20-Foot Inline Rental Trade Show Displays

20 Foot Inline Rental Trade Show Displays

When you’re putting time, effort and finances into attending a trade show, you want to make it count. With limited space and so many other booths around you, you need to bring your A-game in order to capture people’s attention and meet your goals for the event. An inline display from SpeedPro can help you create a visually impressive and highly functional 10×20 trade show booth that you’re proud of.

What Are Inline Displays?

Inline displays are designed for a particular type of trade show booth: an inline booth. Other types of trade show booths include island, peninsula and perimeter wall booths. Also called linear booths, inline booths are the standard booth type common to most trade shows. They’re positioned side-by-side in aisles and are back-to-back with booths in the next aisle over.

What are inline displays?

These booths tend to be either 10 feet or 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. In most venues, the walls of your booth (either the back wall or side panels if you have them) cannot be higher than eight feet. Typically, regulations dictate that side walls must drop down to four feet or lower, however, once they’re within five feet of the front aisle. Exhibitors in an inline booth must also be mindful of the fact that hanging structures or signs are not permitted.

Inline displays are designed to perfectly accommodate the dimensions and regulations of inline booths in a way that maximizes the space and allows your company to make an impact. Standing out among many other inline booths can be a difficult challenge, so creating a unique display is absolutely essential if you want to attract people to your booth.

20-foot inline display rentals from SpeedPro come in a variety of configurations, but all are designed to fit perfectly in a 10×20 trade show booth. In every case, the basic components consist of a frame covered in fabric printed graphics that span the entire back of your booth space. Some options come with other features like counters. Whatever look you’re going for, you can find a ready-to-go option that gives you the function you need and allows you to customize it to proudly display your message.

What Are the Different Types of 20′ Inline Displays?

Differetn Types of 20' Inline Displays [list]Though all 20-foot inline displays are designed to be a ready-made solution for a 10×20 trade show booth, these displays come in a variety of styles. Let’s look at three different options you can choose from.

1. Backwall Displays and Accents

As the name implies, backwall displays are designed to run along the back wall of your booth. The 20-foot options are designed to completely cover the back of a 20-foot booth. You can choose a straight back wall or a curved one to fit the look you prefer. Either way, backwall displays are made from frames that are covered in a single, continuous graphic. If you want a display that’s simplistic and high-impact, a backwall display is an excellent choice.

Accents are accessories you can add to a backwall display if you want to incorporate a bit of dimension and some extra function. Accents from SpeedPro are curved convexly and include a place for two graphics along with either shelving or a monitor mount. You can choose an accent that integrates seamlessly with your design and allows you to help tell the story of your company, whether that be through displaying products, playing a video, showing off an award or anything else that helps complete your booth.

3. Modular Backwall Kits

If you want a backwall inline exhibit that has a more multi-faceted look, you should consider a modular backwall kit. These kits come with all the components you need to create a booth with a fully customized appearance despite being a ready-made option. All solutions include LED lighting to make your display pop.

You can choose the best kit based on its aesthetics. Consider whether you want a straight, geometric or fluid, curved look and whether you want to highlight a center graphic with other graphics at the sides or give equal attention to multiple graphics. You can also choose an option that’s simplistic or one that offers features like monitor mounts, literature racks, backwall tables, backwall counters or locking storage so that you don’t have to rent these items separately. No matter what you choose, you’ll get a display that looks finished and impressive.

4. Truss Modular Exhibits

Another off-the-shelf option for a 10×20 trade show display that stands out is a truss modular exhibit. These display kits are similar to modular backwall kits. Like modular backwall kits, they come in multiple panels and include lighting. However, they have a more modern, industrial look with steel truss lengths and connectors between panels. They also allow for nearly unlimited opportunities for customization since you can manipulate their layout.

This look makes truss modular exhibits the perfect option for some companies. Since there are gaps between each panel, you can display multiple graphics separately or display one continuous image with breaks in between for an interesting, modern display. Find an option that offers the features you want, whether it be shelving, tabletop space or a header, and customize it with stunning graphics for a total booth solution that wows.

What Are the Benefits of 20′ Inline Displays?

Why should you consider using an inline display in your next 10×20 trade show booth? Inline displays offer some unique benefits compared to other types of displays. Here are six reasons to consider choosing an inline solution:

