Dimensional Projects

Dimensional Projects

Add some true pop to your company’s images and branding elements with three-dimensional signage!

SpeedPro Imaging is well-equipped to add another dimension to your branding outreach. With our cutting-edge technology, industry-leading materials and experts positioned throughout the country, you’ll receive high-quality pieces of work wherever you go!

Signage With an Added Dimension

Two-dimensional elements are effective in their own ways, but it never hurts to add another layer to your overall building’s atmosphere to keep customers and employees engaged.

We can accommodate requests for indoor or outdoor signage, and the branding elements can serve decorative purposes, promote new products and services or even announce your brand with renewed impact.

Restaurants, medical practices, educational facilities, government entities, real estate agencies and banks are just a few of the different kinds of businesses that frequently come to our studios for help with their dimensional signage needs. No matter which studio you partner with, the team will work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction. Every project begins with a consultation session, where expectations are outlined and options are thoroughly discussed.

Our products are cut with precision using the latest CNC router technology, and the appearance can be matched to flawlessly pair with your other visual elements. While people often think of dimensional signage as merely decorative, it can suit a variety of other applications and fulfill functional needs as well. Here are a few products we offer to our customers:

  •  Acrylic: Acrylic offers a bold, immediately recognizable element to your office space. It’s an incredibly versatile material, as we can use features to fit a range of sizes, shapes and colors. You can add a dimensional flair to your logo or create some interesting decorative elements.
  •  Foamcore: If you’re looking for an option that’s cost-efficient, light and temporary, it’s hard to beat foamcore. You can even extend its lifespan with a series of different finishes and coats.
  •  Metal: Aluminum and other malleable metals like copper, bronze and steel are all fair game for companies seeking industrial, hardened overtones. Metals can also be finished and polished in a variety of ways, and the durability they offer is second to none.
  •  Wood: Sometimes you can’t beat the old-fashioned, natural ambiance wooden signage helps to inspire. Many popular wood types can be cut to fit your requirements, which also means they can be made to withstand indoor or outdoor use without significant wear and tear.

Your Trusted Printing Partners for Stunning Dimensional Projects

When you’re ready to take your visual communications to another dimension, contact your local studio to arrange a consultation!

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