Fabric Backwalls for Trade Show Exhibits

Fabric Backwalls

Trade shows provide a valuable opportunity to get your company out there and form some meaningful connections. No matter what industry you’re in or whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, one thing is sure — if you want to have a successful trade show, you need to have a great display. You’re competing against countless other booths for the attention of trade show attendees, so a booth that is eye-catching and makes an impression with your branding is a must.

One of the most versatile display types you’ll find is a tension fabric backwall display. These displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They work as standalone displays or as part of a larger configuration. If you’re looking for the best way to make an impact, take some time to learn more about fabric backwall trade show displays.

What Are Fabric Backwall Displays?

 What are Fabric Backwall Displays?

A tension fabric backwall display is essentially a fabric banner, which is why backwalls are sometimes also called fabric banner displays. These freestanding displays are comprised of lightweight metal frames and custom graphics printed through dye sublimation onto fabric that slips over the frame and zips at the bottom, like a pillowcase. These fabric graphics are made to fit exactly, so you never have to worry about sagging or wrinkled displays.

When these displays are referred to as backwalls, it suggests that you’ll position them at the back of your booth to provide a branded backdrop. This is one of the most popular ways to use fabric backwalls for trade shows, but it is not the only way. Fabric backwalls are one of the most versatile display types you’ll find.

Fabric backwall kits come in a variety of sizes, from tabletop options all the way up to 30-foot-wide options. In some cases, you can also reconfigure or connect these displays to create shapes that work perfectly for your intended purpose, whether it be to create an area for product display, a secluded area for conferencing or anything else that helps you realize your trade show booth design.

What Are the Different Types of Fabric Backwall Displays?

What are the Different Types of Fabric Backwall Displays?

SpeedPro carries backwall exhibit kits in four different lines. These lines offer fabric backwalls at price points to fit any budget, from economy to standard to premium. Within each line, you’ll find a variety of options available. With well over 100 models total to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect solution for you.

1. Essential and Lite Displays

Formulate® Essential and Lite displays are the most affordable option available. These kits are comprised of pillowcase fabric graphics over lightweight aluminum tube frames. The pieces of the frame are connected by built-in bungee cords and are easy to put together within minutes. Just slip on your graphic, and you have a finished, impressive display.

Essential and Lite trade show fabric banners come in sizes to fit tabletop displays as well as 8- and 10-foot inline booth backwalls. In addition to choosing the right size, you can select a model that comes in a shape you love. Choose from serpentine, horizontal curve and straight options.

2. Master Displays

Formulate Master is our most popular line. It’s a mid-range line with many great options to choose from, including Master tabletop displays and displays made for 8-, 10- and 20-foot backwalls. Master backwall displays are made from aluminum tube frames that connect easily with push-buttons or spigot connectors. Shapes include serpentine, horizontal curved, vertical curved and straight. Some options come with accessories such as monitor mounts, countertops or shelves designed to integrate seamlessly with your backwall.

You can also choose double-sided options or reconfigurable options. With a convertible Master display, you can adjust the size of the frame to accommodate different sized graphics. For example, you could choose a backwall display that comes with a 10-foot-tall graphic but can also fit an 8-foot graphic. Or, you could choose a frame that works as a backwall for both 10- and 20-foot-wide booths.

3. Modulate Displays

Modulate™ is a unique and innovative line of reconfigurable exhibits with standard pricing. These backwall displays use tubular and extrusion frames that quickly come together along with pillowcase graphics to form individual displays that can also become a part of larger displays. These banners come in straight, horizontal curve and serpentine shapes and sizes to fit inline booths of 10, 20 or 30 feet wide.

While the size of each banner is fixed, you can customize your design by connecting frames together to form unique configurations. Frames join together either via magnets or plastic frame connectors. You can connect frames in straight lines but also at 90-degree angles, which makes the possibilities endless.

4. Designer Displays

Designer is the premium line in the Formulate fabric series. These displays come in sizes to fit 10-, 20- and 30-foot inline backwalls. Made from aluminum tube frames with a lifetime hardware warranty and either zipper pillowcase or push-fit silicone edge graphics, these exhibits as easy to assemble as they are impressive in appearance.

Designer fabric backwalls for 10- and 20-foot booths are comprised of multiple panels, often of different shapes, that fit together to create visual interest and numerous opportunities for branding. Some 30-foot models are also designed for multiple graphics while others are made to feature one massive graphic, which is sure to make an impact. Many Designer kits come with extra features like lighting, monitor mounts, lightboxes and more.

How Can You Use Backwall Displays?

