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Wall Mounted Signage Solutions

SpeedPro’s Wall Mount Sign Holder Types

SpeedPro Wall Mount Display Sizes

SpeedPro’s Wall Mounted Posters

Wall Mount Sign Holders & Hanging Options

SpeedPro’s 3D Letter Projecting Sign

Best Uses of SpeedPro’s Wall Mount Sign

Wall Mounted Signage FAQs


Wall Mounted Signage Solutions

SpeedPro’s wallmounted signage help attract attention to your brand message and is customizable for lobbies, events, restaurants, offices, and most all public spaces. Add to the aesthetics of your business space with wallmounted signs and custom sign holder variants of different shapes, sizes, and materials like acrylic and aluminum. Our high-quality wallmount graphic keeps your visitors engaged and educated about your business and brand. 

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SpeedPro’s Wall Mount Sign Holder Types

Our wall-mounted signs come in many shapes and sizes. From a portable portrait frame to a permanent monument sign in a public space, we use high-quality material for both the graphic and the frame. 

Poster and Graphic Types 

  • Free-standing poster: Typically printed on card stock, foam board or fabric material and is made to be in a snap edge frame or a lightbox 
  • Frame-edge square poster: This is a printed graphic on fabric stretched to fit a 1-inch-thick square aluminum frame. The frame comes in a variety of sizes. 
  • Frame-edge rectangular poster: Similar to a frame-edge square sign. However, the shape is different and available in various sizes.

Frame & Sign Holder Types 

Our wall-mounted signage offers various sign holders to display your graphic or poster. 

  • Snap edge frames: Durable, shatterproof and made from an anti-glare PVC. Available in a black and silver finish to help complement your area. 
  • Snap edge lightboxes: Eye-catching 1-inch LED diffuser panel around the edges to illuminate the graphics inside the frame 
  • Snap rail display: Features a top and bottom rail that frames a poster and allows you to hang it from the wall. Easily change graphics by removing the rails from the top and bottom edges.

SpeedPro Wall Mount Display Sizes

The size of your wall mount will depend on the material, the type of wall mount sign holder you use, the mounting surface and the sign installation process. Narrow down your choices with the below display size guide: 

  • Smallest: start at 8.5″X11″, 11″X14″, and 11″X17″ 
  • Small: between 12″X18″ up to 18″X24″ 
  • Medium: between 20″X24″ up to 24″X36″ 
  • Large: 30″X40″ (include snap edge frame and snap edge lightbox) 

SpeedPro’s Wall Mounted Posters

Our wall mount displays come with various aluminum, PVC and acrylic plates. Check our material-based guide: 

Standard Acrylic 

  • Clarity and translucence are ideal for architectural applications 
  • Material is lightweight, impact-resistant and UV stable 
  • Available in a wide variety of thicknesses and colors 

Standard PVC 

  • The surface is matte and fine-textured for printing and laminating 
  • Weatherproof and weather resistant for outdoor applications 
  • Standard colors available in 3mm & 6mm, white/black in 1-25mm 

Brushed Silver Aluminum Composite Material 

  • Excellent for indoors and outdoors, but also low in weight 
  • Eye-catching as they are sleek and look brilliant when printed on 
  • Available in a wide range of other colors and thicknesses 

Ultraboard Aluminum 

  • Typical for dimensional lettering to create a solid metal effect 
  • Lightweight, rigid foam core faced with anodized aluminum 
  • Available in thicknesses from 3/16 inch – 3 inches in 4×8 foot sheets 

Frosted Acrylic 

  • It is standard for room/office partitions, signage and POP displays 
  • Continuously processed acrylic sheet with texture on both sides 
  • Available in thicknesses from 1/16 – 1/2 inch in a variety of colors 


  • Tradeshow displays, POP retail graphics, hanging graphics 
  • Lightweight, paper face, easily die cut 
  • Available in white or black, thickness range from 1/8 – 1/2 inch 

Dry Erase Overlaminate 

  • Applied to the substrate to create a dry-erase board, wall or room 
  • It can be written on with a dry-erase marker and cleaned very easily 
  • Available in either a clear or white option

Max Metal Element 

  • Magnetic receptive surface for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Easily paired with dry-erase overlaminate 
  • Available in 4×8 ft sheets with a 1/8-inch thickness 

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Wall Mount Sign Holders & Hanging Options

SpeedPro’s mounted signage systems are easy to install, and just about anyone can install a wall-mounted sign without specialty tools. Below is our wide range of wall-mount hanging options. 

Standoffs Mounting Holders 

Standard Standoff Holders 

  • Stainless steel design provides a sleek look and incredible support strength 
  • Available in a variety of colors 

Locking Standoff Holders 

  • Insert the screws to lock the standoff in place 
  • Available in a variety of colors 

Edge Grip Standoff Holders 

  • Standoff clamps on the side of the graphic to avoid drilling holes 
  • Available in a variety of colors 


Standard Cleat 

  • The interlocking design ensures the poster does not slide or fall accidentally 
  • The sign can be mounted to virtually any substrate/surface 

French Cleat 

  • Holders wedge together to lock panels in place 
  • The design allows for quick installation and quick removal 

Quick Snaps 

Standard Quick Snap 

  • Adhesive needed to mount the head to the installed poster 
  • No screws will be visible on the face of the graph 

Oval Quick Snap 

  • Adhesive needed to mount the head to the installed graphic 
  • No screws will be visible on the face of the graphic 


Standard Pin 

  • The poster can be mounted flush or with spacers so that it sits off the wall 
  • Pins are mounted directly into the poster frame or with an installation nut 

SpeedPro’s 3D Letter Projecting Sign

SpeedPro offers DIY dimensional letter wall-mounted signs with plastic letter studs. Our Quick Snap Letter System allows you to mount the plate to the wall to create large, lettered wall signage. 

Our dimensional wall sign systems allow the letter to be set away from the wall creating a 3D effect. The two-part system will enable you to use stock, plastic and acrylic letters that are available easily. 

Unlike other wall mount systems, where the letters are permanently attached, ours allows you to remove and replace them without damaging the wall. 

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The Quick Snap Letter System comes in a variety of options: Round (mini, small, medium, large, big, extra big, jumbo and giant); Oval (clear, gray and black); Expander; and Spacer (clear, white, black and gray) standoffs. 

  • It’s cost-effective  
  • Quick design and install dimensional lettered wall signs  
  • A simple solution to hang letter wall signs  
  • Spacers and snaps that are easy to use 

Best Uses of SpeedPro’s Wall Mount Sign

Wall-mounted displays have more uses than just trade shows. You can use this type of display anywhere you are indoors. Use wall-mounted signs to advertise new products and promotions and draw people’s attention. Alternatively, update your lobby or reception space and deliver your message with eye-catching visuals – the choice is yours! 

Best uses of your custom wall-mounted sign: 

  • Office Signs (e.g., bathroom signs, conference room signs, etc.)  
  • Seminars or Convention Signs  
  • Lobby or Reception Signs (e.g., directory sign) 
  • Signs in Retail Stores 
  • Church, School or Hospital Signs 
  • Directional Sign (e.g., traffic signs, door signs, etc.) 

At SpeedPro, we work with clients across many industries to help them with the perfect mounted sign solution unique to their company. We have the expertise, material and equipment to produce high-quality custom sign and wall mount systems to make your vision a reality. 

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Wall Mounted Signage FAQs