Table Coverings & Tabletoppers

Table <span>Coverings & Tabletoppers</span>

Tables are so commonplace that you probably don’t even realize how many you encounter in a typical day. Most tables fade into the background. Events like expos, trade shows, career fairs and more are full of tables, and in an instance like this, you can’t afford for your table to fade into the background. You want your table to capture people’s attention and raise awareness of your brand.

SpeedPro offers the perfect solution — custom table coverings, table toppers and table runners. As with all our custom graphics, table coverings are made with quality materials and printed with bold, vivid colors. No matter what message you want to get across, a personalized table topper, table runner or table covering can help you do it in style.

What Is a Table Topper?

What Is a Table Topper?

A bare plastic table may give you a place to set clipboards or to sit behind, but it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t let anyone know who’s sitting behind the table. Of course, you could cover your table with a plastic or fabric tablecloth. While this may improve the overall appearance of your table, it still won’t signal to passersby who’s sitting or standing behind the table.

This is where a table topper comes in. A table topper, or table covering, is essentially a tablecloth or runner that doesn’t just cover your table — it also shows off your brand. You can customize your table cover with a logo, company name or even contact information. In most cases, the graphic appears on the front panel of the table covering, though some personalized table toppers can be printed with full coverage graphics. Table toppers can cover the full table or they can be runners, which don’t cover the whole table but instead accent it with a stripe that includes your logo or design. You can also use a vinyl decal to top a table.

Table toppers can either function on their own as a subtle means of branding or can complement more overt displays, such as banners and popup displays, for a complete suite of graphics that grab the public’s attention. Table coverings are an excellent means of making your table stand out, whether you’re at a trade show, career or club fair, community event, open house, concert or any other event where your business, institution or organization has a presence.

Benefits of Table Covers at Trade Shows and Other Events

No matter what type of event you’re attending, there are some significant advantages to using a table cover in your display. Especially when you’re at a trade show where you have to compete with many other booths to capture attendees’ attention, you need all the help you can get. So, what are some of the reasons to invest in personalized table covers? Custom table toppers:
Benefits of Table Covers at Trade Shows and Other Events

  • Are fully customizable: With so many options available, you can create table toppers that bring your exact vision to life. You can choose from various shapes, sizes, materials and colors to start with a canvas that’s perfect, and then personalize it with a printed graphic that’s eye-catching and conveys the information you want.
  • Coordinate with the rest of your display: Custom table toppers and runners look great by themselves, but they’re also the perfect addition to your other signage or displays. Color matching ensures that the graphics on your table cover will look exactly how you want them to and will seamlessly coordinate with the rest of your branding. Runners can turn your table covering into an accent that goes with a variety of colors on a table. It is a little more subtle and may help keep your table from becoming overwhelming, especially if your brand’s colors are very bold.
  • Look polished and professional: A custom table covering elevates your table to look far more polished and professional than it would if it were bare or covered in a plain tablecloth. A personalized table covering also has a look of permanence about it that communicates to onlookers that your business, institution or organization is well-established.
  • Help people find you: If people are looking for your business at an event, you want them to be able to find you quickly and easily. If your organization is hosting an event where you have multiple tables set up for different purposes, you want people to know where to go right away. In both cases, a custom table topper can signal to people that they’ve found the right place as soon as they see your table.
  • Allow for hidden storage: Whether you choose a table covering that extends down the back or an economy model that leaves the back open, a table covering allows you to store items underneath the table without being seen from the front or sides. This means you can keep personal items like handbags, boxes of swag items and other things nearby without your booth looking cluttered.
  • Are easy to transport: When you’re traveling to trade shows or other events, you want to be able to pack up and transport your displays with ease. Unlike some other types of large-format graphics, personalized business table covers are extremely lightweight and easy to move and set up. They weigh no more than a regular tablecloth, and you can even store and transport them in a carrying bag.
  • Make your brand more memorable: When someone walks past or up to your booth, you want them to notice your company’s name right then — and to remember it after they’ve moved on to the next booth and ultimately after they’ve returned home. The more branded elements you can incorporate into your booth, the better your chances are of making a lasting impression.

