging delivers superior display graphic products to deliver key messages and extend brand awareness on behalf of their clients. The company’s mission is to be considered the premier choice for large format graphics and exceed our client’s expectations through unmatched timeliness, professionalism, and product quality.

As the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, SpeedPro Imaging can handle any printing project on behalf of their clients, including:

  • Banners, decals, digital signage, directional signage, elevator wraps
  • Event graphics, event tents, flags, fleet wraps, floor graphics
  • Indoor signage, outdoor signage, point of purchase displays
  • Retractors, signs & graphics, table coverings & table-toppers
  • Trade show displays, vehicle wraps, wall murals, window graphics

About SpeedPro Imaging
With more than 20 years of experience, SpeedPro Imaging is the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise – creating professional large format imaging for a wide variety of companies in any industry. The company specializes in high-quality products including wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps and window graphics. Through extreme resolution levels and unparalleled quality standards, SpeedPro Imaging takes visual communications to the next level. Today, there are more than 135 studios open and in development in 32 states.

For more information about SpeedPro Imaging’s printing and graphics solutions, please visit

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Turning Heads at Art Basel Miami Beach December 2017

Gartel 5“There’s no sun in the sky, but this car is sparkling!”

SpeedPro Imaging Chicago Loop owner Eric Lazar summed it up perfectly. While the weather was damp Art Basel weekend in Miami Beach, there was no shortage of shine when it came to SpeedPro Imaging and Laurence Gartel’s gleaming creations: three one-of-a-kind Art Cars designed, printed, and featured for the year’s biggest art show.

Art Basel Miami Beach is the premier art event in North America. It’s the Super Bowl of the art community and Lazar ensured SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leader in large format printing, had a major role in the art world’s annual event.

Thousands descended upon Miami Beach for the international art festival during the first weekend of December 2017. From established legends to aspiring young artists, Art Basel Miami Beach is designed to showcase the best of the best in the art industry.

Digital Artist Laurence Gartel
Digital Artist Laurence Gartel

Laurence Gartel, who partnered with Lazar and SpeedPro Imaging for his grandiose Art Cars project, is among the creative elite. Known as the “Father of Digital Art,” Gartel taught Andy Warhol how to use the Amiga Computer, has been featured at the Museum of Modern Art, was the official artist of the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards, has created artwork for names like Justin Timberlake, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Gibson Guitars, and holds numerous other accolades. As stated on his website, “Gartel was digital before the PC hit home markets, before Photoshop, before the picture phone or Tablet. Gartel wasn’t only ‘State of the Art’; he virtually pioneered it for Digital Fine Arts.” In other words, no one does digital art like Laurence Gartel.

Connecting over a familial link (Gartel was a camper of Lazar’s father back in the 60s), Gartel and Lazar teamed up to produce three custom-made Art Cars for Art Basel Miami Beach. Gartel designed the masterpieces with his one-of-a-kind computer program, then Lazar printed the designs and installed them with the help of colleague Anita Pickens‘ (SpeedPro Imaging Ft. Lauderdale) vehicle wrap bay. The team effort was pulled off in a matter of a few short weeks, making the most of a “go big or go home” moment.

Lazar was tasked with transforming Gartel’s vision into these showstoppers – a psychedelic Chrysler 300, a digital inspired Infiniti G37 and a trippy, purple spiral fashioned Ford C-Max Hybrid.

Speaking of the Chrysler 300, Lazar stated, “it was easy to install and all you have to do is take a look – the colors explode off the car.”

“Art Basel has become such a giant opportunity for companies to brand themselves because everyone is down here,” said Gartel. “What it means to me to be here with SpeedPro is that we had the opportunity to wrap three cars and we did a really successful job with it, and I’m really grateful to them as it kicks off a whole year of events. This is just the beginning.”

See more of Lazar and Gartel’s Art Basel Miami Beach creations with this behind-the-scenes video. You can get a better sense of Gartel’s thought process and the high-tech, high-quality equipment that Lazar and other SpeedPro franchise owners use to turn their projects into works of art.

