The Samsung Business TV App

The Samsung <span>Business TV App</span>

Advertising Made Easy

No advertising experience? No problem. Samsung Business TV and the Samsung Business TV App make it super easy for you to create eye-appealing content. The app supplies a wide range of templates — over 100 of them — that can be used to display your business’s ads on the big screen. Plus, the templates are easy to customize, making it a user-friendly experience for the marketer. When editing the advertisement on your Samsung Business TV App you simply tap the area you’d like to change. From editing text, theme color, image or adding a slide show effect, the possibilities are endless.

Slideshow Agility

Slideshows and moving graphics are perfect for catching consumer’s eyes. If you want to promote multiple products or services, you can make a slideshow and create a carousel of images on your Samsung Business TV.  Using the Samsung Business TV App, your business can edit, add and showcase various products and services that you offer.

Samsung digital display
Samsung digital display

All the content that you post on your Samsung Business TV will come from your mobile device’s photo album.  Let’s say you want to add a new product to your slideshow and that product just arrived today. You can take a photo of that new product on your mobile device, and add it to the slideshow. In a matter of seconds, you are now advertising your new product on your digital display and customers will see that image in your slideshow.

Overlay Promotions and Live TV

Don’t let your customers miss the big game! With Samsung Business TV, you can simultaneously advertise your business while broadcasting live television. For example, if you have a Samsung Business TV in a waiting room at your office, you can promote a product or service while streaming a live newscast.

With Samsung Business TV, there are so many creative ways to promote your brand. It’s easier than ever to advertise, switch up messaging and display your business to passersby and consumers. At SpeedPro, we’re ready to serve your digital display business needs.