You may think of other benefits of personalized table covers, depending on the application. For example, a customized table cover can create a unique head table at a wedding, can help welcome new students at a college orientation or can display branding or menu information at a restaurant.

Most Effective Method for Tabletop Expo

In some cases, you may have a large booth where you have the freedom to incorporate all sorts of graphic elements, including popup displays that span the back of your booth, freestanding banners and more. However, some expos and other events only allow for a tabletop exhibit. This means you just have one 6- or 8-foot table to get people’s attention. With less space, every design decision is crucial.

When have limited space to work with at an event, don’t cut corners by printing things on your own. Every one of the graphics on your table should be vivid and exude quality and professionalism.

A custom table covering is one of the best ways to make the most of your tabletop display. There’s no better way to give your table a professional look and make your branding noticeable. While table coverings will enhance any display, no matter the size, they’re essential when space is limited.

The Most Effective Method for Tabletop Expo

On top of your covered table, you can choose from a variety of tabletop displays to give your table more dimension and share the information or visuals you want. Here are a few tabletop display options to consider placing on top of your custom table covering:

  • Tabletop banners: Banners of various sizes can be displayed on your tabletop using a retractable, telescopic or spring-back banner stand. Some of these stands allow you to switch out the graphic and reuse the stand when needed.
  • Collapsible popup displays: Popup displays and tension fabric displays feature your graphics printed on a material that is stretched over a frame. These displays can be large enough to cover the whole back of a booth, but they can also be made for tabletops.
  • Folding panel displays: Folding panel displays consist of a series of fabric panels where you can attach your graphics temporarily and switch them out whenever you want. They come in various sizes, including tabletop options.

These tabletop displays are all lightweight and can roll or fold up for easy transportation. This also protects your graphics as they’re stored and transported. You can even invest in some carrying bags or cases for further protection and to make transporting your display to your trade show or expo especially simple. Since table coverings are also lightweight and easy to transport, together, these branded elements can make for an eye-catching table you can easily tote anywhere and set up in minutes.

Different Types of Table Covers

No matter what types of tables you have to work with or what look you’re going for, there’s a custom table covering to match. Table covers come in a variety of types, so you can choose the best fit for the tables you’re using and the aesthetic you’re going for, whether classic or modern. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

  • Convertible: These table covers are especially versatile since you can adjust the size. They’re long enough to fit an 8-foot table, but you can shorten the table cover to fit a 6-foot table by folding in the edges and connecting the tabs to the Velcro hidden underneath.
  • Fitted: Fitted table coverings are the perfect option if you’d rather have sharp edges around your table instead of a more draped look. They’re available to fit either 6- or 8-foot rectangular tables or 30-, 48- or 60-inch round tables.
  • Stretch: Stretch table covers cling to the table legs to create a contoured look. For rectangular tables, they can fit standard 4-, 6- and 8-foot tables, as well as taller 4-foot demo tables. They can also fit 30-, 48- and 60-inch round tables.
  • Fully printed: Fully printed table throws allow you to cover all sides, including the top in your full-color graphic for an extra bold effect. Fully printed table covers are available for standard 4-, 6- and 8-foot tables, and 4-foot demo tables.
  • Front printed: These table covers allow for full-color printing on the front panel. They’re available for 6- and 8-foot tables and can either fully cover the table or leave the back open.
  • Imprinted: Imprinted table throws consist of a one- or two-color vinyl logo printed on a solid-colored polyester table throw. These affordable table coverings come in both 6- and 8-foot sizes.
  • Outdoor: For outdoor events, you can use a fitted table covering made to fit either a 6- or 8-foot table. The material these outdoor table toppers consist of is wind-resistant and made to stand up to outdoor conditions.
  • Runner:Table runners can be placed on top of a plain table cloth to add an element of branding, making them a versatile and affordable option to fit various table sizes. Choose from 24-, 30-, 36- or 60-inch wide runners.
  • Decal: You can also top a bare table with custom printed vinyl graphics. These graphics adhere to the table and are protected on the top, so they can stand up to wear and even the occasional spill. This is an excellent option for restaurants that don’t use tablecloths on their tables.

