8′ Inline Trade Show Displays

8' Inline Trade Show Displays

When it comes to setting up a memorable and eye-catching trade show display, you might have heard the advice, “Go big or go home.” With an 8′ inline display, you can go big, grabbing people’s attention from across the room, and convincing them to come over and check out your company’s exhibition.

You can use an 8′ inline display on its own, if you have limited space at an exposition or trade show, or use it as a part of a larger trade show display. Learn more about the benefits of 8-foot pop-up displays and how you can use one during your next trade show or at other events.

What Are 8′ Inline Displays?

An 8′ inline display is an ideal backdrop for an exhibition booth. Usually, the display consists of a fabric-covered frame featuring a company’s name, logo and other information. Depending on the situation, an 8′ exhibit might be the only piece of branding your company uses at an event, or it might be part of a full-scale exhibition.

When an 8′ convention booth pop-up is part of a larger trade show display, you might use it alongside the following.

  • Floor graphics: Floor graphics can help guide visitors to your booth or can help grab people’s attention when they happen to glance down at their feet.
  • Tabletop displays: Tabletop displays can range from table covers and runners to small banners or placards that sit on top of a table and give people more information about a company, product or service.
  • Counter and bars: Branded counters or bars provide an area for your company to serve food or drinks or give away gifts to anyone who visits your booth.
  • Interactive displays: Digital signage at a trade show exhibit helps draw people over to your booth and can keep them engaged with your company. If the people working your booth are busy assisting other visitors, a digital sign or interactive display can keep a person entertained and occupied until a representative from your brand can speak to them.
  • Wall graphics: Wall graphics are in some ways similar to 8′ inline displays, except they anchor to the wall, rather than being freestanding.
  • Retractable banner stands: Retractable banner stands also have a few things in common with 8′ trade show pop-ups, except that they tend to be smaller in size. You can use a retractable banner stand along with an 8′ inline display to provide further information to visitors.

Why Use an 8′ Inline Display?

There are a few reasons it’s worth it to consider using an 8′ inline display at your next trade show or another event. Here are a few.

1. Introduce Your Brand to Customers

Imagine this: It’s the day of the event. People are traveling from far and wide to meet and mingle with others in their industry and to learn more about the products and services that can help them succeed in business. Your brand is relatively new and is looking to get its foot in the door. You hope to meet new prospects and sign up a few new clients before the trade show is over.

Like more than 40% of marketers, you are well aware of the fact that in-person events are more effective than other forms of marketing, such as digital and content marketing. You also know you only have one chance to make a positive first impression on potential clients.

Introduction for Attendees

With an 8′ inline backwall display, you have the chance to give event attendees a quick introduction to your brand. The second they see your exhibit, an attendee should have an idea of who your company is and what it does. The display can also provide more information, such as statistics and details on how your brand is different from the competition and what you do to stand out from the crowd.

2. Grab Attention at a Crowded Event

Conventions, trade shows and other events tend to be bustling affairs. There are usually lots of attendees and lots of businesses competing for their attention. Companies that don’t do much to stand out are likely to get ignored or overlooked by people attending an event. Without any sort of display to separate their booth or table from the next one over, it can be difficult for people to tell where one brand ends, and the other one begins.

Eight-foot modular exhibits delineate your brand’s space. With the right choice of colors and an attractive arrangement of graphics and text, they can demand attention and cause people to either make a detour to see what you have to offer, or stop in their paths to check out your company.

3. Make a Point Without Too Much Fuss

Another reason to use an 8′ trade show pop-up is that the display itself is simple to set up. When setting up your exhibition, the last thing you want to do is wrestle with a display that’s difficult to put together. Most 8′ displays pop up or unfold quickly, so it is a snap to put them together before the start of an event and take them down at the end of the program.

Where to Use an 8′ Inline Display

Trade shows aren’t the only places where using an eight-foot display makes sense. Here are a few other events and locations where such a display would be right at home.