  1. They’re ready to go: A major benefit of 20′ inline displays is that they’re a ready-made option. Rather than spend countless hours on trying to design the layout of your booth, you can concentrate on designing your graphics since the basic setup is already figured out for you. You’ll have an incredible display ready to go in no time.
  2. They provide a template for your creativity: Not knowing where to start designing your booth can feel overwhelming. For many graphic designers and marketers, having a framework to start with makes it much easier to let your creativity run wild. Now, your marketing team can come up with graphics to fit the template of the inline display that will help you achieve your trade show goals.
  3. They’re high-impact: No matter what style you choose, one thing is sure: A 20′ inline display is high-impact. Their sheer size paired with the right graphics makes for a display that’s hard to miss. This feature is so valuable when you’re competing with other booths for attendees’ attention. If the booths to your left and right have white walls with smaller displays, then you’ll know for certain that your booth will be the focal point.
  4. They’re made to be portable: A 20-foot portable trade show display may sound like an oxymoron. However, despite how large these displays are when they’re assembled, they’re designed to break down and fit into molded cases for transport, which helps consolidate and protect the many parts that go into forming a 20-foot product. You can easily get your inline display to the venue and then watch it expand and come to life as you assemble it.
  5. They are professional: If you want your booth to look seamless and professional, an inline display is an excellent option. Rather than piecing together different displays to complete your booth, use an inline display to give your whole setup a more consistent appearance. Even if you choose to feature several different graphics, these graphics will be connected for a consistent look.
  6. There are lots of options to choose from: SpeedPro offers a wide variety of options when it comes to 20′ trade show displays for rent. In many cases, you’ll find that rental options are limited, but not with SpeedPro. You can choose an inline display type that’s exactly what you’re looking for and then customize it further through your graphics and any accessories you choose to add.

What are the advantages of renting?

What Are the Advantages of Renting?

All the 20-foot trade show booth rental options available from SpeedPro are also available for purchase. Purchasing tends to be a good idea when you plan to exhibit at multiple events and know you’ll get a lot of use out of a display. If you’re not planning to use a display over and over again, however, renting is a great option. Note that when you rent a display, you’ll still need to purchase the graphics that you use with the rented hardware since they’re customized and, therefore, not usable for other companies.

If you’re trying to choose between purchasing and renting, consider the following advantages of renting your 20′ inline display:

  • You can go bigger with the same costs: These displays are huge. Their sheer scale makes them unmistakably impressive. If you’re working within a budget, renting a 20-foot display is an excellent way to achieve a look that may otherwise be out of your reach if you were purchasing the same display.
  • They’re a fast solution: Another benefit of renting your inline display is that these kits are pre-built and ready to go right off the shelf. All you’ll have to do is choose the kit you like best and design your graphics. That’s great news if you have the opportunity to exhibit somewhere and don’t have much time to come up with a display.
  • You can enjoy more variety: If you want to tailor your display for each event you attend to fit different booth sizes or appeal to different audiences, renting is a great option. Keep in mind that you can still purchase frames and change out the graphics for different events. However, if you want to feature completely different displays from event to event, renting is a valuable solution.
  • You can try it out before purchasing: Renting also gives you the option to try out a display without committing to keeping it, which is good news for anyone who’s considering purchasing a display but wants to see it in action first. If you end up loving your rental and you see it draw people, you’ll be happy about the option to purchase it.

What Should You Consider Adding to an Inline Display?

An inline display is designed to give your booth a finished look by itself. However, you can add more function and increase your impact by incorporating other features into your display. All of the following options are available for purchase, and some are available for rent if you want to stick to renting all components. So what should you consider adding to your booth after you’ve set up your inline display? Here are a few ideas:

  • Table with table cover: Including a table in your booth can give you more surface area to display products or information. You can also add chairs to give people a place to sit while they write down their information so that you can follow up on leads. Rather than opt for a plain folding table, turn any table into a branded, finished part of your booth by adding a table cover complete with the graphic of your choice.
  • Counter: A counter functions much like a table, so you can also use it to display items. It’s also a great place to keep a member of staff stationed to receive and welcome guests, answer their questions and engage them in conversation about your company. Choose from modular or fabric options to fit your desired look. You can even opt for a charging counter where guests can recharge their mobile phones. Whatever type of counter you choose, use it to show off your branding. Counters are available for rent.
  • Floor graphics: If you want to brand every possible part of your booth, don’t forget about the floor. Floor graphics are custom decals that you can place on the floor and then pull up when it’s time to leave. Even if someone is looking down at their feet or at their smartphone, they’ll still see your branding if you have floor graphics in place.
  • Banner stands: Banner stands are a simple and effective display option for any trade show. If you’re using an inline display to show off your branding, a springback or retractable banner stand can help you draw attention to something more specific, whether it be a new product you’re highlighting, an interesting fact about your company or a promotion you’re running. You can choose a backlit option for even more impact — lightboxes are available for rent as well.
  • Kiosks: If you like the simplicity of an inline display that doesn’t include too many bells and whistles, you can add these features separately. For example, a kiosk can provide a place to display a monitor, which you can use to play product demos or videos that help tell the story of your company. Or, you can use a kiosk to display a touch-screen tablet that attendees can use to navigate your online catalog or find information. Kiosks are available for rent.

SpeedPro Is Your Source for 20-Foot Inline Display Rentals

When you want to have an impact and achieve your trade show goals, you don’t want to cut corners. However, there’s nothing wrong with taking shortcuts when they result in a stunning display that’s sure to impress. That’s what you get when you choose a 20-foot trade show booth rental from SpeedPro. To get started creating the perfect display for your next trade show booth, find a local SpeedPro studio in our nationwide network and contact our staff.

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