Modular Counters

Modular Counters

Trade shows provide businesses with valuable opportunities for face-to-face interactions with potential business partners or customers. Companies across a wide range of industries prioritize trade shows because they can help them grow their business. The challenge all of these exhibitors face — including your company — is that they have to stand out among a sea of other trade show booths. Your booth should be functional as well as visually engaging.

Even if you don’t get someone’s information or don’t make a sale, you at least want them to leave your booth remembering your brand. Whether you’re looking for a way to enhance your current trade show exhibit or you’re designing an exhibit from scratch, modular counters are a great option to consider. They add flair and function to any trade show booth.

What Are Modular Counters?

Modular Exhibits are Designed so You Can Mix and Match Them

Modular counters fall within a broader category of modular exhibits. Modular exhibits are designed so you can mix and match them to create a custom booth that looks effortlessly professional. You can reuse these displays at multiple trade shows and reconfigure, remove or add parts to your exhibit to create the perfect booth display for each event.

Modular counters come in a variety of sizes and styles. These counters are all made from lightweight, easy-to-assemble frames and your customized graphics. They are easy to transport to your venue and can instantly elevate your booth design.

Counters can be an asset to your trade show booth for many reasons. In addition to showing off your eye-catching graphics, counters make your booth more functional. Two common applications for counters are to use them as a reception desk or as pedestals to display items. Many modular counters include storage space, which is a great bonus, no matter how you choose to use your counter.

What Types of Modular Counters Does SpeedPro Offer?

Modular counters come in several different types. Each of these types is a branded category which includes multiple individual products. In total, there are dozens of modular counters to choose from, so you can find the perfect choice for your trade show exhibit.

1. Hybrid Pro Modular Counters

Hybrid Pro™ trade show counters are part of the Hybrid Pro line of modular exhibits. These counters feature your graphic, either on dye-sublimated fabric or on a rigid printed panel, on the front face of the counter. Some options include a laminate countertop that comes in one of four color finishes — black, silver, mahogany and natural. Other options include countertops that extend beyond the top of the counter in a waterfall style. For these options, you can choose from black, designer white, dove grey and fusion maple.

You can choose a shape, size and design you love. You can even opt for a counter which will illuminate your graphic from the back. No matter which option you choose, all Hybrid display counters have a sleek, professional look. They also include internal storage. A Hybrid Pro modular counter is a great addition to any trade show booth.

2. Linear Pro Counter

Linear Pro™ counters pair exposed aluminum extrusion frames with custom graphics printed on rigid panels to create modern counter designs that are sure to attract attention. They go especially well with other displays in the Linear Pro modular display series, but they look stylish in any trade show booth. Your graphic appears on all four sides of the counter, making this a 360-degree display. On top, you can choose your preferred color for the laminate countertop. Choices include black, silver, mahogany and natural.

Many counter options in the Linear Pro line include special design accents. For example, some position your graphic-covered structure on one side below the countertop with a metal frame accent next to it. You can also choose a model with dual graphic structures to support your countertop. No matter what you choose, all Linear Pro counters include storage space inside, protected by locking doors. A Linear Pro modular counter can give your booth a modern edge, all while giving you a place to store and display items or facilitate interactions with visitors.

3. Orbital Truss Modular Counters

Orbital Express™ truss counters are perfect for a company that embraces the modern, industrial look in their booth design. These counters are comprised of exposed metal truss frames and laminated countertops. As with other counter types, you can choose from silver, black, mahogany or natural finish. Truss counters perfectly match the style of other Orbital truss displays, but these counters are an asset to any booth.

One of the unique things about Orbital truss counters is that, while you can choose to add a UV or fabric graphic panel for a custom printed truss counter, you can also choose to forgo graphics. Without a graphic panel, these counters are open in the middle. You can choose to add a shelf if it would be helpful. These counters come in a range of sizes, so whether you want an Orbital truss podium or a larger reception desk, the right option is available.

4. Vector Frame Modular Counters

Vector Frame™ modular counters, which are part of the Vector Frame series of modular exhibits, come in a range of models, each with its own unique flair. All of these counters use metal extrusion frames, custom printed panel graphics and laminated countertops to create stylish counters with clean lines and visual interest. For your graphics, you can choose either rigid panels or push-fit fabric. For the countertop, choose from silver, black, mahogany and natural.

Vector Frame counters come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some counters extend your graphic down to the floor, and others are raised up on metal legs. No matter which model you choose, your custom graphics wrap around all four sides of the counter. You can access storage space inside by removing one of these graphic panels. Vector counters make it easy to facilitate sales, display products and more, all while adding style to your booth.

What Are the Benefits of Modular Counters?

Why should you add a modular counter to your booth? A modular counter offers some very real benefits to both you and visitors to your booth. A modular counter:

What are the Benefits of Modular Counters?

1. Facilitates Interactions With Guests

When used like a reception desk, a counter serves as the perfect place to interact with guests. Face-to-face interactions are one of the main things that make trade shows so valuable. Many exhibitors believe the value of face-to-face interactions will continue to increase over the coming years. A counter with a friendly face behind it immediately lets people know where they can go to learn more about your company.

