Step & Repeat Banners

Step & <span>Repeat Banners</span>

Why use step and repeat banners?

Step and repeat backdrops and banners are among the most effective and user-friendly marketing devices available to companies of all sizes and industries. They stand as giant graphics that repeat a logo or image in spaced increments. The name of the banners comes from how they are used. People “step” up to the banner their picture is taken and then they step back to make room for a new person and the process then “repeats.” Help your customers feel like they are a star walking the red-carpet and taking a glamorous photo in front of a step-and-repeat banner.

And it bears repeating there are three main steps that make a successful step and repeat banner set-up: 1) Step up to the banner, pose for the camera and smile. 2) Take the picture whether employing a professional photographer, an automated camera set-up or anyone with a phone, a picture is taken. Large size banners are great for group photos of multiple attendees. 3) Repeat the process throughout the event.

Businesses looking to spread their brand may order a step and repeat banner sprinkled with their logo for guests to snap a picture in front of, then encourage the attendees to share their pictures on social media with a custom #hashtag of the event. At events where you are using a tent or booth, you can go the extra creative mile by using your tent or booth backdrop as a step-and-repeat banner, making an interactive photo or selfie-taking opportunity for the pleasure of all. When fun photos and social media opportunities arise, they blend into a complete scene. The attention will center on the subject of the photo, but all of the social media posts videos and pictures taken in front of the step and repeat banner will feature your logo in the background. Due to this, there is no limit to the number of people who will be exposed to your brand.

Warner Chappell Music step and repeat banner
Motown, Courvoisier & Lyft step and repeat banner

Types of step and repeat banners

Step and repeat banner stands come in a variety of options, sizes and shapes, and are customizable to showcase custom graphics and logos. There are even choices related to mounting style. Often poles and grommets will suspend the banner, however, SpeedPro also offers retractable stands that sit on the floor. Choose from three styles: retractable, telescopic and spring back.

  • Retractable: This banner type quickly rolls up into its stand for quick transport and display. When you are ready to use it, simply pull the banner out of the base and secure it to the pole portion. This type comes in a variety of sizes and widths that can reach 5 feet across and as tall as 85 inches. When it comes to portability, retractable step and repeat banners are hard to beat.
  • Telescopic: This banner type stretches out across a square-shaped frame made up of poles. Several telescopic banner stands can be linked together for larger displays. These banners are lightweight and easily fit into a mid-sized bag or case.
  • Spring back: This banner type has the graphic stretched over an X-shaped frame. The graphic attached by grommets to the corners of the frame. SpeedPro offers specialized carrying bags for easy transport of this type as well.

Here are some tips for effective Step and Repeat Banner set-ups. 1) Hire a professional photographer, setting up an automatic photo booth style automated camera, or let people take their own photos. 2) Use flattering lighting, and be prepared in case natural lighting is not available due to time of day or inclement weather. 3) Go large with backdrops as you want the banner to always be in the frame, so the brand logos are visible no matter what and when the audience views the photos later they get the feeling it was a huge wall not just a corner set-up. 4) Sizing graphics appropriately is as important as making sure the background is big enough. There is a delicate balance with the graphics between being large enough for people to clearly see them in pictures and not being large to the point where they distract from the picture. SpeedPro recommends graphics ranging between 9 to 11 inches.

Step up your marketing game with a step and repeat banner. And remember that your step-and-repeat banner set-up can be reused for years to come, easily store and transport the banner until you’re ready for another event. SpeedPro employs long-lasting inks and high-quality durable materials that help your color palette pop in pictures and videos while resisting wear and tear. Depending on where you want to use your banner, we offer many types of material for the design. Vinyl is the most popular option due to durability and cost, but we also offer poster paper, fabric, canvas, plywood or foam core. SpeedPro is ready to accommodate almost any size and shape needed, just let us know your venue. Our quality banners can be used inside or outside without concern that the weather may damage integrity or appearance. Come by any SpeedPro location today to talk to our professional staff and weigh your options.