Modular Trade Show Exhibit Accessories

Modular Trade Show Exhibit Accessories

Add that “wow” factor to your trade show exhibits using high-quality, large-format modular accessories made by the experts at SpeedPro.

Our G7 Master Qualified print certification, combined with cutting-edge printing equipment, makes the perfect pair to execute your modular display accessories. After all, you don’t go to industry events like conferences, expos, trade shows and more just to blend in. With modular accessories made for your modular display, you’ll make a stand-out impression with the right kind of booth features and embellishments — and see business boosts along the way.

What Are Modular Displays and Accessories?

Modular displays are a commercial exhibition type businesses design, fabricate and set up at commercial events.

At their most basic, modular trade show exhibits typically contain backwall graphics, walk-up counters or tables and relevant tabletop accessories, including table skirts and product/merchandise display kits. There are also outdoor trade show exhibits that utilize a similar setup but also contain graphic canopies and a supporting tent frame.

SpeedPro produces four types of commercial modular displays, each available in a range of sizes and details:

  • Linear™ Pro Modular Display
  • Vector Frame™ Modular Display
  • Hybrid Pro™ Modular Exhibit
  • Orbital Express™ Truss Exhibit

Modular display accessories are smaller features, accents and embellishments made to enhance your event displays. Customized to match your brand aesthetics as well as upgrade the functionality of your booth, these embellishments marry form and function for a complete, dynamic booth at your next industry event.

Select from indoor, outdoor or hybrid environment display accessories that are versatile, arresting and easy to assemble. SpeedPro produces more than 30 pieces of modular accessories for our commercial trade show displays. Our catalog of modular accents are made to make you stand out, with all pieces including installation instructions and one- to five-year warranty options against manufacturing defects.

Looking for a way to put your best business foot forward at an up-and-coming industry event? If so, explore our catalog of SpeedPro accessories for trade show displays to make the most of your event attendance.

What Makes a Good Accessory for a Trade Show Display?

Event exhibition accents require unique, complementary yet attention-grabbing designs, plus an eye toward easy assembly. The best modular display accents carry the following traits.

1. Functional

As your booth’s signature accent feature, it’s essential for modular display accessories to be high-impact and visually arresting. Yet these components play a practical role in your display as well — they’re often core mechanical additions that link, extend, connect and stabilize your entire modular exhibit.

Other display accessories include multimedia kits, which are necessary to mount electronics like TV screens, desktop monitors and iPads. Still others lend attachable tables, literature and clothing racks, display shelving, hooks and more, adding 3D depth and layers to your exhibit while also creating an organic place to display and sell merchandise.

When combined, these modular exhibit pieces bring true functionality to your booth alongside a brand-enhancing pop.

2. Professional

Quality-designed display accessories heighten the look and presentation of your entire business. Booth visitors discern the professionalism of your graphics, hardware and accessories, associating them with the nature of your business. They’re more likely to link your booth’s upscale looks with the quality of your actual products and services — a powerful association in branding and one of the key benefits of professionally printed trade show displays.

3. Eye-Catching

Modular accessories allow you to add features to your exhibits that your competitors can’t.

Wall Mounted Display

For example, multimedia kits and modular mounts mean your display can feature television or desktop screens that make you stand out from the crowd, catching the eyes of even passive visitors. Internal shelving and display racks also go the extra creative mile by creating organic and attractive stages for product showcasing.

4. Interactive

Modular booth kits can be used to create hands-on, interactive booth elements that break from the trade show mold to engage and delight visitors.

Electronic components and features work especially well as interactive embellishments. Use built-in kiosks or modular mounts to display iPads for guests to watch videos or take custom quizzes on. You can also create games, employ interactive art, build step-and-repeat banners and much more, all afforded by your booth accessories.

5. Able to Avoid Overwhelming People

Modular display accessories should always complement, not overpower, the exhibit as a whole. With SpeedPro’s range of accessory pieces, sizes, styles and colors, businesses can find the right fit for the look and purpose of their booth. No unnecessary additions or clunky pieces, which are difficult to transport and detract from the professional appearance of a final display.

6. Logical With the Entire Display

Accessories shouldn’t define your modular display — but they should certainly fit it. Both form and function should be enhanced by the inclusion of various display accessories. These booth additions amplify your presence at industry events without overshadowing the real business purposes of being there.

