Fabric iPad/Tablet Stands for Exhibits

Fabric Ipad Tablet

Want to get people’s attention and encourage them to interact with your brand at your next trade show or another event? Technology, such as a tablet or iPad, is an excellent way to do that. You probably won’t have a lot of success, though, if you merely plop a tablet on a table and hope people notice it as they walk by. You need a way to prominently display your device, while still ensuring it fits in with the rest of your exhibit. That’s precisely what fabric iPad and tablet stands can do for you.

What Are Fabric Tablet Stands?

Fabric iPad Stands, or Kiosks, are Freestanding Displays that Put Your Tablet Front & Center

Fabric iPad stands, also called kiosks, are freestanding displays that help you put your tablet front and center while adding to the aesthetic of your trade show exhibit. These stands feature sleek, eye-catching designs and consist of stretch pillowcase fabric graphics placed over sturdy aluminum tube frames. You can print custom designs on these graphics to customize your trade show iPad kiosk and help create a cohesive exhibit.

Benefits of Using Fabric Tablet Stands

Adding a fabric iPad stand to your exhibit can help you make your trip to the event a success. Here are some of the benefits of using a trade show tablet stand.

  • They help you get people’s attention: Using a tablet as part of your exhibit can attract attention from passersby. If you play a video on your device, for instance, the movement of the video will naturally catch people’s eye. Tension fabric tablet stands are designed to bring even more attention to your device due to the way they frame it. The stands themselves can also help get people to notice your exhibit, thanks to their striking graphics and designs.
  • They encourage engagement: Tablets are also an excellent way to make engaging with your brand fun and easy for event attendees. You can have them play a game, answer questions and more using your device. If you provide a contact form on your tablet, you can gain new leads. A fabric stand makes engagement even easier by elevating your tablet, so it’s within easy reach of people visiting your booth.
  • They can improve your brand’s reputation: Adding technology such as a tablet to your trade show booth helps make your company seem modern and technologically savvy. It can boost your company’s reputation and is especially useful if your brand is modern, techy or cutting-edge.
  • They feature a prominent graphics display: Our iPad stands feature large fabric graphics, which give you plenty of room to promote your brand. You can incorporate brand elements such as your logo and brand colors into your graphic design to help promote brand awareness. You can also add eye-catching photographs or copy to your design to help explain what visitors can use the iPad for.
  • They’re easy to transport and set up: Formulate iPad stands are also designed to be easy to transport to and from events, set up and tear down. Each unit comes with a storage case you can use to transport the kiosk and that protects it while you travel with it. Assembly and disassembly are quick and easy, so you can spend more time enjoying your event and less time setting up your booth.

When and Where to Use Fabric Tablet Stands

Fabric tablet stands are an excellent addition to exhibits at a wide range of events. One of the most common places to use them is trade shows, where you can use them to get people’s attention, provide fundamental information about your company and collect contact information from leads. Other kinds of events where they can be useful including conferences, festivals, political campaign events, charity events and more.

In addition to events, you can also use fabric tablet stands in retail stores to provide information about a particular product or get customers to sign up for a store rewards card. They can even be useful in an office environment, where you could use them to provide introductory information about your company or have guests sign in.

Ideas for Using Tablets at Your Next Event

There’s a lot you can do with a tablet that you make part of your exhibit. Take some time to think of a unique idea that fits with your brand and helps you accomplish your goals in attending the trade show or event. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas to consider.

Ideas for Using Tablets at Your Next Event

  • Video demos: A tablet stand is a perfect place to show a video demonstrating one of your products or services. You’ve probably seen companies using video in this way at stores and events. Showing a video will help get people’s attention, and it’s an easy and entertaining way for them to learn about how your product works. Often, just a short video is enough to give someone a nuts-and-bolts understanding of how to use a product.
  • Marketing videos and animations: You can also display other kinds of videos as well as animated text or graphics. You may want to show ads, a video that introduces your company to event attendees or a funny video related to your company or industry that’s designed to entertain people and give them a positive impression of your brand. These videos can range from simple text animations to full-scale video productions.
  • Digital signage: You may also want to use your tablet to display digital signage. You can show your company name and logo, a sign for a particular product and much more. If you’re hosting a social event, giving a presentation or running another event at your trade show, you could create a digital sign to advertise it. One of the advantages of digital signage is that you can scroll through multiple signs, rather than just having one static sign.
  • Games: People love playing games on their phones and tablets, so why not give them one to enjoy at your trade show booth? These games provide people with a break from the event they’re attending, help create a positive association with your brand and draw people to your booth so you can meet and talk to them. You could create a branded game that helps introduce people to your company and promotes brand awareness, or you could load your tablet with existing games.
  • Surveys: A tablet is also an excellent way to collect information from event attendees about their preferences and interests as they relate to your company. For instance, if you run a business that offers accounting software, you could ask people to share their accounting “pain points.” Or, let’s say you run a TV network. You could ask event attendees what kinds of shows they want to see and get their input on new programming ideas.
  • Social media highlights: Social media is excellent for promoting your brand and encouraging interaction with your customers. You can use your tablet to display a feed of your recent social media updates and posts in which people tagged your company. Many event organizers also create a hashtag for people to use when posting about the event. You could show posts that use that hashtag on your screen. Alternatively, you could create a unique hashtag for people to use and show those posts on your tablet. People will want to see their names show up on your tablet, encouraging them to interact with your brand and visit your booth.
  • Testimonials: Testimonials are an excellent way to get people interested in your products or services, and a tablet is a great place to share them. You can scroll through a large number of testimonials, providing lots of evidence for event attendees that your products work. You may even be able to pull some testimonials from social media or use ones that clients sent you directly.
  • Contact forms: It’s a good idea, especially if you’re offering interactive content on your tablet, to provide a form for people to input their contact information if they’re interested in learning more about your company or staying in contact. If you have visitors play a game on your iPad, for example, you could have the optional contact form pop up when they finish playing the game.

