Portable Trade Show Display Info Centers

Portable Trade Show Info Centers

Getting information to potential customers is probably one of your chief concerns at a trade show  second only to providing potential customers with a way to sign up for a product or service you offer right there on the trade show floor. Info centers can provide your audience with the chance to do both.

What Is an Info Center?

An info center is a type of display designed to present information to a customer. Despite its simple purpose, an info center can come in a variety of forms, each of which gives information to customers in a unique way. Literature racks, kiosks, sign stands and iPad stands all showcase relevant material to your potential customers in a specialized way.

An info center can be technology-focused, using tablets or monitors to spread information to trade show attendees. Some even feature an interactive design, letting customers explore service or products or even purchasing them on the trade show floor.

While the tech-oriented stands are effective, some info centers employ tried-and-true, old-school methods of advertising. For instance, a literature rack — a popular form of info center — displays printed material for potential clients to read and take with them. A sign display stand is another way to call attention to your booth and provide information for those passing by your display.

iPad Stands

Should You Use an Info Center?

Whether you want to go high-tech or low-tech, an info center should be part of your booth’s design. Low-tech info centers can be an affordable way to get hard-copy information into the hands of your customers, while a high-tech info center can draw people to your booth and capture their attention.

One of an info center’s foremost benefits is the ability to engage with a potential client or customer without having to have a sales associate present. If you’re on a busy trade floor, chances are good all the members of your team will be tied up in conversations with potential customers at various points. Rather than having to ask newcomers to wait while you talk with another future customer, you can politely direct them to an interactive iPad stand or offer them some free literature to review while they wait.

By giving trade show attendees material to engage with while your team is busy, you can increase the numbers of customers by preventing people from leaving your booth because someone wasn’t available to speak with them right away. Along with engaging customers when a team member isn’t immediately available, an info booth can also allow customers to provide their information, buy your product or sign up for a service.

With all these uses and benefits, an info center should become an integral part of your exhibit in the future. Look through the styles we recommend for trade show exhibits, and let us know if you have any questions!

iPad Stands

If you’re interested in capturing trade show attendees’ attention for longer than a second or two, a trade show iPad stand can be an excellent way to grab their attention for an extended period. A portable iPad stand designed for trade shows will add a stylish element to your exhibit and will be another way for you to deliver your message effectively. Along with their visual appeal, all the stands we offer will keep your iPad or tablet as secure as possible, saving you the worry an accident might occur on the trade show floor.

Formulate iPad Kiosks

One brand we know will deliver exceptional results is Formulate. This collection of portable display kiosks comes in a variety of sleek designs that will make it easy for you to find your perfect fit. These iPad stands encourage interaction with customers and present information in an attention-grabbing way. With their engaging, user-friendly interfaces, an iPad can be a perfect way to get a customer’s information and even their business.

A particularly attractive model we offer comes with a dual monitor mount and an iPad mount. The monitor sits above the iPad so you can coordinate a unique message between the two platforms. The monitor might advertise the benefits of a service or the steps people need to take to receive a free sample of a product your company offers, while the iPad gives them the means to sign up for the product or service in a snap.

On top of being visually appealing, these display sign stands come with a stable weighted base and sturdy aluminum frame to prevent them from getting knocked over or damaged. Their pillowcase fabric graphics make assembly a breeze and give you additional space to present your message.

Freestanding iPad and Tablet Displays

One of the most lightweight and portable display info centers we offer allows users to place iPads in either portrait or landscape configurations, giving them visual versatility. The stand is slim and will be able to fit in any number of exhibits. To ensure the tablet stays safe from theft or accidents, you can bolt the stand to the floor during setup, and keep the iPad safe with security screws and a specialized Allen key.

Along with iPad stands for events, we also offer a universal tablet stand compatible with many devices. Like the iPad portable stand, it allows for placement of tablets in either portrait or landscape configurations to display your message in the way you want. Additionally, the stand’s telescopic pole makes it easily adjustable, allowing you to find a height that meets your current needs. On top of this, it has similar security measures to the iPad stand for trade shows and can secure to the floor to prevent theft and accidents.

Kiosk Display

If you like the idea of an interactive info center, but want something more substantial than an iPad or tablet, a kiosk display for a trade show will be the perfect fit for your next exhibit. These displays combine interactivity and messaging with style, as their unique designs and modern hardware draw customers to them. In addition to their technological capabilities, the kiosks we promote come with either printed fabric graphics or rigid graphic panels that give your advertisements the chance to rise above the competition.

Along with their tech and attractive graphics, many of the kiosks come with countertops made with varying thermoform laminate finishes. These counters can hold additional displays, promotional material, demo products or a mouse and keyboard for the monitor.

As with all the info centers we recommend, these kiosks come with portability built into them, all while remaining durable. You won’t have to worry about the safety of your exhibit or the time it will take to assemble/disassemble them. Their sleek design not only looks good, but is also user-friendly.

Linear Pro Kiosks

These extrusion-based kiosks come in many styles to match your exhibit’s look. One of the kiosks comes with stylish wings to give your booth a contemporary feel, while you use the monitor and countertop for messaging. Many of these kiosks’ bases come with rigid graphics to add extra real estate to your booth’s messaging. Along with their exceptional advertising ability, they also feature a lockable storage space where you can house your valuables while at a trade show.

