Custom textiles (Blinds, Light Fixtures)


One of the greatest benefits of glass finishes for exterior windows or walls is added privacy from applied glass designs. Even though all-glass buildings are popular, so too is the tradition of covering up glass with blinds and shades. Curtains and blinds add a down home touch to commercial spaces. SpeedPro printed textile blinds can complete the look of your business and help you brand every aspect of the customer experience.

Interesting Light Features using Textiles

Managing event space lighting is the best way to create a specific mood. Choose bright lighting for high energy events. Choose dim lighting for more intimate affairs. If your venue is generally a “low light” location–such as a club or bar– consider adding some interesting textile lighting fixtures to personalize the space. Never neglect to consider the power of proper lighting. Industry research tells us that warm lighting attracts and retains more visitors to a room or storefront. Introducing dramatic light installation, such as an LED spot or detachable and adjustable textile light fixtures, to your point-of-purchase stands have been shown to increase the average sale per customer by up to 1.93 percent. SpeedPro suggests you add some accent lights to the perimeter of the room featuring the colors of your company logo or shine a spotlight on key focal points. Unique lighting made to order such as lightboxes, also known as custom backlit graphics, are available upon request to create an aesthetic with a modern edge that is undeniably sophisticated.

Texture of textiles

In our modern age, so much effort is placed on creating digital environments to the point where many people lack a tangible element that connects them with brands. Using textiles in your store decor can help establish a tactile experience and thereby create lasting meaningful memories.

The applied use of textiles can help transform any space into a full sensory experience. Combined with architectural design, artwork and visual graphics play a huge role for brands committed to encouraging a fully sensory engagement between the brand and the retail space. Textile wall coverings are an ideal solution. Textiles such as felt are very popular. When applied to a wall, it helps environmental graphics take on something akin to a three-dimensional feel and there is also an acoustic component. For companies that use open office layouts, felt panels can be crafted into a variety of shapes and sizes that reduce sound levels in addition to adding a visual aesthetic to the business environment.

Swing by any of our SpeedPro national locations to check out the variety of textiles we have available to craft whatever your heart desires. Our experienced and professional staff are eager to interact and answer questions to help you design a fully integrated space.