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Fabric Kiosks for Trade Show Displays

Improve Your Trade Show Displays With Fabric Kiosks

Anyone who has exhibited at a trade show knows the displays can be competitive. Companies from various industries and areas are all striving to be the most attractive to visitors, drawing in potential clients. When you have so many people to contend with, getting ahead may seem like a daunting task.

Essentially, trade show success is dependent on your booth layout and strategy. A good design will get by, but a great design will help your business stand out. If your booth can turn heads, you’ll be able to generate new leads.

With fabric kiosks, your company can create an informative, engaging and stunning exhibit that’s sure to draw attention. Adding them to your next trade show plan will give you an edge over other businesses.

What Are Fabric Kiosks?

If you want to make your exhibit pop while keeping it functional, remember that fabric kiosks are an excellent choice for any business. There are two main styles to consider — monitor mounts and charging stations.

Monitor mount kiosks consist of lightweight aluminum tube frames and printed stretch zipper pillowcase fabric. Once assembled, they create a custom panel capable of holding a monitor. They also have counters for added display space, creating a multi-functional piece. You can style the fabric element with any design you choose, including images, graphics, text or patterns.

With the ability to create a unique look and show informative media, your monitor mount panel will attract potential clients and keep them engaged. You can use it to play advertisements, product demonstrations, slideshows or any type of images or videos you see fit.

Charging station kiosks are also a big draw for visitors. They’re made of thermoform bases and counters, printed fabric graphics and frame structures. The counter spaces come suited with eight or 16 high-speed chargers, so multiple people can plug their devices in at the same time. Similar to the other kiosks, the fabric element is customizable with any design you want printed on it.

Trade show visitors are often using their cell phones to call their offices, take pictures or notes, interact on social media and engage in numerous other activities that drain battery life. For many, giving their devices a charge boost throughout the show is invaluable. With one of these kiosks, your exhibit is sure to be popular.

Fabric kiosks will draw visitors in with their stylish looks and keep people around by getting them interested. You can make these pieces fit cohesively with your existing show design or create a new layout using them as focal points. If you’re looking to stand out while serving the needs of potential clients, trade show digital kiosks will help your company step up its game.

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The Benefits of Fabric Kiosks

While there are many different options available for creating custom signage, fabric kiosks are an excellent choice for any company. They flourish in trade show environments, make the most of the space they occupy and will provide you with the attention-grabbing design you need to compete. Fabric kiosks are:

  • Versatile: When you purchase a fabric kiosk, you’re investing in a structure that you can use for years to come. While the shape of the kiosk will remain the same, the design doesn’t have to. The fabric is easy to put on and take off, so you can change the look of your display in a few minutes. As long as you have the right dimensions, you can order a new fabric casing when you need it. If you want to tailor your trade show exhibit to different seasons or advertise to specific demographics, you can print several graphics to have on hand and switch them out.
  • Lightweight: Most kiosks consist of a lightweight metal frame, typically made of aluminum, and a fabric cover. They’re sturdy but lightweight, so they aren’t any hassle to transport. Since they don’t have any moving parts and have a simplistic design, kiosks are quick and easy to set up. Some include a countertop or storage space as well, but they’re still easy to transport in sections.
  • Eye-catching: Printing graphics on fabric allows you to make your trade show exhibit stand out from the rest. The fabric holds color and remains vibrant even after multiple reuses and cleanings. Kiosks also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You won’t have to be limited to simple square graphics. Those that have monitor mounts provide space for a digital display where you can play videos or picture slideshows. Having a dynamic screen makes your booth more noticeable than only using flat graphics. You can also use lighting to your advantage. Backlighting will make your printed graphics more intense and you can use it to accentuate parts of your design. For example, if your branding includes a starry sky or contrasting light and dark colors, backlighting will make the lighter parts glow.

How Fabric Kiosks Can Help Your Business

Trade show environments are competitive. Every company with an exhibit is doing its best to impress visitors and gain new clients, so it can be challenging to compete.

Success starts with standing out. You’ll need to present a dynamic display to attract visitors and keep them interested. Every piece of your design should serve a purpose and make the most of the provided space. If you want to boost engagement, you should purchase fabric kiosks for trade shows. They’ll help your company’s exhibit achieve the following goals.

1. Draw Interest


The first goal of every exhibitor is to attract attention. By making a great first impression, you’ll convince visitors to ask questions and learn more about what your business does. Using kiosks as a focal point will make your exhibit more eye-catching and exciting from farther away. They have several features that work to draw interest, including:

  • Color: Each of the kiosks has customizable printed fabric spaces. Choosing bright colors and images that fit cohesively with your company’s branding is sure to turn a few heads. Color can also help convey what your business does. For example, greens and blues may indicate clean or environmentally friendly practices, and medical and energy industries use them often.
  • Displays: Kiosks have counter space to serve as added display areas. You can use these spaces to arrange giveaway items, promotional materials, informational leaflets or anything else you want to put out for visitors. They’ll help you interest customers and bring them in for a closer look, as well as add to your design. For those with monitors, you can coordinate the displays with your media. For example, if you show a product demonstration video, you can display the physical products underneath so that visitors can look at them in person.
  • Lighting: Printed fabrics will already allow you to incorporate bright colors in your display, but added lighting will make whatever you choose to print pop even more. LED attachments and backlighting will give your kiosks an added glow and help draw in visitors.

