Rental Displays for Trade Shows

Rental Displays for <span>Trade Shows</span>

Rental Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are an amazing opportunity to find new leads, promote your brand, meet potential new partners and learn about your industry. A great trade show exhibit is a key part of having success in all of these areas and more at your next trade show event.

Purchasing a trade show exhibit is an investment, however, and you may want to make sure your exhibit works for you before you commit. Also, if you’re only going to one or two trade shows, you might not want to purchase your own display. Luckily, you can rent professional-quality trade show displays through SpeedPro.

What Are Trade Show Exhibits?

Trade show exhibits are the displays that businesses set up at trade shows and other similar events. These exhibits contain various pieces include fabric backwalls, counters, kiosks and more that come together to create a cohesive display. Representatives will stand at these displays during the show and engage with people who come to visit the booth.

These exhibits are branded and customized for the company using them, through the use of custom graphics.

These exhibits are branded and customized for the company using them, predominantly through the use of custom graphics. These graphics may contain the company name, logo, slogan, colors and other brand elements. Often, these displays give visitors basic information about the company and are designed to encourage the target audience to come to talk to the representatives at the booth.

Benefits of Trade Show Exhibits

Benefits of Trade Show Exhibits

Why use trade show exhibits? They provide many benefits to the organizations that use them, including the following.

1. They Help You Get Noticed

A high-quality trade show exhibit will help you get noticed at your next event. You can even add elements designed specifically to get people to notice your booth. A hanging structure, for example, enables show attendees to see your display from across the event space. If you add a monitor with video, the motion will naturally attract people’s attention. Even an especially vivid or interesting photo printed on a large fabric panel can help catch people’s attention.

2. They Help You Make a Good Impression

When you set up a professional-looking trade show exhibit at your next event, you’ll build your brand’s credibility and make a good impression on potential customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders. Event attendees will see that you put time into creating a professional display and that you care enough to put your best foot forward. This will help improve your reputation in your industry.

3. They Can Help You Meet Your Trade Show Goals

No matter what your goals are in attending your trade show, you can create a trade show booth that will help you reach them. If your goal is to gain leads, for example, you can design graphics with information that will appeal to your target audience. You can then add an interactive element such as a tablet or a prominent reception area that will encourage people to spend more time at your booth.

If your goal is to build brand awareness, you can emphasize brand elements, such as your logo, slogan and colors, in your design. Giveaways will also help people remember your name even after the show is over. Even if brand awareness is not your main goal, most trade show booths use brand elements extensively.

4. They’re Easy to Transport and Set Up

Trade show booths are designed to be easy to transport, assemble and take apart. This means you have to spend less time setting up your exhibit at your event, giving you more time to experience the event itself and meet fellow attendees.

5. They’re Cost-Effective

With trade show displays, you can get all of the benefits at a reasonable price point, whether you purchase or rent your exhibit items. With the proper strategies in place, you can quickly recoup the investment you made in your display through increased leads, sales, brand awareness and other benefits.

How Exhibit Booth Rentals Work

Companies attending trade shows can either purchase or rent a trade show exhibit. You can choose either a kit, which contains enough parts to make an entire exhibit, or pick individual components to customize your display.

If you rent individual parts to create your own display, you’ll typically start with a frame structure in a size that fits your booth space. You’ll then purchase customized graphics for the structure, which you’ll use to personalize your exhibit. Another key component is a counter, which serves as a space to meet and talk with people who visit your booth. You can also rent or purchase other items to add to your display such as tables, shelves, monitors stands, literature pockets and lighting.

Why Rent a Trade Show Exhibit?

If you find a trade show exhibit that works for you and that you plan on using multiple times, you may want to purchase your own display. Renting, however, provides several benefits that you may want to take advantage of, including:

  • Increased flexibility: When you rent your displays, you can try out multiple kinds to see what works best for you. Renting also enables you to switch out your display for each show if you want to.
  • Reduced costs: Renting a trade show exhibit has a much a lower upfront cost to it than purchasing one does. This may enable you to get larger, more expensive exhibits that you otherwise couldn’t.
  • Time savings: We offer many pre-built trade show displays, which can save you significant amounts of time and effort at your event.

