Island Trade Show Exhibits

Island Trade Show

People often say the crucial part of being successful is just showing up. But when it comes to exhibiting at trade shows, success also involves grabbing people’s attention and making them want to find out more about your company using your exhibit.

With a custom booth or island exhibit at a trade show, you can feel confident that your brand will stand out from the crowd. Custom booths or island exhibits also educate trade show attendees on who your brand is and what you have to offer. If you’re preparing to attend a trade show or other event, learn more about how renting a portable display or exhibit can help you make the most of your next event.

What Are Island Exhibits for Trade Shows?

What are Island Exhibits for Trade Shows?

Putting together a custom booth for a trade show involves more than just setting up a folding table, covering it with a table cloth and hanging up a few signs or banners. For instance, with an island exhibit — a vivid 20-foot by 20-foot display — people can see your brand even from the other side of the convention center or exhibition hall. Island exhibits are fully customizable, meaning you can choose its features and their arrangement in the exhibition hall.

A 20-foot by 20-foot trade show booth rental brings together the following features and conveniences:

  • Modular display kits, which allow you to mix-and-match features
  • Easy and quick assembly and breakdown
  • A fully custom-built display

You’ll have a choice of materials when deciding on an island exhibit rental, such as a durable and heavy-duty aluminum frame or a steel frame. Your brand’s logo and graphics are custom-printed on fabric. The kits are pre-built, making set-up and breakdown on the day of the trade show a breeze.

What Types of Island Exhibits Are Available?

Imagine a trade show where every single booth or exhibit looked the same. That would be boring, right? Luckily, you have plenty of options to choose from when designing a custom booth or island exhibit for your next event. The number and variety of available displays, as well as the ability to customize your layout with custom graphics, means your table won’t be identical to the booths on the left or right of yours during the trade show — no matter which design option you choose.

Take a look at what types of display booths are available.

1. Formulate Fusion Kit

If you want your trade show exhibit to stand out, you’ll want to consider the Formulate® Fusion Kit 05. The focal point of the display is an 18-foot tall tower with three curved support beams and a central cone that measures 7 feet across. In addition to the central tower, the Formulate® Fusion kit includes:

  • A reception counter, which is about 80 inches in width and 40.5 inches high and includes lockable storage
  • Three monitor mounts
  • Pillowcase fabric graphics

The Formulate® Fusion kit is made from 50-millimeter aluminum tubing. It has spigot connectors, which make assembly quick. If you’re interested in adding an A/V component to your display, you can use the three included monitor mounts to connect screens. There’s also the prospect of installing an internal LED lighting system, which is available as an a la carte option. The LED lights can make your tower display seem to glow from within, making it even more eye-catching and appealing.

2. Formulate Tree House Kit

The Formulate™ Tree House display kit is a perfect option if you want your exhibit to encourage people to wander about and explore your booth. This cylinder-shaped exhibit measures 15 feet across and 8 feet tall. It has two entrances, which encourage people to flow through the structure. The aluminum-tubing frame can be covered over with pillowcase fabric graphics. You can also leave the fabric unprinted if you’d like to use the cylinder as a projection surface.

3. Hybrid Pro Modular Kit

You have several Hybrid Pro™ Modular Kits to choose from, each of which creates a commanding and attention-grabbing presence on the trade show floor:

  • Kit 17 has a 15-foot tall central tower that boldly proclaims your brand’s name or logo to people near and far — even on the other side of the convention center. It also has two curved arms that stick out from the front, letting you display additional messaging. On the ground level, the kit offers three kiosks with display panels, counters with lockable storage and dual monitor mounts. The kit includes LED floodlights to illuminate your message and graphics.
  • Kit 18 creates a square exhibition space that measures nearly 12 feet in height, with LED display lights along the top edge. The aluminum frame can be paired with fabric graphics to help you get your brand’s message across. Along with the square structure, the kit includes a counter with literature racks and lockable storage.
  • Kit 19 is similar to Kit 18 but measures more than 15 feet in height with four display panels along the top. The aluminum structure houses two semi-private meeting areas, where representatives from your company can meet with potential clients or take down customer orders. Near its center is a storage space with a monitor mount attached.
  • Kit 20 is an ideal option if you want your next trade show display to stand out. This 4-foot high circular structure, which is balanced on top of two buttresses, is 14 feet tall with a 12-foot diameter. The 4-foot high ring gives you a chance to broadcast your brand’s logo and message across a busy event hall. The structures feature ample space for shelving so that you can advertise your products or offer literature for people to take with them.

