Fine art products: Back printed acrylic

Fine art products: <span>Back printed acrylic</span>

Upon request we can ensure that your print is made completely with UV Ink that once exposed to UV light is transformed into a thin layer of plastic that acts as a top layer to the substrate upon which it has been applied. Deciding to make this choice is recommended for those who want to display their prints outdoors or in direct sunlight as the UV ink will remain durable and un-faded for an extended period of time.

The benefits of using back printed acrylic for your fine art prints are manifold. Acrylic is a versatile material that effectively displays vivid colors, varied dimensions and detailed etchings. If desired the acrylic can be designed with different layers of transparency to better display details of the print. Due to the lightweight properties of acrylic fine art prints using the material are convenient to install and easy to transport while not negatively affecting the durability. In point of fact, acrylic is a common choice of material for outdoor signs as it is well prepared to handle the elements while maintaining vibrant images. The combination of acrylic with the standoff mounts means that the art can be of a larger size than originally designed and therefore cover a greater area of your display gallery.

Museum graphics
Rah rah rah sign

Once you have determined where and how to hang your acrylic fine art print with standoff mounts it is important to consider the lighting of the room and the display area. If desired the black printed print can also be back-lit using installed LEDs to illuminate graphics. The effect can be done in a lightbox style where the LED lights are positioned inside a box or on a back-plate, via a stencil cut installed in the prints back panel, in a face illuminated style where the design is lit from within, in a halo manner where back-lights are installed behind the entire image in a 360-degree glow or with neon tubes. Examples of each of these design choices are available for view at your local SpeedPro location.

All of these factors are some of the reasons why back printed acrylic fine art prints with standoff mounts are among our most popular available display options. However you don’t have to take our word for it, we are pleased to have you come directly to any of nationwide SpeedPro locations to view samples of all our printing products and services and speak directly with us about your specific needs.

Design a modern gallery to display all the fine art prints you may have collected. Hang the art safely and securely using standoff mounts in a uniform and eye pleasing manner. Add custom lighting choices to properly illuminate and display the art in the literal best light. Let SpeedPro help you make your fantasy fine art gallery a reality. Our team of printing professionals are prepared to give you the advice and materials you need to create the look you desire. All aspects of the process are taken care of with clear communication and helpful assistance.