Trade Show Rental Counters

Trade Sho Rental Counters

Trade show rental counters are the perfect centerpiece for your trade show display. These products come in a variety of shapes and styles and with a range of exciting features. They feature a countertop where you can display items, and many have internal storage and other features.

These counters are available for rent, saving you time and money, but you can make your rented trade show display counter your own with custom-printed graphics from SpeedPro. We can print high-quality graphics that you can attach to your counter to help you promote your brand and make your trade show display stand out from the crowd.

What Are Trade Show Rental Counters?

Trade show rental counters are portable display counters that are ideal for use at trade shows and other events. They feature a sturdy countertop and either solid walls that enclose the space under the countertop or legs that create a more open look. They’re made from a variety of materials including laminate and aluminum and feature a spot where you can attach a custom graphic. They come in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular and rounded styles, and some are modular and allow you to add and adjust parts to suit your preferences.

Portable Trade Show Counter Uses

An exhibit fabric counters is a helpful component for any trade show booth.

So, why include a trade show counter as part of your exhibit? They can help make your trade show trip a success and have many uses:

  • Creating a reception area: Counters often serve as the centerpiece of a trade show booth. You can have a company representative stand behind the counter and greet people as they pass by or come up to your exhibit. You can also display items on your countertop that may get the attention of passersby. A well-designed trade show counter provides a welcoming introduction to your booth.
  • Storing materials: Many trade show counters have either open space or shelving inside them that you can use to store giveaways, prototypes, literature, personal items and other materials. This helps you keep these items out of the eyesight of visitors and assists you with staying organized.
  • Providing display space: Counters are also ideal display spaces for products, giveaways, pamphlets and other items. Displaying these items prominently on your counter will help ensure that event attendees see them and may help draw people into your booth.
  • Providing graphics display space: Most trade show counters feature a large area for displaying a custom graphic. You can include brand elements in this graphic to help boost brand awareness, include high-quality pictures to help capture people’s attention and include information about your company to help people get to know what you’re all about. Whatever you decide to include in your graphic, a trade show counter is an excellent place to put it to ensure it gets noticed.

Why Rent a Trade Show Counter?

Trade show counters are available for rent through SpeedPro. Renting provides several benefits including costs savings, time savings and increased flexibility.

  • Cost savings: Trade show counter rental will save you money as compared to buying a counter, which means you can get larger, more impressive displays for your next event, helping your booth stand out and improving your bottom line.
  • Time savings: Our trade show counters come pre-built, saving you time at your next event.
  • Increased flexibility: Renting enables you to try out different display types, so you can change up your booth at each event and see what works best for you.

Renting your trade show counter doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. Adding custom-printed graphics to your counter will give it a personal touch and help complete the look of your counter and your whole trade show booth.

If you find a trade show counter that works for you, you can also purchase it. Purchasing your own counter may be useful if you plan to use the same display for a large number of events over a longer timeframe.

Trade Show Counter Features

Trade show counters come with numerous different features that help make them even more useful. Some common features include:

  • Storage with locking doors: Trade show counters that feature an enclosed design often have a storage area inside where you can place merchandise, giveaways, literature and other items. This gives you a place to store extra items where they’ll be out of the way. Some of these storage spaces have locking doors to ensure that your valuables stay secure.
  • Internal shelving: Some counters also contain internal shelving, whether inside an enclosed storage space or more out in the open under the countertop. This shelving can help you to stay organized throughout your day at the event.
  • Device charging: Some counters even include ports for charging your devices. You can use this to charge your own phones or tablets or invite event attendees to charge their devices. Attendees will appreciate this, and it’ll bring more people into your booth.
  • Graphics: Trade show counters also feature a space to attach custom graphics. You can use this graphics space to promote your brand, provide information about your company and add to the aesthetic appeal of your exhibit. You can use various types of graphics, including vinyl graphics, push-fit fabric graphics and printed stretch silicone edge fabric graphic (SEG), with different trade show counters. You may even have the option to use either opaque or backlit graphics.

Popular Trade Show Counters for Rent

A wide variety of trade show counters with a range of features and designs is available through SpeedPro. Here is a small sampling of our exhibition counters for rent:

What Are The Benefits of Fabric Counters For Trade Shows?

1. Vector Frame Counter 01

Vector Frame™ Counter 01 goes with the Vector Frame series of exhibit kits, but it also looks great as a stand-alone display. The counter features a wide cube-shaped build, a large tabletop that’s available in four colors and a simple extrusion-based frame. It can accommodate either rigid or push-fit fabric graphics, and removing one of the fabric panels creates extra storage space.

2. Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 01

Hybrid Pro™ Modular Counter 01 is a stylish-looking counter that features ample storage space with a locking door. The design consists of a laminate cabinet, a unique L-shaped accent panel and aluminum extrusion feet. It also comes with a dye-sublimated push-fit graphic that is either opaque or backlit.

3. Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 02

Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 02 features a sleek, rectangular shape, white laminate siding and a center backlit cabinet on which you can place either an opaque or backlit push-fit fabric graphic. Like Hybrid Pro™ Modular Counter 01, it also includes storage space with a locking door and comes in four colors.