Eric Lazar’s passion and hard work is reflective of the culture that makes SpeedPro Imaging the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise. We think BIG at SpeedPro Imaging. That’s why we’re uniquely positioned to be the premier resource for big names and bigger events – from festivals and conventions, to award shows, celebrity functions and more.

At SpeedPro, we marry our high standards with your thoughts, goals, and needs to bring your vision to life. There’s a reason our franchise locations are called “studios” – because, within each, we create masterpieces.

You’ve seen what SpeedPro Imaging Chicago Loop owner Eric Lazar did for world-renowned artist Laurence Gartel. SpeedPro Imaging is willing and ready to do the same for your dream. You can find our full list of products and services – and solutions for your specific company and/or industry – when you visit, send us an email or call us at (844) 274-4784.

Great. Big. VISION. Full-Length Interview with SpeedPro Imaging CEO Larry Oberly (PART TWO)

As described last week in Part One (check it out here), SpeedPro Imaging’s new Chief Executive Officer, Larry Oberly, recently sat down with us for a personal interview describing his vision for SpeedPro’s future and what he will do to take the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise to unprecedented heights.

In Part One, Oberly told us about his 25 years of experience as a franchisor and franchisee and why he believes the SpeedPro franchise system is ready for rapid and sustainable growth. In Part Two (this post), Oberly digs deeper into the reasons he’s excited to join the SpeedPro family and gives us a sneak peek into his personal life…including how he got into marathons and where he got his competitive spirit.

What inspired you to join SpeedPro? Take us through the process – from first learning about the potential opportunity to now being CEO.

I was looking for a creative industry that would be at the forefront of the digital future. And that’s exactly where SpeedPro Imaging is. Whether it’s mobile billboards and fleet wraps to exterior signage and customized interiors, we’re in a business that has an immediate visual effect.

I also enjoyed my discussions with Fairfield Maxwell, the New York-based firm that owns the majority share of SpeedPro Imaging. They believe in the business and are invested for the long term, and I feel confident working under their guidance. Their culture is the culture that’s been built within the team at SpeedPro; it’s been a perfect fit for me.

What will you do to strengthen relationships with each of your franchisees and elevate the support they receive from you in the corporate office?

It’s going to be a multi-step process. Some of the steps are very clearly identifiable right now and are already in motion. Others are in the early conceptual stages, but the overarching answer really boils down to what I’ve learned over the years.

Firstly, I really believe in getting to know my franchisees. In a sense, they’re my customers, but they’re also my partners. We’re working together to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. I always believe the most ingenious takeaways within an entrepreneurial model are those we learn from high engagement with franchisees. I prefer to sit down with our owners and look at initiatives, examine how the market is changing and look at what the future holds. We can’t do that in a vacuum; we can only do that with the franchisee’s engagement. I like to say, “There’s nothing that can’t be solved with ten SpeedPro(fessionals) in the same room.”

The engagement is going to be much deeper from the strategic side. Franchisees are going to be part of the Home Office’s (corporate) strategic planning process. Integrated feedback from our franchisees will help us set direction and avoid ineffective initiatives. I want to be sure we, the Home Office and franchisees, each view in the business the same way and see the same opportunities. The best part is that franchisees always have great ideas that the Home Office may not have considered or some market niches that we can pilot through their initiative. In a nutshell, it really boils down to getting to know our franchisees personally and getting them engaged from a strategic point of view.

Why is now the perfect time to buy in as a SpeedPro Imaging Franchise Owner?

It’s an exciting time to be part of the revitalization of SpeedPro. We’re stepping back to reevaluate processes and realign strategies with our seven corporate values: Franchisees First, Integrity, Fearless Leadership, Focus, Drive, Respect, and Fun. We’re setting healthy, time-bound goals and eliminating distractions. And most importantly, we’re reenergizing and refocusing on the future of Speedpro. Those joining now will be entering a newly aggressive, more strategic business built on fresh ideas and proven practices. They’ll be entering a new era of SpeedPro.

What type of skills do you need to see in potential studio owners that will make them a good fit with SpeedPro Imaging?

Ideal SpeedPro franchisee owners are entrepreneurs through and through. Whether a person is coming out of the corporate world or is a recent graduate, they need to have fire in their belly to build their investment into a great success. We’re not in the process of finding managers; we want creative leaders – people who can roll up their sleeves, go out and get new customers by being consultative and providing successful marketing solutions.

