Backlit Graphics

Backlit Graphics

Want to stick out of the crowd and shine a light on your products and services? Backlit graphics utilize LED lights, frames and easily exchangeable fabric overlays to create eye-catching displays for trade shows, events or any business.

SpeedPro Imaging offers a multitude of options in this area, and our visual communication experts across the nation are ready and willing to help you find the right solution for your scenario.

No matter what you decide to display, our backlit graphics will help you show customers exactly where the spotlight belongs.

Big. Bold. Backlights.

Backlit displays, also commonly referred to as lightboxes, can be utilized indoors or outdoors as long as you are near a power source. Whether you’re simply advertising your latest products on the street or vying for the attention of foot traffic at the latest trade show, no request is out of the question. At any SpeedPro studio you visit, you’ll find the same level of unwavering commitment to quality and customer service.

All of your products will be forged with state-of-the-art printing technology and top-tier materials. We use UV-resistant, long-life inks and materials to help grant your products a long and productive life. Trade shows and events in particular need this kind of attention, as bold and informative signage can create huge, lasting impressions on people and draw them to your booth.

Custom Backlit Graphics for Your Unique Situation

We can print in a variety of sizes, so properly filling your dimensions won’t be an issue. If wowing potential customers and partners at events is the goal, check out our full suite of custom trade show options.

Our pop ups, which are lightweight kits that display large fabric graphics, are flexible and impactful options. You can show your messages and images in seconds with their easy-to-setup designs, as they require no tools. With the proper illumination, the lights will complement your graphic’s colors and help to create an irresistible venue backdrop. They can also be used as accessory pieces like tabletop displays.

You can also have portable lightboxes commissioned, which can display a litany of different graphics. A large chunk of our modular displays come with lighted units and accessories as well. With our expert color-matching practices, we’ll create your graphics and accessories in a way that closely lines up with your preexisting branding elements!

Your Trusted Printing Partners for Reliable Backlit Displays

With new custom backlit graphics, you’ll outshine your competition every time! Contact your local studio to schedule your initial consultation with our team.

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