Once you talk to our staff about your requirements and specifications, we can help you find the perfect solution for your tabletop display. Our expansive product catalog offers a myriad of options to fit your tables and your budget.

When to Use a Table Runner instead of a Full Table Cover

When to Use a Table Runner Instead of a Full Table Cover

This type of table topper is a little different than table covers. Table runners don’t extend the full length of the table and instead only cover a section in the middle. Usually, they are laid over a color-coordinating tablecloth that makes the runner pop. This can make them feel a little more artistic when compared to their full-sized counterparts. In most design options, you can use the entire size of the runner for your graphic to get creative. Picture a faded pattern running across the background or a tie-dye of your business colors with the logo on top. Full table covers depend on an exceptional design to stand out, but a table runner can give you a different type of aesthetic to play around with, leaning on contrasting colors. This kind of subtle design can help you stand out.

One of the most common approaches to designing for a table runner is to use a white runner with your logo on it and business name. Laying it over a solid-colored tablecloth is versatile since you can swap out the cloth for different colors.

Another reason you may want to use a runner is because it frees up more room in front of your table where you can stand or place a vertical display that won’t cover up your logo. It can make small event spaces or cramped areas easier to work with.

Table runners also tend to be more affordable, so if you’re on a budget, consider a custom table runner paired with a generic tablecloth. Invest in a quality runner and let the negative space of the tablecloth speak for itself.

Materials for Table Coverings

Materials for Table Coverings

Our table coverings are made of high-quality materials that will look great and hold up well. Imprinted table coverings are made from polyester that is wrinkle-resistant, machine washable and flame retardant. The graphics printed on these table coverings are vinyl and carry a six-month limited graphic warranty.

Printed table coverings and runners are also made with polyester but are printed in a different way. Rather than vinyl graphics being transferred onto the top of the fabric, ink is pressed into the fabric using dye-sublimation. This creates an even more professional look.

Outdoor table coverings are made of an outdoor canvas material that is water- and spill-resistant. These table covers are made to be durable and carry a limited six-month warranty for graphics, just like the indoor table coverings do.

To protect your table coverings from dust and make them especially convenient to transport, consider getting a table throw carry bag. These bags can hold several table covers or runners at a time, making it easy to carry your table covers to your next event and then store them until you need them again.

Table topper decals are made of vinyl with an adhesive back and a protective layer on the top. You can place these decals on all sorts of surfaces, including table tops.

Stand out From the Competition

Get noticed quickly with displays that pull all eyes to your customized image or message. When at an event, standing out from the competition can be tough, but a table covering, table runner or table topper from SpeedPro can get the job done. Use table coverings and table toppers that show off vivid colors and striking graphics. SpeedPro can partner with you to help you reach a broader client base.
At SpeedPro, we approach every project with a commitment to making our clients’ visions come to life. Therefore, personalized consultation is a part of every creation process. SpeedPro representatives partner with our clients to select the right media and materials for every project. We can expertly match our products’ colors to those used in your company’s existing display graphics and branding, creating a seamless display. The end result will be a custom table topper that elevates your image to a new level.

With expert designers, an extensive product catalog and the desire to help every client successfully promote their business, SpeedPro is the perfect partner to provide you with customized table coverings and table toppers that will help your company stand out from the rest. We can also partner with you to produce a whole suite of graphics that will make your trade show booth or other event space stand out and make a lasting impression. Find a studio near you to get started today.

SpeedPro can partner with you to help reach a broader client basis. Find a studio.