Soft Signage

Soft <span>Signage</span>

Soft signage printed fabrics display vibrant color to good effect and create beautiful artistic prints that can be used as wall dividers for offices or trade show booths. Gallery wraps and canvas printed custom art will liven up any wall and even furniture can be wrapped in custom printed graphics. Bring in any bolt of fabric to your local SpeedPro location and we can print whatever graphics your heart desires on it to fully customize your home or office interior décor. The only limit to what can be displayed on soft signage printed textiles is your imagination.

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are fabrics which are dye sublimated with a thin silicon strip finishing sewn directly into the graphic. The entire piece is then placed inside a special frame with flexible strips to create a snug display. SEG graphics are a type of soft signage that offers wrinkle free solution for fabric displays using applied tension. SEG displays produce photo-quality images and can be backlit for good effect to catch the eye of passersby. Dye-sublimation uses heat to transfer the ink directly onto fabric giving it a larger than life finish. Dye-sublimation is the technology leader for printing soft signage and textiles. Formerly a two-step process of printing on paper and then transferring to fabric was the norm, however the technology has advanced to the point where textiles can be directly printed and the images are sublimated deep into the weave of the fabric.

Redwood City Public Library banners
A large banner on a tall building that reads Sharing Chicago Stories

SEG displays for soft signage printed fabrics are in the long term a money saving choice as the interior fabric design can always be switched out of the frame at a later date so you can reuse the frame for multiple events or seasonal promotions. Plan ahead and print up multiple graphics for the same frame to ensure that your signs are always topical and on point.

Soft signage using versatile fabric textiles are commonly used to create banners and flags advertising outside businesses. SpeedPro has a wide variety of display options and systems available to highlight your soft sign designs to best effect. Canopies, tents and table covers are the perfect way to represent your business at outdoor events and brand your territory at trade shows. Fabric backwalls with SEGs locked into metal frames make a striking impression to help your booth stand apart from the competition. Even if you just have a counter, kiosk or tablet stand to display your product soft signage is the right choice due to its durability and low weight for easy transport and mobility.

Head on over to your local SpeedPro location today to talk to our experienced representatives about the options available to you for Soft Signage for your business. Our team has decades of printing experience under their belts and are at your service to ensure you receive the highest quality soft signage signs for your needs. SpeedPro quality soft signs are just the thing you’ve been looking for to breathe life into your work space or trade show booth.