Safety Signs

On construction sites safety signs are very important due to the specific dangers that exist in unfinished buildings and the presence of hazardous materials and large powerful machines that require care when handling. Placing clear safety signs around a site before work begins is a best practice to ensure that projects reach completion without unnecessary stoppage for emergency situations.

Locations such as gyms, schools, hospitals, stores and restaurants definitely benefit at this time from including reminders of basic safety and hygiene practices. Reminders to wash hands and instructions of best hand washing techniques have proven invaluable at preventing the spread of disease. The best defense against injury, accident, and disease is being informed and the best way to be informed is with constant reminders of potential dangers.

For a variety of businesses such as restaurants and amusement parks smart signage using NFC InfoLnkX technology helps make signs even safer by removing the need to touch a menu or map to get information. Guests simply need to hold their smartphones up to smart signs to have site information open automatically. Digital signs can be used to display scrolling safety notices. Germ prevention signs on hand sanitizing stations. Ensure that your workplace is a 6 foot social distance compliant office by measuring out and placing safety signage so everyone knows when they are within 6 feet of coworkers. This can be accomplished with floor decals as well as wall signs or A-Frame signs placed throughout the workplace.

ADA (American Disability Act) safety signs help the differently abled among us navigate a world that has often been designed without their needs in mind. Clearly marked emergency exit signs are known as Life Safety Signs. ADA compliant graphics and signs must adhere to precise design specifications governing size of width and height, where they can be mounted or placed, the font type of the text as many fonts can be more difficult to read with vision issues and Braille cells located beneath the visual lines of text for those who can not see at all, high contrast colors carrying a 70% brightness differential radio and ADA sign pictograms with simple centralized symbols signifying important information for those who may not be able to read due to language issues.

Notice masks required retractable banner
Honeywell one way green arrow floor graphic banner

Floor decals can encourage and remind customers about social distancing needs while in line to purchase products or speak to a representative. Window cling safety signs remind customers of Coronavirus precautions and rules before they enter the premises. From the “We assure you we are open” type signs outside to the “Please ensure you are wearing a mask or facial covering before entering” signs window clings help keep customers informed and safe.

Directional signs are important to help customers know the correct areas to go to find the things they need or receive the service they desire. Properly placed wayfinding directional signs increase the safety of everyone by ensuring that no particular area becomes congested. Social distancing is extremely important at this time, however even when things return to normal it is always nice to have a little elbow room to move around unimpeded.

Keep people safe, address potential fears, bring in business and create a sanitary work environment by keeping everyone informed with safety signs from SpeedPro. Speedpro is at the bleeding edge of safety sign graphics. Our innovative and skilled professionals assist national businesses manufacturer and design safety signs informed by the latest ANSI and OSHA safety standards to create compelling and valuable safety signs. Update your safety signs with the assurance that the safety of employees and customers is a paramount concern for your brand identity.