Fabric Tablet Stands From SpeedPro

We offer fabric tablet stands in four different styles. They all feature an aluminum tube frame with internal spigot assembly, a weighted base and a dye-sublimated pillowcase fabric graphic. They also each come with a storage case. The holder is compatible with second-, third-, fourth-generation and Air iPad models, but iPads, tablets and monitors are not included in the kits.

  • Formulate iPad Kiosk 02:Formulate® iPad Kiosk 02 features a design that’s narrow in the center where the iPad is and wider at the top and bottom. It measures 20.25″ W x 85.11″ H x 23.8″ D and weighs 20 pounds.
  • Formulate iPad Kiosk 03:Formulate iPad Kiosk 03 has a broader base and a frame that narrows as it moves toward the top of the stand where the holder for the iPad is. It measures 19.99″ W x 64.34″ H x 15.21″ D and weighs 17 pounds.
  • Formulate iPad Kiosk 04:The frame of the Formulate iPad Kiosk 04 is the same width across the entire height of the display and leans backward as it goes up, which helps emphasize the placement of the tablet toward the top of the display. It features a slightly thicker aluminum frame for added stability, measures 26.26″ W x 46.26″ H x 22.64″ D and weighs 24 pounds.
  • Formulate iPad Kiosk 05:Formulate iPad Kiosk 05 features a broad base and narrows as it goes up, leaning forward slightly at the top. What sets this model apart is the fact that it has room for a tablet, which sits near the middle of the display, as well as another monitor, which sits above the tablet. It can hold up to a 37″ monitor that weighs as much as 30 pounds. The stand also features a slightly thicker frame, and it measures 30″ W x 85.13″ H x 23″ D and weighs 25 pounds.

Choosing a Tablet Stand

Choosing a Tablet Stand

How do you know which tablet stand to choose? Consider the following factors.

  • Size: One of the primary differences between the kiosks we offer is their size. Think about how prominent you want your stand to be and how much room you have in your booth. Our largest stand is Kiosk 05, although Kiosk 02 is close behind in height. Kiosk 03 is the smallest model we offer.
  • Graphics space: A closely related factor is the amount of space each kiosk has for graphics. Kiosks 02 and 03 are skinnier, so you can’t fit as much on them as far as graphics go. Kiosks 04 and 05 have a broader graphics area, with Kiosk 04 offering the potential for the most attention-grabbing graphics of the various tension fabric iPad stands we offer.
  • Design: You should also consider the design of each kiosk. Do you want a slim design, or a broader one? A straightforward design, or a more unique, eye-catching one? Think about your brand, as well as the look of your booth, and consider which option will fit best.
  • Number of screens: Having a tablet and a monitor gives you the chance to display two things at once. For instance, you could have a video playing on the monitor and offer a survey for people to take on the tablet. If you want this option, go with Kiosk 05.

Creating Tablet Stand Graphics

The graphics you add to your trade show iPad stand are crucial for getting people to notice your stand and for ensuring your kiosk fits in with the rest of your booth. You have a lot of options for the look of your kiosk graphics, but here are a few tips to help you as you design them.

  • Follow the graphic template: Each kiosk comes with a graphic template to help you create a design that will fit the shape of your stand. Be sure to follow this template, so your design comes out right. As you design your graphic, think about the shape of your kiosk and how the images will look on it.
  • Use brand elements: Incorporating brand elements into your design is an excellent way to increase brand awareness. Try using your brand colors, logo, slogan and other features. Also, be sure your design fits with your overall brand. For instance, if your brand is fun and lighthearted, you may want to use bright colors. If it’s more corporate, you may want your color scheme to be a bit understated.
  • Match the rest of your exhibit: Your iPad stand will be a part of your trade show exhibit, so make sure you think about the kiosk in the context of the entire booth when designing your graphics. It should match the look and feel of your booth.
  • Keep it simple: Avoid filling your graphic with lots of words and images, as this can cause your design to look too busy. If you try to cram too much text into your design, people likely won’t read any of it. If, on the other hand, you choose only the most essential lines of text, people will be able to read them quickly and easily.

Working With SpeedPro

Working with an experienced large-format printing company is another way to ensure your iPad stand graphics look professional. At SpeedPro, we have the expertise and equipment to produce high-quality graphics for iPad kiosks, banners, signs, tabletop displays and much more.

When you work with SpeedPro, you’ll gain a partner who’s willing to work with you to help you find the perfect solution to fit your needs and then print awesome-looking graphics quickly and affordably. To get started, find your local studio today.

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