Custom outdoor banners

Custom outdoor banners


Select from various outdoor banners with customizable materials, graphics, shapes, sizes, configurations and finishes. From ground banners to tabletops, SpeedPro’s custom outdoor banners can spruce up your event space, irrespective of size.

SpeedPro manufactures and prints more than a dozen types of outdoor banners. Our most popular options include the following:

  • Hemmed hanging banners (only available in canvas)
  • Pole-pocketed banners
  • Grommet hanging banners
  • Standalone banners

The different types of banner stands include retractable, pole pocket hanging, grommet hanging, spring back, telescopic, fabric frame, and illuminated frame.


Our banner materials include high-quality vinyl, perforated vinyl mesh, scrim, or canvas, with a range of protective laminates available. Vinyl mesh is perforated, allowing wind to pass through easily, and will not flap excessively in windy conditions.

Vinyl mesh banners are aesthetically pleasing for custom graphics and hold up against rain, snow, and ice.

Scrim banners can be either single- or double-sided and come in two different weights:

1. One-sided outdoor banners offer one high-impact cohesive message, featuring full graphics printed on one side and a reverse image on the opposite side. Text and graphics are visible on both sides.

2. Two-sided outdoor banners offer 360-degree message visibility. With a two-sided banner, there is more room for text and graphics and the assurance that regardless of wind or weather, flipping the banner around it remains legible.


Outdoor banners are available in a wide range of sizes, from 10 feet wide and 10 feet high, down to 2 feet wide and 2 feet high.

  • Outdoor banners can be hung from entryways or archways or attached directly to the outside of your storefront.
  • Hanging banners extend out from the storefront, making them attractive and visible.
  • Permanent storefront banners should feature your business name, slogan or logo.
  • Outdoor advertising banners are also great for holiday specials or seasonal sales.

Based on the type of outdoor use, consider how far above the ground you want to display your banner. SpeedPro formulates banners according to the following height ranges:

  • For 7 to 11 feet, we offer our most economically sized banner line, featuring full-fiber poles and rotating hinge capabilities.
  • Moving up to 11 to 15 feet, we offer our “medium” and “wind dancer LT” lines. These contain a full-fiber pole plus a reinforced banner hinge system to remain balanced during high winds.
  • Going above 15 feet, choose our “large,” “extra-large,” or our “wind dancer” line specs, with durable extension fiber poles and wind-resistant features.



Custom hanging outdoor banner for the CSM Bulldog Softball team
Outdoor banner from Henry's Sweet Retreat


SpeedPro vinyl banners come in two printing formats: matte and gloss. Ensure fire resistance with our fire code NFPA 701-approved banner materials. Plus:

  • Reinforced grommet rings to ensure that hanging banner grommet holes stay intact
  • Pole pockets to tuck aluminum poles into without tears or rips
  • Reinforced corners for maximum stretch and tear-resistant seams

SpeedPro is the leading market for large-format vinyl banner printing. Explore our portfolio of custom outdoor banners, then find your local studio to submit your design. Our range of banner products is matched by our commitment to premium quality as a full-service, one-stop banner printing partnership.

Our expert team is happy to answer your questions during a free consultation and assist you with a quote.


What is the best material for outdoor banners?

Based on your type of outdoor use, you can either use vinyl mesh banners or regular PVC banners. Vinyl meshes are perforated and are the best windproof material for outdoor banners. Use SpeedPro’s custom vinyl banners to know the advantage.

How long will a vinyl banner last in outdoor conditions?

Typical vinyl banners can last about two to three years, subject to differing outdoor conditions. Vinyl mesh banners last longer than solid vinyl banners due to their windproofing. Learn more about the benefits of SpeedPro’s Vinyl Banners.

Do SpeedPro’s custom vinyl banners weather-resistant?

SpeedPro’s vinyl banners are durable, weather-resistant and ready to stand up against snow, ice and rain. You can add a laminate finish to the banner for further weather and fade resistance.

Does SpeedPro stitch banners?

We can stitch banners with 1.25-inch bleed to allow for the seam.

Are vinyl banners cost-effective?

Yes, vinyl banners are convenient, flexible and one of the most affordable options for long-term displays.