4. Canis 20×20 Island Orbital Express Truss

20x20 Trade Show Rental Canis Island Orbital Express Truss

The Canis 20×20 island Orbital Express Truss™ exhibit features an industrial steel frame with four graphic walls that flow from the center’s open ring structure. A group of 24 spotlights illuminates the island display, making it as visible and noticeable as possible. Feel free to mix things up, as the truss system can be arranged and re-arranged into a variety of configurations. Graphics for the Canis display can be printed on rollable PVC or dye-sublimated fabric.

5. Corvus 20×20 Island Orbital Express Truss

The Corvus 20×20 island Orbital Express Truss™ has the same steel truss frame as the Canis system but offers different configuration possibilities. The main focal point of the Corvus kit is a 15-foot tower that lets you display your brand’s promotional content above all the other exhibits on the floor. At the base of the tower is an open structure that provides the perfect spot for you to meet or engage with clients and trade show attendees. The island exhibit also has six tabletops, which give people space to demo products or fill out forms with their information. Like the Canis, graphics for the Corvus can be printed on dye-sublimated fabric or rollable PVC.

6. Double Deck System

The Double Deck system offers you a bi-level exhibit during a trade show. Thanks to the two-story design, you can make the most of your trade show space. Depending on your needs, you can use the top deck of the Double Deck system to meet with clients and the bottom portion of the display to show off information about your brand.

The engineer-certified system features heavy-duty aluminum construction. It includes a staircase, a cover for the four sides, a door along the top railing and an interior wall. You can put the system together before the trade show using just a few tools. Assembly takes about eight hours with a team of four people.

How to Choose an Island Exhibit for Your Trade Show or Event

Due to the variety of available island exhibits and custom booths, nearly every type of business can find a display option well-suited to their brand. However, deciding which island exhibit is the right one for your brand or your next trade show could prove more challenging. Ask yourself the following questions when choosing a trade show exhibit to rent, which will help you pick the one that best meets your needs.

  • What do you plan to do at the trade show?: Before choosing an island exhibit to rent, determine what your goals for the trade show are and what you hope to do while there. For example, if you wish to sign up new customers or clients, you might want to choose an exhibit that has a somewhat secluded area where you can take down people’s information.
  • What do you want to offer visitors?: Another thing worth considering is the type of information you want to give to visitors who drop by your exhibit. If you’d like an interactive or A/V component, choose a display or design a booth that has monitor mounts. If you want people to try out your products, select an exhibit with counters or tabletop surfaces.
  • How many people from your team will be attending the trade show?: While custom booths are designed for easy assembly, the number of people you have building the exhibit determines how easily it will come together. The size of your team can affect the type of booth or exhibit system you end up choosing. If you have a lot of hands to help out, you might be able to pick a more complicated system.
  • Does the convention center or exhibition hall have rules about size or height?: Some convention centers, exhibition spaces and trade show organizers have pretty strict rules when it comes to how big your display can be. You don’t want to pick an exhibit that has a large central tower, only to learn later that the height limit is shorter than the height of your structure.
  • What type of graphics do you want to use?: Different island exhibit systems use different types of graphics. If you have a preference for one kind of graphic over another, or if you’ve already purchased graphics and hope to use them again, it’s a good idea to confirm that they are compatible with the trade show island you’re thinking about renting.

What Are the Benefits of Renting Custom Booths and Island Exhibits?

What are the Benefits of Renting Custom Booths and Island Exhibits?

While you want to stand out at your next trade show, you’re a little concerned about investing in a custom booth or island exhibit. You might be worried about storing the exhibit structure between shows, or you might not have the budget to purchase a display outright.

That’s where renting a custom booth comes into play. For many brands, renting an island exhibit makes more sense than purchasing one. Some of the benefits of renting your next trade show island include:

  • Renting lets you try before you buy: You like the look of a particular exhibit, but you’re not 100% sure it’s the right one for your brand. If you rent it, you can always return it at the end of the rental period if you realize it’s not for you. But if you like it, you can decide to purchase the exhibit and keep it.
  • Renting can be more cost-effective: If you don’t go to many trade shows each year, renting can make better financial sense than buying. When you rent, you usually end up paying a fraction of the purchase price. Plus, you don’t have to worry about paying for storage of the structure during the rest of the year.
  • Rental exhibits are pre-designed: Many rental island exhibits and custom booths come to you pre-built, so you don’t have to spend time thinking about their overall design and configuration. You’re then free to focus on other things, such as the design of your brand’s graphics.
  • Renting offers flexibility: Trade shows often take place in different locations throughout the year or from year to year. You might want to mix things up from trade show to trade show, or you might need some variation based on the rules of a specific event center. When you rent a booth, you have the flexibility to change the type of structure you use during each trade show based on your needs or the convention center’s requirements.

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