Keep in mind that even when you rent a display, you can still customize it extensively through the use of custom graphics and by adding or removing elements as needed.

Types of Exhibits for Rent

Types of Exhibits for RentAt SpeedPro, we have various kinds of displays available for rent to help you create the perfect trade show exhibit.

1. 10-Foot Inline Displays

We offer a variety of 10-by-10-foot inline displays and exhibit kits that combine durable hardware with high-quality printed graphics. Each rental kit comes pre-built, saving you time once you get to your event.

  • Formulate® Master Fabric Backwalls: These backwalls feature aluminum tube-based frame systems and zipper pillowcase graphics and come in straight, horizontal curved and vertical curved designs.
  • Formulate Accents: We also offer Formulate accents, small stand-off ladder accents with two rigid graphic panels. These accents include various features such as counters, shelves, tables and monitor mounts.
  • Vector Frame™ Modular Backwall Kits: These kits feature extrusion-based geometric frame systems in a variety of shapes, graphics and lighting. Each kit includes multiple pieces you can and take away as needed. Items in the various kits include push-fit SEG graphics, rigid graphic accents, literature racks, counters and monitor mounts.
  • Hybrid Pro™ Modular Backwall Kits: Our Hybrid Pro modular backwall kits have heavy-duty aluminum extrusion frames and push-fit SEG graphics. The kits include a wide variety of features such as LED lighting, tables, monitor mounts, literature holders, counters and pillowcase fabric graphics.
  • Orbital Express™ Modular Exhibits: These modular kits feature truss hardware, adjustable tabletops, spotlights and dye sublimated fabric or UV printed graphic panels.

2. 20-Foot Inline Displays

If you have a little more room, you can also rent 10-by-20-foot inline rental displays and exhibit kits. Like the 10-by-10 kits, these displays come pre-built, and the structures and components differ from kit to kit.

We offer the same kit types in the 10-by-20 size as we do in the 10-by-10 size:

  • Formulate fabric backwalls
  • Vector Frame modular backwall kits
  • Hybrid Pro modular backwall kits
  • Orbital Express modular exhibits

The Formulate accents work with either display size. These larger kits include similar pieces as their smaller counterparts, and you can reconfigure many of them into 10-by-10 kits, sometimes with the purchase of additional graphics panels.

3. Island Exhibits

Larger, 20-by-20-foot island booth kits are another excellent option. These kits are designed to be set up away from a wall and create a more immersive experience for trade show attendees. Island kits include a variety of display structures and other components that help your booth stand out from the crowd. We provide a range of pre-built kits from brands such as Formulate, Hybrid Pro and Orbital Truss.

  • Formulate Island Kits: Our Formulate island booth kits come in a variety of styles and include features such as fabric-covered centerpieces and towers, aluminum tube frames, zipper pillowcase graphics, laminate counters and monitor mounts.
  • Hybrid Pro Modular Island Kits: These kits feature various eye-catching designs and include push-fit graphics and either aluminum extrusion frames or laminate walls. Other items, which vary between kits, include pillowcase graphics, lockable storage space, counters, monitor mounts, floodlights, literature holders and shelving.
  • Orbital Express Island Exhibits: These exhibits feature industrial steel truss frames and can be reconfigured in numerous ways. You can choose between dye-sublimated fabric and UV printed rollable PVC graphics. Other features include lighting and tabletops.
  • Double Deck System: We also offer a double deck exhibit that gives you a semi-private meeting space above the trade show floor. This exhibit is engineer-certified and features heavy-duty aluminum construction and deck hardware, including stairs and a railing. A pillowcase fabric graphic kit allows you to cover the top deck walls, interior wall and staircase with your graphics. This exhibit features a booth space that’s larger than 20-by-20-foot.

4. Hanging Signs and Structures

Hanging signs and structures are a great way to give your brand more visibility and help you stand out from the crowd. Install one above your exhibit, and people will be able to pick out your booth from across the trade show floor.