4. Linear V-Leg Counter

The Linear™ V-Leg Counter has a unique style thanks mainly to the V-shaped leg with sits next to the rectangular cabinet column beneath the countertop. The cabinet includes internal shelving, a locking door and a UV graphic panel, and the counter features a durable aluminum construction. You can turn the V-Leg 90 degrees to change up the look of your counter.

5. Linear Oval Counter

The Linear Oval Counter features a sleek oval-shaped countertop and an aluminum-frame rectangular cabinet. The cabinet contains internal shelving and a rear locking door as well as space for a UV graphic panel. This counter is perfect for when you want a smaller counter with a simple design that still provides numerous useful features.

6. Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 09

Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 09 is a cube-shaped counter with rounded edges that features storage space with locking doors and a backlit vinyl graphic. This sleek, minimalistic counter can be a perfect final touch for many different kinds of trade show booths.

7. Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 11

Hybrid Pro Modular Counter 11 has a curved design with a flat countertop, forming the perfect reception desk. This counter features storage space with a rear locking door and large vinyl graphic panels.

8. Orbital Express Truss Rectangle Counter

Orbital Express™ Truss Rectangle Counter is a simple counter that’s designed to match Orbital Express Truss exhibits but also looks great on its own. It features a flat countertop that comes in a variety of colors. Optional add-ons include UV panel or dye-sublimated fabric graphics, a plex top countertop accent and an internal shelf.

9. Orbital Express Truss Curve Counter

The Orbital Express Truss Curve Counter is similar to the Truss Rectangular Counter from Orbital Express except that it features a curved design and tabletop. Like its rectangular sibling, it comes in four colors and features UV panel or dye-sublimated fabric graphics, a plex top accent and an internal shelf as optional add-ons.

10. Formulate Pillar Counter

The Formulate® Pillar Counter includes a lightweight tabletop and base with a printed stretch SEG that together create a fun, unique look. This counter makes for an ideal reception space or surface to display literature, products or other items.

11. Formulate Ellipse Counter

The Formulate Ellipse counter includes an elongated oval tabletop and base with a printed stretch SEG. The tabletop and base come in four different colors. This countertop makes for an eye-catching yet functional reception area for any trade show exhibit.

12. Formulate® Charging Counter

The Formulate Charging Counter adds a high-tech touch to your trade show display. The counter includes a tabletop and base, which come in four different colors, and a push-fit stretch fabric graphic. The countertop includes four Android® micro USB chargers and four Apple® 8-pin lighting chargers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Trade Show Counter

With so many options, how do you know which portable trade show counter is right for you? When deciding on a counter, consider the following factors:

  • Your trade show goals: What do you want to accomplish by attending trade shows? Defining your trade show goals will help you determine how you’ll use your counter. If your goal is to introduce event attendees to your brand, you may want a counter with lots of room for a graphic where you can display your logo, slogan and other brand elements. If your goal is to gain leads, you may want a counter with device charging capabilities, so that more people come into your booth, giving you the opportunity to talk with them.
  • How you’ll use your counter: Are you planning on giving out a lot of free items or literature? Choose a counter with lots of storage space. If you’re not giving anything out but plan on having someone stand behind your booth and talk to people, you can probably have a smaller counter with a simpler design.
  • The style of your exhibit: Be sure to consider the rest of your trade show booth when choosing a counter. Your counter should fit with the style of the rest of your exhibit to create a cohesive look.
  • Your brand’s personality: Your trade show counter should also fit with the style of your brand. Your graphic will help tie your counter in with your brand’s personality, but the counter itself should as well. For example, if your brand has a sleek, modern feel, go with a counter with a design that matches that. If your brand is simple and straightforward, choose a simpler counter design.

Tips for Creating Trade Show Counter Graphics

How Can You Use Fabric Counters in Your Booth

The graphic is an essential part of your trade show counter. It gives you space to make your counter your own and convey the message you want event attendees to see. It also helps make your trade show booth more aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Here are some tips for creating your trade show counter graphics:

  • Keep it simple: It’s tempting to try to cram as much as possible into your graphic, but this often makes your design look crowded, which leads to people not reading it at all. Instead, keep your design relatively simple and use just one or two images and a limited amount of copy. Make sure the copy is in a legible font that’s large enough to read easily.
  • Feature brand elements: Consider using your brand colors, logo, fonts, slogan and other brand elements in your design. Also, make sure any images you choose fit with your brand. For example, if your brand is outdoorsy, feature a picture of a natural landscape. If your brand is high-tech and futuristic, an urban scene featuring technology will work better.
  • Follow design dimensions carefully: Each counter comes with specific instructions on how to size and set up your graphic. Be sure to follow these specifications carefully so that your design looks as good as possible displayed on your counter.
  • Work with an experienced printing company: The printing company you work with makes a huge difference in how your graphic turns out. Choose one that’s willing to partner with you to understand your needs and that has the expertise and equipment to reliably print high-quality graphics.

Custom Counter Rental for Trade Shows From SpeedPro

At SpeedPro, we specialize in large-format printing and have the expertise and equipment to print great-looking graphics every time. We’ll work with you to help ensure you get the right product for your needs and print your design exactly to your specifications. We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients, rather than just providing them with printing services.

A high-quality trade show counter and custom graphic can help you accomplish your trade show goals, and the experts at SpeedPro would love to help you get there. To get started, find your local studio today.