We also want to help businesses thrive. It’s a tough labor market in most places around the country. With unemployment down, wages have certainly gone up – driven not only by the labor shortage, but also by minimum wage increases. One of the most important things we can do is put an extra emphasis on teaching our studio owners to be successful team builders – and identifying those with the natural talent to do so.

Let’s get to know you outside of the office. Tell us about your family.

I’m married to JoLinda and we have a 15-year-old son, Andrew. Jo is an entrepreneur who owns and operates a medical training company that primarily does certification training for doctors and nurses.  Her business is completely B2B and driven by repeats and referrals; she doesn’t have a website, nor does she need one. Andrew is heading into new-driver territory. He recently started his first part-time job in food service and is enjoying it very much. His new experience reminds me of my Baskin-Robbins days. The three of us love sitting around the dinner table discussing each of our work challenges and acting as a thoughtful sounding board for each other.

How do you enjoy Denver?

Denver is everything my family and I could ask for in a home. I was relocated here while working for RE/MAX, and soon after I met Jo. She, Andrew and I all love this city – and really, the entire state of Colorado. The four seasons and amazing natural landscapes feed my passions for running and being active outdoors, and watching the sun set behind the mountains never gets old. On top of Denver’s sublime features, the city is experiencing an economic boom that is bringing more people here than ever before. As great as Denver is today, I know it’s only going to get better.

You’ve said that you’re big into marathons. How did you get into running?

I had a buddy at RE/MAX who was into triathlons and marathons. He would always ask if I wanted to join him. About 11 years ago, I eventually took him up on that offer and I’ve loved running ever since. My competitive streak kicked in during my first marathon in Big Sur, California, when I missed qualifying for the Boston Marathon by 11 minutes. After that, I qualified for the Boston Marathon four times out of my seven full marathons.

Racing exhilarates me. It’s in my spirit. I’ve always prided myself on being in the top 15 percent of my age group. I appreciate not just the physical fitness, but the excitement and competition that come with crossing a finish line.

From whom or what did you get that competitive spirit?

My dad wasn’t big into sports, but he was an incredibly hard worker. Working two to three jobs at a time, he never had time to be in that competitive type of environment. He built two barns by hand, doing the design work and driving in every nail (I got to hold the ladder most days). He certainly gave me a “head down, get it done” work ethic. It’s that mentality that fuels me.

I’ve always liked to keep score, which I enjoy doing in business by examining the bottom or top lines or market share. I do many things just for the fun of it, but I also like to play to win. My natural motivation probably starts with that work ethic my father instilled. I think if you’re going to go for something, you should give it all you’ve got.

Final thoughts?

I’m excited about the future of SpeedPro. It’s already a great company that franchisees, the Home Office and I will collectively make one of the best franchise companies and places to work. No shortcuts – creativity, innovation, engagement and hard work will make the difference.


To keep reading about SpeedPro Imaging and our industry-leading printing and graphics solutions, please visit

Great. Big. VISION. Full-Length Interview with SpeedPro Imaging CEO Larry Oberly (PART ONE)

A new era has arrived at SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, with the recent appointment of Larry Oberly as Chief Executive Officer. A proven franchise leader with more than 25 years of experience as a franchisor and franchisee, Oberly led RE/MAX’s global development for ten years prior to joining SpeedPro Imaging.

Oberly is excited about SpeedPro Imaging’s future, which is why he has already implemented strategies and procedures designed to produce immediate results. He is also seeking feedback from various levels inside and outside the SpeedPro home office to build better relationships within the SpeedPro Imaging family. (Learn more about his game-changing vision in this recent press release).

We recently spoke with Oberly about his experiences as both a franchisor and franchisee, the importance of relationships and where he developed his insatiable competitive spirit. In this post (part one of a two-part series), Oberly tells us about his professional background and why he believes SpeedPro Imaging is poised for explosive growth. Join us next week for Part Two!

It’s great to speak with you, Larry! First things first: how did you get your start?