Backwall displays are extremely versatile, so the options for how you can use them are nearly limitless. Here are a few ideas for how you can use portable fabric backwall displays in your trade show booth:

  • Tabletop displays: Some fabric banners are made for tabletop trade show displays. These displays are perfect for sharing information that people can read or look at up close on your trade show booth table. You can elevate the professional appearance of your tabletop display by covering your table in a custom table throw or runner.
  • Private meeting area: Modular backwalls can be combined to form rooms or areas that are somewhat secluded from the rest of your booth. Include a table and chairs inside, and you have the perfect place to meet with clients or business partners during the trade show. If you try to conduct these meetings without any form of privacy, the environment could feel loud and crowded.
  • Booth backdrop: A popular usage for backwall exhibits is to position them at the back of your booth to provide a backdrop, complete with your custom graphics, for the rest of your booth. Using backwalls this way tends to work best in inline or peninsula booths since they have a back wall. You can feature one large graphic on your backwall, or you can go with multiple graphics joined together.
  • Side walls: You can also use fabric banners to create side panels for your booth. This works for any booth type, including inline, peninsula and island. Just be aware of any relevant height restrictions. For example, in inline booths, standard regulations dictate that you’ll likely be limited to 8-foot high displays in the back half of your booth and 4-foot high displays in the front half of your booth.
  • Product display backdrop: You can display products in your booth in several different ways, including on tables, counters and shelves. Depending on the type of product you sell, you may have special devices for showing off your products. However you display your products, the right custom graphic backdrop can help them shine.
  • Photo Op: If you’re looking for creative ways to attract visitors to your trade show booth, creating a photo op is a great idea. You can use a fabric banner to create the perfect backdrop, whether that be an eye-catching graphic image or a more subtle watermark-like or step-and-repeat design. Add some props, and you have a fun way to engage visitors.

What Accents Can You Add to Backwall Exhibits?

There are nearly limitless options for what you can add to your trade show booth to finish out your display. Some accessories are specifically designed to go with fabric backwalls for trade show displays. These Formulate backwall accents include ladders, connectors, canopies and dividers.

1. Ladder Accents

Formulate ladder accents are designed to add greater dimension and function to backwalls. With a convexly curved appearance and more opportunities to show off custom graphics, these accents can add flair to your exhibit. These accents are called ladders because they have a tall, narrow appearance, and most include multiple components positioned at different levels. These components include shelving, monitor mounts and countertops.

2. Connectors

Formulate Master backwall connectors allow you to join together two backwall panels with an additional panel. These connector panels feature pillowcase fabric graphics over aluminum tube frames. Connectors are practical, but they also add style to your display and give it a seamless appearance. Choose a shape that complements your design. You can also opt for a connector with a built-in monitor mount, adding a multimedia component to your backwall display.

3. Canopies and Dividers

Formulate canopies and dividers are designed specifically to pair with the Formulate Master 20-foot straight backwall. These accents are the perfect solution for adding a more custom appearance to your display. They can help to add more definition to your space and provide more surface area for showing off your custom, branded graphics.

What Are the Benefits of Trade Show Fabric Backwall Displays?

What are the Benefits of Trade Show Fabric Backwall Displays?

We’ve covered what backwall displays are and the variety of types you can choose from, but why should you consider purchasing backwall displays for your next trade show? There are many reasons. Here are five significant benefits that fabric backwalls offer for trade show exhibits:

1. Portability

When you’re looking for portable trade show displays, whether that be something as small as portable tabletop displays or as large as backwall displays to span your whole booth, you’ll be glad to know that fabric backwall displays of all sizes are designed with portability in mind. They are made from lightweight materials that break down into compact carrying cases, making it easy to ship or personally transport your displays. Once it’s time to leave the trade show, packing up your displays and bringing them back home is also convenient.

2. Versatility

If you’re concerned about boxing yourself into a certain look, note that backwall displays are incredibly versatile. First, there’s a wide range of options to choose from to fit the size, shape and features you’re looking for. Additionally, if you’re planning a trade show circuit where you’ll be dealing with different sized booths or will need your display to reconfigure to accommodate different purposes, consider adjustable or modular options which give you the freedom to alter your displays from event to event using the same frames.

3. Easy Assembly

Fabric backwalls are also easy to put together, which is a huge advantage for trade shows. When you’re managing a to-do list and attempting to rally your team for a successful event, you don’t want to be overwhelmed by logistics such as assembling your displays. The no-fuss assembly fabric banners offer makes your trade show experience easier so you can focus on keeping your energy up for enthusiastic conversations with current partners and potential leads. Disassembly is just as quick and easy, so you can be on your way in no time once the event has ended.

4. Durability

If you’re considering reusing your displays over and over again, you want to make sure they’re made to last. Backwall displays from SpeedPro may be lightweight, but they’re extremely durable. Many options even come with a lifetime hardware warranty. You can help protect your displays by keeping them stored in a carrying bag or case. If your graphics become dirty from a spill or general wear, you can dry clean them to get them back to looking like new. You can also order new graphics to use with your existing frames when you decide you want to refresh your trade show display.

5. Visual Impact

You want to make an immediate impression on people passing by your trade show booth and capture their interest enough that they’ll take some time to enter your booth and learn more about your company. A large backwall display can help you achieve the high level of visual impact you need to accomplish this goal. When your branded message is boldly displayed across the entire span of your booth, especially when you’re in a 20- or 30-foot booth, you can be sure you’ll gain some significant exposure.

Backwall Exhibit Kits From SpeedPro

With a nationwide network of studios, a diverse range of product offerings and a commitment to high-quality materials and expert printing methods, SpeedPro is your ideal partner for all your trade show display needs. From backwalls and banners to counters, kiosks and more, SpeedPro has all the components you need to bring your perfect trade show booth to life. To get started, contact our team at a SpeedPro studio near you.

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