Kiosks have the benefit of both modern designs and functionality, which will help you attract attention and draw an audience, even from a distance. Offering digital media and charging capabilities will make any business appear more professional and show that they care about their customers. You’ll be able to easily stand out among your contemporaries and make a great first impression.

2. Engage Customers

The second goal of any exhibitor should be to keep visitors interested. A booth that has readily available information and interesting focal points is more likely to hold attention than one that does not.

Many attendees will be grateful for the convenience of charging kiosks. Running on a low battery can cause problems for representatives who need to make phone calls or send emails from the trade show. Once they see your kiosk, they’ll flock to it for a battery boost, meaning they’ll spend some time at your exhibit while their device charges.

Monitors are perfect for keeping a customer engaged. A looping slideshow or collection of short videos will provide your audience with information about your company without them having to ask your exhibitor. Monitors can also help to keep potential clients occupied if your booth is too busy for your staff to speak with everyone at once.

You can effectively keep visitors present and interested with charging kiosks and monitors, or even simply provide those who need the chargers with more information while they wait.

3. Step up Marketing

Like any other professional event, trade shows are an opportunity to step up your marketing game. Having a stellar exhibit will allow you to meet goals, push your expectations higher and develop new ideas, but you need the right display pieces.

Step Up Your Marketing

Digital kiosks will push your marketing to the next level. If you want to make your brand more memorable, purchasing kiosks with monitor mounts will help. Playing videos and creative media is engaging and more interesting than static images and text. More visitors are likely to retain what they watched on your monitor than the smaller details of your booth design.

Charging stations are a great way to get social media involved. Since they already focus on phone use, use the custom fabric design to add a hashtag to your kiosk. Any post using that hashtag is like free advertising for your company, so get your visitors sharing.

4. Stay Cost-Effective

Before you even get to the trade show, the value of your success starts with how much you pay for your display. Kiosks will help you succeed by leaving more room in your budget for additional advertising or giveaway products.

The custom fabrics are affordable, lightweight and durable, so you can use them many times without worrying about getting them dirty or transporting them. If they do start looking dull, it’s not a problem — they’re easy to clean and keep looking fresh. Printed fabric will stay vibrant as long as you care for it correctly.

Purchasing the frames will allow you to access exhibit pieces anywhere and change your designs with ease. Permanent signs and displays often require you to replace the whole unit to update your marketing. By deciding on a frame shape that you can use in any layout, you can easily change its look with a new fabric cover. If you need to spend less or have more money to work with at the time, you can still afford to update your branding or marketing plan accordingly.

Fabric kiosks are an ideal choice for any trade show exhibitor. With a variety of affordable, customizable and stunning designs at the ready, your company will succeed at any event.

Types of Fabric Trade Show Kiosks

Once you’ve decided to purchase a digital kiosk for your trade show booth, you’ll need to find the best option or combination for your company. Kiosks come in a broad variety of styles, and with customizable fabric, you can easily make any of them a cohesive part of your exhibit. The two main available models follow.

1. Formulate Tension Fabric Kiosks

Formulate® fabric is made to create smooth, vibrant displays over aluminum frames. You can design it with any images, colors or patterns that suit your marketing needs. The kiosk structures are made of aluminum tube frames, so they’re simultaneously lightweight and durable. Each model includes a mount that’s suited for 32- to 55-inch monitors and a tabletop for extra display space.

These kiosks are perfect for presenting various types of media to visitors. You can use the monitor to show informational or picture slideshows, product demonstration videos, advertisement compilations or any other message you’d like to convey. They’re great for educating visitors and allowing them to get familiar with your company.

2. Formulate Charging Stations

Charging towers and counters are an excellent offering for any trade show. They’re made of Formulate fabric, lightweight frames and thermoform countertops. Towers include 16 charging tips and counters include eight, and both are divided equally into Apple®- and Android®-compatible plugs. The tower model also uses backlighting to make the fabric center pole glow.

These stations are highly valuable for customers. With the number of trade show guests who need to use their phones to make calls and read emails, people will need to charge their devices. Kiosks with cables will draw in grateful crowds. The structure designs will then make an attractive focal point that’s sure to turn heads.

Whether you choose to incorporate one or multiple kiosks, they make for a highly beneficial addition to any exhibit. Purchasing monitor mounts and charging stations from a reliable, trustworthy distributor is sure to help your business succeed at trade shows.

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