In short, modular display accessories allow you to do what you came to do at your next trade show, expo, conference or any other business presentation — plus look good while doing it.

Custom Modular Display Accessories for Your Booth

What's The Right Size

SpeedPro can produce dozens of custom trade show accessories and accent pieces for your exhibition, available across our four modular displays.

1. Modular Mounts

Modular mounts for monitors are adjustable surfaces to display electronic screens or mounted graphics. Made from a durable, tube-bracket design, these mounts attach seamlessly to any kind of modular booth’s backwall frame or onto architectural booth structures, then detach for quick packing and safe transport.

SpeedPro monitor mounts are available in three sizes:

  1. Small: Supports 23-42 inch-wide monitors up to 40 lbs.
  2. Medium: Supports 32-55 inch-wide monitors up to 80 lbs.
  3. Large: Supports 37-70 inch-wide monitors up to 80 lbs.

2. TV Mounts

The second product line in SpeedPro’s modular mount catalog, TV mounts are specially designed to attach to modular trade show exhibits and securely hold television screens, monitors and similar electronic graphics displays.

All monitor mounts are adjustable and made from durable alloyed brackets with a minimum five-year warranty against manufacturer damage. They’re vital display accessories for any trade show or event exhibit that includes electronic monitors — and they’re another display accessory to make your exhibit pop against competitors’.

SpeedPro produces monitor and TV mounts in two categories:

  1. Optimounts: Small, medium and large bracketed modular mounts supporting monitors between 23 inches (about 40 lbs.) and up to 70 inches wide (80 lbs.).
  2. Extrusion Monitor Brackets: Small, medium and large extrusion bracketed modular units also supporting monitors between 23 inches (about 40 lbs.) and up to 70 inches wide (about 80 lbs.).

3. Multimedia Kits

Multimedia kits create display surfaces for iPads and small electronics. They screw and seal into the truss framing of modular displays and require only a nearby electronic hook-up to be fully functional.

Multimedia modular kits make a great addition to add an interactive touch to your booth. Use your nestled iPad electronics to:

  • Display videos
  • Play product or service tutorials
  • Showcase your product lines in an e-catalog
  • House interactive quizzes
  • Let guests take booth selfies
  • And more

Make technology a signature feature of your trade show setup with these sturdy attachments, made to fit SpeedPro’s signature Orbital Express Truss modular display.

4. Frame Connectors

SpeedPro’s frame connectors create the corner “joints” for modular and truss exhibits. They’re an essential part of putting together your finished modular booth, yet they’re designed for easy, intuitive assembly so that you can focus on what you need to — an engaging, eye-catching and lead-converting trade show exhibit.

SpeedPro’s frame connectors carry:

  • Tool-free assembly
  • A straightforward twist-and-lock connective design
  • The ability to work with existing truss exhibits or attach and connect with additional truss frames, expanding your current booth

Select from two modular frame connectors:

  1. Universal connector kits: Trust SpeedPro’s signature line of truss joints, a complete hardware set allowing you to build your modular truss booth.
  2. Replacement connectors: Connect individual trusses to existing frame joints, or connect truss length to truss length.

5. Junction Connectors

Junction connectors are cube-shaped joints ideal for creating dynamic, 3D truss frames taking your trade show booth’s backdrop to the next level. Strong, durable yet versatile, junction connectors‘ six connective sides are the ultimate versatile joint type across display setups and configurations.

Wall Mounted Display to Engage Attendees

Rather than constructing your booth’s backwall around a traditional, flat, single-layer background graphic, remember that junction connectors will let you create textured tiers and architectural designs from your modular frame. Plus, weighing only four pounds each, junction connectors are lightweight and easy to transport. Use these unique joints to change up the look of your trade show displays at a fraction of the cost of buying new exhibits.

6. Wall-Attached and Standing Racks

Rack accessories are the ultimate merchandising display choice for modular exhibits. Choose from three varieties of SpeedPro merchandise racks:

  1. Wire rack: Grid-like merchandise display panel with attachable hooks and tool-free panel assembly, perfect for displaying apparel, jewelry, small electronics, packaged goods and more.
  2. Hanging racks: Horizontal cross-bar racks with a hook-and-lock, tool-free attachment to your truss length frames.
  3. Standing racks: Freestanding merchandise racks with a one-year warranty against any manufacturer damage.

