Banner Stands

Banner Stands

When you want to get your message out in front of people in a big way but also want the option of storing it away neatly at the end of the day, consider using a banner stand. Display banner stands are available in a variety of styles and sizes. You can add your own custom graphics to the stand to create a message that’s unique to your company.

Learn more about banner stands, including the options available and where you can use them.

What Are Banner Stands?

What are Banner Stands?

A display banner stand is a large sign that is attached to a portable frame or stand. The frame or stand is often made from plastic or metal and can support a graphics banner made from fabric or vinyl.

What Are the Benefits of Banner Stands?

What are the Benefits of Banner Stands?

Whether you decide to use a banner stand as part of a larger trade show display or during a presentation, the stands have several advantages. The benefits of using banners stands, either on their own or as part of a larger display, include:

  • Portability: Banner stands fold up and collapse for easy transport to and from your events. There’s no need to rent a truck or large vehicle to bring a stand banner to your next trade show or presentation. Depending on the overall size of the banner, you can bring it in your car or even on a train when traveling.
  • Easy to store: Portable banner stands are also easy to store when not in use. Since the stands fold up, you can tuck them into a storage closet at your office for safe keeping until you need them again.
  • Variety of sizes available: Banner stands come in a range of sizes, from displays that are under 2 feet wide to displays that can cover an entire wall. The available sizes give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to designing your exhibits. For instance, you can use several small banner stands together when you have more space available. If space is limited at an event, you can choose to bring just one of your stands with you.
  • Easy setup: You don’t need tools or a full team of people to set up banner stands. That means you don’t have to worry about struggling to put together your displays on the day of your event.
  • Budget-friendly: Since there are so many different types of portable banner stands available, you are likely to find one that works with your company’s budget, whether your funds are limited or the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can spend.

What Types of Banners Stands Are Available?

What Types of Banners Stands are Available?

Knowing what styles and types of banner stands are out there can help you choose the one that best meets your needs. Once you’ve settled on a style, you can take a look at the different models available with each style and weigh the pros and cons of each. Take a look at a few of the different types of stand banners available.

1. Fabric Frame Banner Stands

Fabric frame banner stands feature fabric stretched across a metal frame. Depending on the style of the banner stand, the fabric graphics can slip over the frame like a pillowcase or be stretched taut from side to side. Depending on the needs of your brand, graphics can be printed on one or both sides of the fabric.

Fabric frame banner stands range in size from less than 1 foot in width to more than 20 feet across. The height of the stands ranges from around 3 to more than 7 feet.

The types of fabric frame banner stands that are available include:

  • Formulate Essential banners: Formulate® Essential Banner stands consist of an aluminum tube frame and a slip-on, pillowcase style fabric graphic. The fabric can be printed on both sides with your graphics, or you can choose to have either solid white or black backing. Sizes for Formulate banners range from just under 2 feet in width to just under 5 feet wide. Each Formulate banner measures 92 inches in height.
  • Vector Frame banners: Vector Frame™ banners feature 2-inch aluminum extrusion frames and silicone edge graphics (SEG) fabrics. The SEG allows you to easily slip the edge of the fabric graphic into the frame and also helps to hold the fabric banner taut. Vector Frame banner stands are available in a wide range of sizes, starting at under 1 foot in width and reaching up to 20 feet wide. The banners are available in tabletop heights of less than 4 feet as well as full height models.
  • Modulate banners:Modulate™ fabric banners give you the option of mixing and matching graphics at your next trade show or another event. There are 14 different frame shapes available for Modulate banner stands, and you also can choose between magnetic frames and clip-on frames.

In addition to being available in a variety of sizes and shapes, some fabric banner stands also offer the option of illumination. You can choose a Vector Frame banner stand with a backlight, which can make your message pop even more.

2. Retractable Banner Stands

One of the most in-demand and popular styles of banner stand is a retractable banner stand. Sometimes known as roll-up banner stands, retractable stands quickly expand for easy setup and roll up quickly for transport and storage. Another reason why retractable banner stands tend to be more popular than other options is their price.

Often, retractable banner stands are the most budget-friendly pick available. Since they fold down to a compact size, they also cost less to ship. If you need to store the stands off-site, you won’t have to rent a large space to do so.

Another advantage of retractable banner stands is their design helps to protect and preserve your graphics. The graphic is rolled up neatly into the base of the banner stand, which shields it from damage and wear and tear when it’s being transported or stored.

You can split up the available types of retractable banners into three categories. The most budget-friendly category is the economy range. Banner stands in the economy range have limited features, but can be the ideal choice for brands that don’t need to use a banner stand frequently.

Banner stands in the mid-range category come with a five-year warranty. They are meant to see more frequent use than the economy range and offer a good degree of reliability and quality.

The top-of-the-line, premium category includes retractable banner stands that have a lifetime warranty and that can withstand daily use. Premium retractable banner stands also have more features than either the mid-range or economy categories.