I initially began working in the airline industry. A few years into my tenure, I decided to buy a Baskin-Robbins franchise – and when I found a second location opening close to me, I bought that store as well. I wound up leaving the airline industry to become a multi-unit owner of Baskin-Robbins franchises from 1992-1998, and was fortunate to find great success.

In a 240-store region, I was proud to have one of my stores rank second in sales. When it was time for me to accomplish something else, I sold my two profitable locations and looked for a new adventure.

Why did you decide to leave Baskin-Robbins?

After years as a franchisee, I wanted to see what the other side of the equation looked like. That led me to actively pursue an opportunity with a franchise company that had great relationships with their franchises, which I ultimately found at RE/MAX. I joined RE/MAX in 1998 as a franchise development consultant and rose through the ranks quickly. Three promotions in seven years had me serving as vice president of U.S. regional development in 2005, overseeing seven regional business units of 1,100 offices and 14,000 real estate agents.

A year later I was asked to move to RE/MAX’s international division (or global development department), where I inherited a network of about 55 countries. When I left RE/MAX, we had operations in more than 100 countries and territories, over 3,800 offices outside of the United States, and more than 54,000 agents that my team and I were responsible for. We added about 65 countries and territories to our network over that period.

The international division operated almost as a stand-alone business unit, and I used the position as an opportunity to learn even more about being a franchisee and a franchisor anywhere around the world. The knowledge and experience I gathered at RE/MAX has prepared me for what’s ahead: achieving great growth and building meaningful relationships at SpeedPro.

What inspired you to commit your career to franchising?

I love the entrepreneurial nature of franchising, especially the B2B design that’s at the core of the SpeedPro business model. In fact, SpeedPro is nearly 100 percent B2B, and I really thrive in that configuration. While my Baskin-Robbins operated on more of a management model – where the business drove customers into the store with consumer advertising – SpeedPro Imaging and RE/MAX both require pioneering tactics for customer acquisition and retention. Baskin-Robbins was more process-driven, while SpeedPro is all about collaboration, consultation and solving customer problems with creativity and innovation. Our most successful SpeedPro studios have grown through impactful personal promotion – i.e., showing the customer why they would want to work with their individual studio, their creativity and their ability to perform. Franchising – especially at SpeedPro – is that perfect balance of being in business for yourself and not by yourself.

In addition, the franchising model, to me, is very much like a marriage in a sense that there can be a few bumps along the way to growing old together. There’s going to be ups and downs, but ultimately there’s a shared quest for achieving meaningful things, lifelong memories, and success.

What distinct advantage does your experience with all sides of franchising afford you as CEO?

When I began managing RE/MAX’s southwest region, we had about 8 percent market share. By the time of my promotion to global development five years later, we had grown to about 15 percent market share while unseating the number one company in that region. With the RE/MAX brand already well established in the United States, I considered my role as an equal mixture of leadership and management. However, my overseas experiences gave me a better glimpse of the entrepreneurial landscape and the importance of having drive and vision.

There’s a large measure of scrappiness that’s needed when you’re starting something new, such as what we were doing with RE/MAX’s global department. People didn’t know the brand internationally and quite frankly, weren’t accustomed to how we approached real estate in the U.S. and Canada. We embraced a maverick mentality to help revolutionize the industry and make it more educational and customer service-based.

Here at SpeedPro, we’re right smack dab in the middle of the spectrum – we’re an established company with 20 years of experience in the wide-format industry, yet we’re right at the cusp of a major breakout. My goal is to propel us from more than 130 studios and grow dramatically, on top of helping our franchisees be considerably more successful than those of any other franchise in the space. We’ll accomplish that together.

What is it about the SpeedPro system and business model that makes it on the cusp of breaking out?

We’re authentic and unconventional. I love the SpeedPro name, particularly for the fact we have “pro” in it. Originating as a family-run sign shop, founder Blair Gran had the opportunity to name the company after himself, but decided to choose a moniker fit for the business he envisioned. SpeedPro Imaging is a business built on the professional service our studio owners provide to clients. We apply a white-collar approach to a traditionally blue-collar industry.