We offer a variety of three-dimensional and two-dimensional Formulate hanging signs, which feature lightweight but durable aluminum tube frames, connecting cables and rings and dye-sublimated stretch fabric graphics. The structures come in various shapes, including ring, square, triangle, pinwheel, curve and s-curve.

5. Fabric Structures

Fabric structures add a unique design to any trade show exhibit. They feature aluminum tube frames covered with stretch, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics to create a striking look. Our Formulate fabric structures come in several shapes, including funnels, rectangular towers, cylinders and chip-shaped structures and measure between 8 feet and 16 feet tall. All of our fabric structures are a striking way to display graphics, and the Formulate Chip-Shaped Fabric conference wall also doubles as a cozy, semi-private meeting space.

6. Counters

Counters are an important part of many trade show rental booths as they can provide a reception area, a surface to display merchandise on and a storage area. We have many styles of display counters available for rent, which come with numerous different features. Adding graphics to our pre-built counters enables you to customize them and promote your brand.

  • Hybrid Pro Modular Counters: Our Hybrid Pro counters come in a variety of styles and feature a laminate cabinet with locking storage and either a push-fit, vinyl or UV graphic. With some models, you can choose between opaque and backlit graphics.
  • Vector Frame Counters: These counters feature extrusion-based frames, internal storage and either push-fit fabric or rigid graphics. They come in several straight rectangular and curved shapes.
  • Linear Counters: Our Linear counters have aluminum extrusion frames, printed graphics panels, locking storage and an internal shelf. You can choose between an oval countertop, rectangular countertop and rectangular countertop with a V-shaped leg.
  • Orbital Express Truss Counters: These counters have a truss frame and countertop, and optional features include fabric or UV panel graphics, internal shelf and plex top accent. They come in rectangular, oval and curved designs.
  • Formulate Counters: Formulate counters include a lightweight frame, SEG fabric graphics and storage space. Choose from pillar, ellipse and oval designs as well as the Formulate Charging Counter, which features ports for charging Apple® and Android® devices.

7. Kiosks

Add some technology to your display booth with a kiosk designed to hold a monitor or tablet. Our kiosks feature tubular hardware, laminate bases and stretch fabric graphics to make an eye-catching stand for your monitor or tablet, which you can use to play video, display information or offer interactive experiences for your guests.

Our pre-built kiosks come in a wide range of styles from the simple Vibe™ monitor kiosk to our sleek-looking Formulate iPad kiosks. Our Linear Pro Kiosk offers the additional features of locking storage and internal shelving. You can also rent a Formulate Charging Tower, which offers 16 charging tips for Android® and Apple® devices, zippered backlit fabric graphics and a thermoform countertop and base.

8. Light Boxes

Light boxes are a perfect way to make your trade show exhibit more eye-catching. They feature aluminum extrusion frames with backlit push-fit graphics and pre-attached LED edge lighting. Choose between several styles of square and rectangular Vector Frame light boxes as well as single-sided and double-sided graphics options.

9. Custom Trade Show Rental Exhibits

In addition to the many out-of-the-box solutions we offer, we also provide custom trade show displays for rent. We’ll work with you to help you choose the perfect components to help you meet your trade show goals and match your brand’s personality. Choose from a wide variety of frames, laminates, fabrics, graphics, multimedia components, furniture and more to put together your custom trade show booth rental.

Working With SpeedPro

Our trade show display rentals can help you get noticed and meet your goals at your next event. From full exhibit kits to kiosks, light boxes and everything in between, we have the exhibit elements you need. We can also print high-quality graphics for use in your booth and provide a variety of other products such as banners, floor graphics, digital signage and more.

At SpeedPro, we’re experts in large-format printing, but when you work with us, you’ll get more than just a printing service — you’ll gain a partner. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and goals, then help you choose the perfect products for you. We’ll then produce amazing-looking graphics exactly to your specifications.

Ready to create a custom trade show booth that’ll get you noticed and help you meet your trade show goals? Contact your local SpeedPro Studio today.
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