7. Tabletops

SpeedPro’s attachable tabletops add multi-functional surfaces to your orbital truss displays. They’re among the most flexible and convenient accessory options for your trade show displays, providing a branded surface for merchandise displays, lighting, decorations or general discussion.

SpeedPro’s tabletops come in four thermoform color schemes (silver, black, mahogany and natural), ready to match and enhance your exhibit’s existing brand aesthetics. Select from either the Standard or Deluxe Orbital Express™ Tabletop options:

  • Standard: Square-shaped with rounded corners; supports up to 25 lbs.
  • Deluxe: Teardrop shaped hugging orbital truss frames in left or right-facing configurations; supports up to 25 lbs.

8. Counters

Counter accents include a sleek, plex flat-top surface plus an internal shelf option, great for storing literature or products an arm’s length away. Select from four thermoformed tabletop core colors (silver, black, mahogany or natural), then create UV-cured custom graphics panels or dye-sublimated stretch fabric to adorn your counters, boosting their impact even more.

SpeedPro produces tool-free assembly exhibit counters in four models:

  1. Rectangular: Full-kit, 4 x 3 ft. rectangular-shaped countertop; supports up to 35 lbs.
  2. Oval: Full-kit, 4 x 3 ft. stretched circular counter; supporting up to 35 lbs.
  3. Racetrack: Full-kit, 4 x 3 ft. racetrack-shaped counter with rounded edges; supports up to 35 lbs.
  4. Curved: Full-kit, 5 x 3 ft. crescent-shaped counter; supports up to 35 lbs.

9. Podiums

SpeedPro podiums provide additional surfaces that are as functional as they are fitting to your space. Taller than counters and attachable truss tabletops, these standing podiums include cohesive sleek plex-top surfaces available in silver, black, mahogany and natural thermoform.

Opt for one (or both) of SpeedPro’s signature display podiums:

10. Shelving

SpeedPro’s Orbital Express™ Internal Shelving attaches to truss-length scaffolding and can increase your modular exhibit’s display possibilities. They add a distinct aesthetic touch expanding both your booth’s form and function, plus come in the four-palette options of thermoform colors (silver, black, mahogany and natural).

SpeedPro makes and ships internal truss shelving in five styles:

  1. 24″ Straight; recommended weight 5 lbs.
  2. 36″ Straight; recommended weight 6 lbs.
  3. 46″ Straight; recommended weight 7 lbs.
  4. 45-Degree Curved; recommended weight 4 lbs.
  5. 90-Degree Curved; recommended weight 4 lbs.

11. Literature Racks and Pockets

Hang printed brochures, catalogs, flyers and literature from your display’s frames and shelves using SpeedPro Truss Literature Racks. These all-in-one kits include a 10-pocket clamp-on literature rack with silver bracket framing and tool-free assembly. Simply hang the rack from your desired location by securing the clamps to the background frame, then add branded literature to the symmetrical pocket folds.

SpeedPro also offers literature pockets — individual literature stands perfect for highlighting key branded collateral.

12. Truss Structures

SpeedPro’s line of modular display accessories also includes truss lengths. These individual truss frame pieces can be ordered in a range of styles and sizes, configurable into additional modular frames and architectural details to enhance the impact of your entire display.

Truss lengths make the ideal frames for accessories like internal shelving, literature racks, literature pockets, attachable tabletops and more. Select either straight or curved truss lengths, available in 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch and 46-inch units with horizontal 45-degree or 90-degree curves.

13. Slot Walls

SpeedPro’s slot wall accessories are made to pair with wall-attached grid racks. Their notched design slips easily over wire grid panels, then secures into place, providing a safe and secure way to display hanging merchandise.

SpeedPro offers two slot wall merchandise accessories:

  • Slot wall arms: Waterfall arms come in a 10-inch extrusion base with five individual hanging knobs, ideal for displaying tote bags, jewelry, apparel on hangers and more.
  • Slot wall hooks: Four-inch waterfall-style hooks come in packs of six and fit smoothly into wire grid panels to display heavier apparel and branded merchandise.

Outfit Your Trade Show Display With Modular Accessories

SpeedPro’s nationwide network of large-format print studios works with clients’ every day to embellish their new and existing modular trade show exhibits.

Contact your local SpeedPro studio to see what accessories we can customize for your booths today.

SpeedPro's nationwide network of large-format print studios embellish clients' new and existing modular trade show exhibits.