2. Provides a Surface for Displays and Materials

Counters also give you a place to set items. You could use this surface to set out anything from contact forms to informational literature to refreshments for guests. Or you could turn your counter into a trade show counter display stand. Show off your products if they’re small enough to fit on the countertop, or display other items such as awards your company has achieved.

3. Includes Storage Space

Storage space is another important benefit that custom modular counters offer. Storage space helps prevent a cluttered booth. Instead of a chaotic environment with unnecessary items sitting out, you can create a clean, polished environment that directs attention effectively rather than overwhelming. This is important since one research study, which involved interviews with over 100 trade show attendees, showed that visitors tend to feel like they’re on sensory overload on the trade show floor.

4. Is Fully Customizable

Trade show exhibit counters are also fully customizable. First, you get to pick from a variety of options so you can find the size and style that will look and work best in your booth. You can even customize the countertop color. Then, you get to put your personal touch on your trade show counter by adding your own graphics. This takes the counter from a typical reception desk or podium to a custom printed display counter. When a functional piece of your booth can also show off your branding, that is a definite win.

How Can You Use Your Trade Show Exhibit Counter?

How Can You Use Your Trade Show Exhibit Counter?

Let’s look at several different ways you can use your modular counter for trade shows:

  • Speech podium: If you have a talk or product demo planned, a podium is a great accessory to have to facilitate your speech. It gives you a place to set notes and something to stand behind if that makes you feel more comfortable and confident.
  • Information center: A counter also works well as a place to display information that will help visitors learn more about your company. This could include portfolios of your work, brochures, catalogs and more.
  • Writing surface: Lead generation is typically a top priority for business exhibiting at trade shows, so you need to make it easy for people to share their contact information. Using your counter for the sole purpose of filling out contact forms is a great strategy to make it easy.
  • Product display stand: If you sell small products that you can fit on a countertop, then why not use your counter as a stylish display stand? In addition to providing a surface for your products, your counter shows off your brand.
  • Sales counter: If your company wants to make sales at your next trade show, a sales counter can make that process easier for you and buyers. Set your point-of-sale (POS) system up on the counter, and you’re ready to go.
  • Tabletop displays: If you have custom tabletop displays, such as folding panel displays or tabletop banners, you need a place to set them. A table with a custom table cover works well for this, and so does a counter.
  • Refreshment counter: A little hospitality can go a long way toward building report with visitors to your trade show booth. In addition to projecting friendliness and energy, why not offer some beverages or snacks for your guests?

What Other Modular Displays Can You Use in Your Booth?

Since modular counters are part of the larger collection of modular exhibits, let’s take a brief look at what other types of modular exhibits you may want to consider for a winning trade show display:

  • Hybrid Pro modular exhibits: Hybrid Pro modular exhibits are kits that come with backwalls and accessories to complete your trade show display, whether it’s a 10- or 20-foot inline exhibit or a 20-by-20 island display. Some kits even include a Hybrid Pro modular counter. Even if you choose a kit that doesn’t come with one, you can purchase a Hybrid Pro counter separately.
  • Vector Frame modular displays: Vector Frame modular displays are also display kits. They come in two collections: Essential and Master. These kits are designed for both 10- and 20-foot inline exhibits. These systems include everything from backwalls, to counters, to shelving, to lighting and more.
  • Linear modular displays: Linear modular displays are a collection of backwall kits for 10- and 20-foot inline exhibits. These displays feature interesting design details and are reconfigurable, making them a very versatile option. You can add accessories like literature holders or tablet holders.
  • Orbital Express truss exhibits: In addition to counters, the Orbital Express collection of reconfigurable truss exhibits includes backwall kits for 10- and 20-foot booths and island exhibit kits. These modern, industrial exhibits come together without any need for tools. If you love the look of an Orbital Express truss counter, consider pairing it with a matching truss backwall.
  • Modular kiosks: Kiosks pair durable aluminum hardware and graphic panels to form stands with monitor mounts, making it easy to add a multimedia component to your display. Some include built-in countertops, as well. Kiosks provide a way to play videos or offer interactive games or sources of information.
  • Modular accessories: Modular accessories are designed to work with modular exhibits. This collection includes useful add-ons like monitor mounts, hanging racks, tabletops and more. Each of these accessories is designed to fit with the branded collections of modular exhibits. Accessories make it easy to make your display more functional to meet your needs.

Modular Counters From SpeedPro

SpeedPro has the expertise and extensive product offerings to help you find the perfect modular counter or other trade show displays to complete your trade show exhibit. Plus we have studios all over the country, so you can work with SpeedPro staff near you. Our experts are committed to helping you find solutions to make your trade show exhibit work to help you achieve your goals.

A modular counter system from SpeedPro can help you interact with guests, give you a place to set items, provide storage and help you show off your brand through full customization. To get started and to learn more about how SpeedPro can help you succeed at your next trade show, find a SpeedPro studio near you.

Modular Counters from SpeedPro