A few of the available styles of retractable banner stands include:

  • Blade Lite: As its name suggests, the Blade Lite banner stand weighs under 10 pounds. It’s available in a range of widths and has an adjustable height. The stand comes together easily and is available with fabric, vinyl or melinex materials.
  • Imagine: The Imagine banner stand system features a removable cassette, so you can swap out your graphics as needed. The stand can range in height from about 30 inches to nearly 84 inches.
  • Barracuda: Barracuda banner stands are premium stands that can be used over and over. The banner stand is compatible with some accessories, including a literature pocket.
  • Advance: The Advance banner stand is another premium category stand. It has removable cassettes and gives you the option of using one or two-sided fabric graphics.
  • Revolution: True its name, the Revolution banner stand is revolutionary. The first of its kind, it has a lightweight, injection molded plastic base.
  • Orient: Orient is a budget-friendly banner stand that has a simple design. It’s available in a range of sizes.
  • Pacific: The Pacific banner stand is another budget-friendly stand. It offers a swivel foot to help increase its stability.
  • Contender: Contender banner stands come in a range of sizes, from mini to extra tall options.
  • Elevate: Elevate banner stands help to elevate your message, up to a height of 92.5 inches.
  • Dragon Fly: The Dragon Fly stand is a double-sided banner stand that has a sturdy base and swivel feet.

3. Spring Back Banner Stands

If you’re on a tight budget, a Spring Back banner stand might be the way to go. Designed as a lower-cost alternative to other styles of banner stands, spring back stands feature vinyl graphics and snap lock rails or an X-shaped frame. The rails or frame hold the graphics taut and in place.

Available spring back banner stands include:

  • X-Tend: Banner stands in the X-Tend series include an X-shaped frame that folds and unfolds. The vinyl graphic connects to the four corners of the frame through grommets.
  • Lightning: The Lightning Spring Back banner stand features two graphic rails at the top and bottom. The rails snap open and closed, which makes it easy to swap out the graphic as needed.
  • L-Mini: The L-Mini is similar to the Lightning banner stand, but designed for use on a tabletop. It measures about 2 feet high and 1 foot wide.

4. Telescopic Banner Stands

If you’re interested in a banner stand that offers the greatest amount of flexibility, you might want to look into telescopic banner stands. Telescopic stands are both width- and height-adjustable, making them a versatile option for a variety of situations.

You can choose from three different types of material for the graphics you’ll use as part of a telescopic banner stand — vinyl, polyester or oxford fabric. The graphics connect easily to the frames, streamlining your setup process.

Another advantage of using telescopic banner stands is that you have the option of connecting multiple frames together to create a massive back wall or larger display. Extension kits are sold separately. You can also add accessories, such as a tablet holder or literature pocket, to a telescopic banner stand.

Where Can You Use Banner Stands?

Although you might most frequently hear banner stands discussed in the context of a trade show display, the reality is that you can use them in a variety of situations and at a variety of places. Anywhere you want to get your brand’s message across or want to share new or useful information to an audience is the perfect place to use a banner stand. Here are a few ideas:

  • In a retail setting: A banner stand can be an ideal way to advertise a new product or promotion. If your store is part of a larger mall or shopping center, you can put the stand outside of your entrance to entice people to come inside.
  • During a lecture or presentation: A banner stand can provide visual interest or help you reinforce the point you are trying to make when delivering a lecture or giving a presentation. The banner stand can also serve as a reminder to people of who you are and what company you represent.
  • In an office lobby: A well-positioned banner stand in the lobby of an office building can help people confirm that they are in the right place, find your office or advertise something new going on with your company.
  • As directional signage at an event: Convention centers and other event spaces often get reconfigured for each individual event. A portable banner stand can help to direct traffic during events and can help people figure out where to go.
  • In a restaurant or cafe: As in a retail setting, a banner stand in a restaurant or cafe can advertise a new menu item or specials. It can also invite people into the dining area or give instructions, such as, “Please wait to be seated.”
  • As the backdrop for a trade show display: A larger banner stand can serve as the perfect backdrop for a trade show display. Since the stand is portable and easy to set up and break down, it can be the best option when you want to dress up a drab space but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on a big installation.

How to Choose the Right Banner Stand for Your Needs

With so many styles and sizes available, it can seem tough to choose the right stand banner. There are a few things to consider to help you pick out the best type of stand.

One is your budget. If you have a lot to spend, you might want to choose a premium model, as it is likely to have the highest quality and the promise of durability.

That said, if your budget is on the small side, you can still find a banner stand that meets your needs in the economy or mid-range categories.

Another thing to consider is how frequently you’ll use the banner stand. Premium stands are meant for frequent use while economy stands are generally designed for light use. Although it’s a higher expenditure up front, getting a premium stand when you expect to use it daily is often the best option.

It’s also a good idea to consider the size of the stand and where you’ll use it. Will you put the stand on the floor or on a table? Are you looking for something that will cover an entire wall or a smaller area?

Let SpeedPro Design the Right Banner Stand for You

You aren’t on your own when it comes to choosing a banner stand and designing its graphics. The design experts at SpeedPro are here to help you pick the stand that best meets your needs and to help you create eye-catching, attention-grabbing graphics for it. Whether you want a small tabletop banner or a 20-feet wall-sized banner, we’ll help you turn your vision into a reality. To learn more, contact your local SpeedPro studio today.

Let SpeedPro Design the Right Banner Stand for You