Charging Stations

Some of our favorite kiosks are the Formulate® Charging Tower and the Formulate® Charging Counter. These kiosks create an oasis for trade show attendees whose phone batteries are running low. Both models of kiosks come with the ability to charge both Android and Apple products.

While the potential customers wait for their phones to charge, a member of your team can take the time to speak with them, or they can walk around your exhibit on their own. Either way, these potential customers will benefit from prolonged exposure to your company’s products or services, increasing the chance that you can convert them into customers.

Vector Frame Monitor Kiosks

If kiosks with all the bells and whistles feel like too much for the aesthetic you are trying to create at your booth, a Vector Frame™ double-sided monitor kiosk may be what you’re looking for. As their name suggests, these kiosks let you have monitors on both sides of their frames. With their simple, rectangular shape, push-fit fabric graphics and multimedia capability, these kiosks are for those who need a minimal style to complement the rest of their exhibit.

A kiosk display is perfect for your next exhibit if you want something more than an iPad at your interactive info center.

Literature Rack

Do you have brochures, information packets, booklets, catalogs or handouts to distribute at your next trade show? Instead of having to hold a collection of materials in hand or have them spread out on a table, you can keep your printed material in a stylish literature rack. These info centers rely on tried-and-true tactics to get information into customers’ hands.

Rather than using a tabletop literature display, a literature rack can help you organize your materials and provide a central place to direct potential customers for more information. They nicely accent banner stands, kiosks, tabletop displays, counters and many other parts of a trade show exhibit.

Innovate Literature Rack

The Innovate Literature Rack is a stylish accent to any exhibit. It comes in both silver and black so you can choose a color that best fits your display. Along with its visual appeal, the rack contains 10 pockets designed to hold printed literature that’s easily accessible to potential customers.

This rack’s modular design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s easily transportable, as it breaks down into three parts for storage in an included carrying bag.

Collapsible Literature Racks

With space at a premium, foldable literature racks are the easiest to store and transport. For example, the ZedUp 1 and the Quantum literature racks collapse to a fraction of their size, making it easy to transport them in carrying bags.

On top of their transportability and size, these literature racks are sure to be an attractive accent to the rest of your booth. The ZedUp 1 comes with six pockets, uniquely designed racks and black or silver finishes. Another option is the Quantum four-pocket plastic literature rack that comes in a purple design with an artistic background. Either product offers users the ability to display printed materials fashionably and attractively.

Sign Stands

To get people to notice your booth, you can use a sign to easily display your message and convince people to give you a chance. The variety of sign stands available for trade shows ensures you will find one that matches your brand and complements your color palette.

Basic Sign Stands

These portable sign stands come in a variety of minimalist styles that are easy to set up and attractive to viewers. The tent-like design of the Apex Outdoor Sign Stand, for instance, can attract attention to your booth on a busy trade show floor. Its option for double-sided graphics and its sturdy, plastic frame make for dependable messaging that can be useful in a variety of situations.

The Observer Pro Sign Stand uses a graphic clip to hold eighth-inch-thick graphics, while the header allows for the display of larger graphics. The minimalist design of this stand comes with a surprising amount of customizability, making it an excellent choice for your next trade show. If you want something multifunctional, the Observe Grand Sign Stand pairs a large graphic holder with an adjustable shelf that can hold printed literature, giving viewers a double dose of information.

As a more sophisticated design than the others listed, the Trappa Post Sign Stand allows a variety of configurations to display your advertisement. With the choice to use slanted or straight frames, you can give your sign a contemporary, artistic appearance to generate attention. Adding to the sign’s customizability, it uses a front-loading graphic mechanism that makes changing out your graphics simple.

Tower Displays

These sign stands are the sturdiest and most eye-catching of the group, as their design maximizes your messaging at trade shows. The triangular design of the Prism Tower ensures all three sides of the tower will display your graphics or messages from any direction. The six-foot-high Tri-Tower Deluxe employs a similar triangular design, but is taller and skinnier. Its height and ability to easily switch out graphics make it a desirable option.

Another popular option among signs is a backlit display designed to transform a tower into a lightbox. The 24″ Backlit Tower is 24 inches wide and 72 inches tall. It uses bubble panels to draw attention and a curved frame to enhance your graphics. These towers use lighting to increase the visibility of your sign and complement the graphics.

Ready to Add an Info Center to Your Next Trade Show Display?

Trade show info centers make an excellent addition to any trade show display. If you’re ready to add one to your booth, Speedpro wants to help. As the only nationwide network of visual communication studios focused on large-format graphics, we’ve helped many companies pick the right info center for them. From iPad stands to kiosk displays, tabletop literature stands, folding sign stands and sign racks, Speedpro knows how to make an info center complement the rest of your display’s design.

Our franchises make it their focus to provide outstanding products, exceptional graphics and reliable customer service. Find and contact your local studio today to request a quote and talk with a representative about the best info center for you.

Ready to Add an Info Center to Your Next Trade Show Display?