Where to Use an Inline Display

  • Retailers: You can use an eight-foot display at a retailer, such as a grocery store or big-box store, to promote a new product launch or when offering free samples to shoppers.
  • Outdoor festivals: Summer is a time for celebrations, from street festivals to music festivals. Whatever your product or service is, it’s likely there’s an event where your brand and its display will be right at home. You can combine a pop-up display with a tent to keep your team’s representatives cool and comfortable on a sunny day.
  • Corporate events: An 8′ inline display will be right at home promoting your brand to clients at a corporate event.
  • Conventions: Conventions provide brands an opportunity to interact with people who are specifically interested in what they have to offer. Such conferences also happen to be competitive, as there are a lot of similar companies all trying to reach the same audience at the same time. An eye-catching 8′ tension fabric display will help attract visitors to your convention booth.
  • Seminars or panel discussions: Perhaps someone from your team is leading a workshop or participating in a panel discussion. You might be able to get permission to set up an eight-foot display behind them to create visual appeal and remind attendees of your company’s identity.
  • Conferences: Conferences are similar to trade shows or conventions, but are often a bit more formal and usually designed around a theme. If there is an exhibitors’ hall at a conference, your display can work to grab people’s attention and bring them your way.
  • Company retreats: If your team is traveling to a conference or retreat center, you can set up an inline display to instill company pride in your team members and to let people know where your programs and events are taking place within the event center.
  • Award ceremonies or gala events: An 8′ inline display can serve as the backdrop for photo shoots at an award ceremony your company is holding or sponsoring. It can also provide additional context or information to people attending a gala or charity event.
  • Product launches: When your company is launching a new product or service, you can use 8′ modular exhibits to provide more details about the product or service to people attending the launch. The display can help generate excitement about the new item.

What Types of 8′ Inline Displays Are Available?

SpeedPro has a variety of 8′ truss exhibits and 8′ modular exhibits available. Although each display option has features that set it apart from the rest, they all share a few things in common: They are portable, lightweight and meant to be easy to set up. Learn more about the displays we have available.

Hopup Collapsible

The Hopup™ collapsible display sets up quickly and easily. It includes a collapsible frame that unfolds and expands in an instant to provide you with a full 8′ display. You have the option of choosing either a straight or curved frame you can add accessories to, such as a backwall kit or lighting. The fabric graphic slides over the frame before you set it up.

Embrace Collapsible

The Embrace™ collapsible display also has a collapsible frame you can connect to a tension fabric. To set it up, you first unfold the frame, then push the graphic into the channel bars on the side. The display is quick to set up and creates a sleek, sophisticated look.

Xclaim Collapsible

The Xclaim™ collapsible display has a unique look compared to either the Hopup or Embrace styles. The eight-foot display consists of nine quadrants. Each quadrant has a fabric graphic stretched inside it and held in place with magnets. The sophisticated design of the frame and display makes it look complicated to set up, but the reality is that it comes together in an instant.

Rearrange Displays

Another benefit of the Xclaim display is that you can rearrange the fabric graphics as much as you want, to change things up throughout the day or to draw people’s attention to a particular benefit of your product or service.

You can also leave some of the quads in the frame empty, creating negative space and further enhancing the appeal and visibility of the graphics you do use.

Coyote Collapsible

The Coyote™ eight-foot inline display system also uses magnets to attach the graphics to its aluminum frame. Like our other collapsible displays, it is a snap to put together and break down. You can choose from a curved or straight display and a wide range of accessories, such as internal shelving and monitor brackets.

Formulate Fabric Displays

Formulate® fabric displays slide over an aluminum tubing frame and are extremely portable and easy to assemble at your next event. The aluminum tubes either snap together with push-button connectors or with bungee cords. Once you assemble the tubing, all you need to do is slide the graphic over the frame.

The displays are available in curved and straight options. You can also choose either a horizontal or vertical orientation for your frame. Accessories are also available that allow you to customize your 8′ inline display. You can add tablet stands and countertops to the display to make it more interactive.

How to Choose the Eight-Foot Inline Display That’s Best for Your Business

How can you choose the 8-foot pop-up display that’s best for your company? It helps to ask yourself a few questions and to use your answers to determine your needs.

  • What’s your goal? Why are you using a display? What do you hope to accomplish at your event? Knowing what you want from your program can help guide you to the display that best meets your needs.
  • How flexible do you need the frame to be? Some displays give you the option of adding on or rearranging your graphic panels, while others are available in a single configuration.
  • Do you prefer a curved or straight display? It might be a matter of preference, but there are also cases where a curved display might make more sense than a straight one.
  • Do you want to add accessories or want the option to do so later on? Some frames let you add shelving or countertops. If you don’t need that at all, you can choose a frame that doesn’t have accessories. Some brands might want to keep their options open, even if they don’t need shelving or monitor mounts at the moment.
  • How much time do you have for setup? Most inline displays set up quickly and easily, but you might find some are more straightforward to put together than others.
  • Which display do you like best? It might boil down to a matter of taste. Some people prefer the sleek look of the Embrace frame, while others like the more visually distinctive appearance of the Xclaim display.

Find the Inline Display That’s Right for You Today

Ready to jump in and put together an inline display that’s sure to grab attention and drive new business to your company at your next event? SpeedPro is happy to work with you and help you design a graphic that gets attention and help you choose a display frame that will showcase your company to the fullest. To learn more about the eight-foot inline displays we have available, find a SpeedPro studio near your today.

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