It’s also a very creative and customizable field. There are several market segments we can extend into that could lead us to new heights. I consider SpeedPro a diamond in the rough, and my job is to leverage all of our strengths. We’re going to use the power we have within our business model and I feel that, with the way we have established our philosophy and our culture, we’re on the verge of doing even more great things.

From a franchisee point of view, I see the creativity inherent in the SpeedPro design as a huge asset. When I was a franchisee in food service, I had a set product line and standard routine that I practiced every day. At SpeedPro Imaging, we pride ourselves on being marketing solutions providers. We help businesses grow by assessing clients’ wants and needs, then providing the best possible solutions for their business. The clientele and industry present endless challenges and opportunities for inventive thinking and innovative problem-solving.

Lastly, SpeedPro Imaging studios have attractive employment environments. I like that the total labor cost is generally lower in our segment than in other industries, and that many of the team members within our franchisees’ studios are semi-skilled to skilled employees as opposed to entry level. Our franchisees are also typically working in non-retail spaces that come with lower average-occupancy costs. Added up, it’s a great business model for our owners and customers.


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Boost Your Marketing for the Post-Holiday Gym Rush

1 Gyms (2 Window Graphics_Gyms)-B

A new year means new resolutions. Although according to most studies, the average American’s resolution might not be all that unique.

Year after year, getting and staying fit hits the top of the New Year’s resolution charts – making winter and spring key times for gyms to up their marketing efforts. That’s where SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading marketing solutions provider for gyms and health clubs, comes into play.

At the end of 2016, there were nearly 37,000 health clubs in the U.S. with more than 57 million American members. However, a good majority of those members join the month before or after their resolution (December and January). Gold’s Gym told the Washington Post its traffic jumped 40-percent between December and January.

The holiday season means big business. At SpeedPro, we want to help you generate business now, then retain and recruit even more clients until next slimming season.

Planet Fitness3SpeedPro Imaging studio owners, like John Barber of SpeedPro Imaging Norcross (GA) have specific knowledge and expertise to help market health clubs. Sal DeMartinis owns and operates more than a dozen Planet Fitness clubs in Georgia and Massachusetts. John hooked Sal up with vehicle wraps that have him in awe:

“John Barber and SpeedPro Imaging’s process for printing vehicle wraps is far superior to any other vendor I’ve worked with,” says DeMartinis. “My vehicles just pop! The colors are brighter and the detail is fantastic – it’s just night and day. It’s so good I just want to go back and re-wrap my other vehicles. SpeedPro Imaging has been a great partner, I couldn’t be happier with John and the SpeedPro team.”

DeMartinis adds, “Having seven vehicles, it’s just great publicity. It’s great advertisement for our clubs.”

We’re appreciative of Sal DeMartinis’ kind words and are proud of John Barber’s accomplishments. John is representative of the quality of work that our nationwide network of SpeedPro Imaging studio owners demonstrates daily.

Here are four ideas for boosting your bottom line as prospects prepare to shrink their waistlines:

20 Gyms-BWindow Graphics: Your windows may be the first opportunity to make an impression with your customers. Make it count with our bold graphics display. Transform your simple and plain windows into a powerful marketing tool. We can arrange large impact graphics that cover the entire window or smaller scale graphics that provide vital information.

Retractors: These signs are sharp and stand tall as they communicate a message to customers to be proactive with their fitness goals. Lightweight and customizable, use retractors at events or in your gym for selfie stations and social media boosts.

15 Gyms (4 Flag_Gyms)-BFlags: Look no further if you’re searching for a flamboyant and creative way to market your workout facility. Highly visible and versatile, flags can convey your central message both outside and inside. The shape of the flag – teardrop, feather, flutter – is restricted only by your imagination.

Outdoor Signage: Imagine a picture frame, “A” frame, coroplast or fabric sidewalk sign broadcasting your brand. Durable and stunning, wherever you’d like to be seen outside, we can customize a signage solution that fits you, your message and your space.

We have serious solutions to help you market yourself as the number one gym in your town. We know that gyms are big business. At SpeedPro Imaging, the only way we know how to get the job done, is by doing it BIG!

Let SpeedPro Imaging do some of the heavy lifting with your marketing needs. Contact your local SpeedPro Imaging consultant to get started at



SpeedPro Imaging: The Driving Force Behind International Artist’s Latest Creation

Lazar and Gartel-B

“Father of Digital Art,” Lawrence Gartel with SpeedPro Imaging Chicago Loop Partner & Evangelist, Eric Lazar

For golf fans, it’s the first full week in April. For fans of the Oscars, it’s late February or early March. And for football fans, it’s early February.

We’re talking about dates that devoted fans circle every year for the must-see events. Art fans circle early December for Art Basel Miami Beach, considered one of the world’s largest art shows. It’s an event for which SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, was extremely proud to play a major role.

The international art fair just wrapped up in South Florida. It showcased some of the world’s best contemporary art masterpieces by newly emerging and established artists. One of those established artists included Laurence Gartel, the “Father of Digital Art.” Eric Lazar, owner of the SpeedPro Chicago Loop location, established a magnificent relationship with the world-renowned artist.

It’s collaborations and relationships, such as the one Lazar has with Gartel, that sets SpeedPro Imaging apart from other wide-format graphics providers. SpeedPro studio owners, like Lazar, don’t operate simply on a cookie cutter format. They take their craft seriously, and treat every assignment as a work of art.

Gartel is a household name within the art industry. He was featured as the official artist of the 57th GRAMMY Awards in 2015 and the 113th New York International Auto Show in 2013. Over the course of Art Basel Miami Beach (December 4-10), he unveiled three stunning Art Cars – a psychedelic Chrysler 300, a digital inspired Infiniti G37 and a trippy, purple spiral fashioned Ford C-Max Hybrid. These Art Cars, which SpeedPro helped print and install, were featured as mobile exhibitions throughout the week, and will be making appearances at other art installations throughout the year.

Gartel 5How did these collaborations between Gartel and SpeedPro Imaging Chicago Loop’s Lazar come about? Lazar was a big fan and he knew he could make Gartel’s grand vision a reality.

“I’ve been following Gartel since we were introduced on Facebook in 2010 and always wanted to reach out because we share a powerful personal connection,” said Lazar. “Gartel was a camper of my dad’s back in the sixties when he served as head counselor; anyone who attended the Bronx House camp had a great affinity for that place and my dad. Similar to lifelong bonds I developed while serving in the Marine Corps, Gartel is deeply committed to people he met at camp during his formative years – as was my father. Gartel and I both believe things happen for a reason, so it’s no coincidence we partnered in this spectacular effort—it was fate. On behalf of everyone at SpeedPro Chicago Loop and the entire SpeedPro Imaging franchise system, we are honored and humbled to be working with Gartel as the official printing, graphics, and installation partner for this winter’s Gartel Art Car projects.”

IMG_5554 (1)Thanks to the nationwide network of SpeedPro studios, Lazar was able to pull the project off in Gartel’s Florida neighborhood with the help of SpeedPro Imaging Ft. Lauderdale owner Anita Pickens. Lazar and Pickens coordinated tirelessly to ensure the extensive printing was executed perfectly.

The Art Cars are gorgeous examples of what all SpeedPro Imaging studio owners have in their repertoire. SpeedPro Imaging, the nation’s leading printing and graphics franchise, specializes in turning mobile advertising into pieces of art. Vehicle wraps are available to fit any need and budget. They provide a wonderful ROI. Full wraps cover an entire vehicle, delivering a dramatic message to anyone who sees it.

SpeedPro Imaging also excels in bringing innovative ideas to life. Whether one is interested in tapping into the trend of moving art installations or interested in applying cutting-edge materials to story-high surfaces, SpeedPro prides itself on meeting any need.

At SpeedPro Imaging, we’re advocates for artists because we consider ourselves artists. Our studio owners have won various accolades for their projects across America. Elevators, walls, windows, floors, tables and event tents are all blank canvases awaiting masterpieces. SpeedPro Imaging accepts the challenge to bring your imagination to life.

You’ve seen what SpeedPro Imaging Chicago Loop Eric Lazar can do for world-renowned artist Laurence Gartel. SpeedPro Imaging is willing and ready to do the same for your vision. You can find the full pallet of our offerings when you visit, send an email or call us at (844) 274-4784.