Lamination: Specific types

Lamination: <span>Specific types</span>

Specific types and reasons to use lamination:

Overlaminate or textured laminates add a visceral tactile quality to the top layer of the object or sign receiving the laminate treatment. For example if a sports sign is being laminated the texture of the ball, such as a basketball, football or laces of a baseball can be included into the sign design. In general, it is a good idea to use textured overlaminate treatments for any floor decal to decrease the likelihood of slippage. Adding texture to wall signs helps the image pop even more and passersby who are inspired to touch the sign will likely remember the product more vividly due to the addition of the extra sense memory.

Liquid laminates are recommended for use on certain applications such as wall coverings, elevator wraps/decals and vehicle wraps. Liquid laminates also generally add a layer of UV protection which helps signs remain vibrant and legible for longer periods when exposed to direct sunlight.

Matte finish lamination adds a film adhesive via heat-activation to add further protection for banners and retail signage. Matte finish lamination is also popular on glass graphical displays as it cuts back on the inherent shine or glare from light reflected on the windows by creating a flatter surface as opposed to a glossy finish. Matte is generally recommended as a laminate finish for all signs where visibility is a priority as matte finish reflects very little light, giving the surface a subtle look with almost no sheen. Additionally, extra matte protection ensures that the laminated product isn’t harmed by UV rays, rain, ice or other elements. Of course, if you aren’t worried about shine, high-gloss, glossy or semi-gloss laminate options are available. No matter which you choose, SpeedPro has you covered.

What kind of signs benefit from lamination?

All sign materials which may be used out-doors such as flags, banners, mesh, vinyl decals, poster paper, wraps, PVC foam board, Alumalite, gatorboard, ultraboard and more benefit from the preserving qualities of lamination. We especially recommend using laminate on products that are permanently outside or exposed to the elements such as directional signs, door wraps/decals, floor decals, outdoor wall murals and exterior window graphics.

Crayola presents window graphic
Allen Wayne vehicle wrap

Does lamination affect color?

Glossy finish lamination generally makes prints appear more vibrant. Matte and Satin finishes help prevent unwanted glare which is important for trade show exhibits or backdrops being filmed for television or still cameras but does not enhance the natural color.

How can SpeedPro help you with lamination?

SpeedPro offers lamination as an option for most printing jobs. SpeedPro can also provide mural lamination treatments to walls, protecting custom image from scratches, stains, wear, tear, and discoloration. Additional types of lamination available include Dry Erase laminates turn any sign into a dry erase board which is great for restaurant menu boards, interactive business presentations and event leaderboards. In urban areas we recommend our anti-graffiti laminates that provide excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents. If your signs have been targeted by vandals consider a coat of anti-graffiti laminate to allow for easy removal of graffiti.

Anti-skid lamination is highly recommended for any graphics or decals on floors. Be sure to protect your customers from slips and falls with anti-skid lamination. In fact, one of the best things you can do to ensure your floor logo decals holds up over time and provides a safe surface to play on is to apply laminates to them. Appropriate matte masks and laminates protect decals against people running across them and any liquids that come into contact with them, like water or sweat. Choose slip-resistant and skid-resistant laminates as safety should be your top priority. Select a skid-resistant laminate to make sure people passing by don’t slip on your vinyl floor decal.

Pick the strongest adhesive and extra matte protection for floor decals to protect against ice, rain and UV rays, and by using an extra-strong adhesive you avoid the graphic being moved from its location by any external forces.

No matter what size sign you require, SpeedPro helps you create weather-resistant eye-catching outdoor signage that is tough enough to provide vivid imaging for years to come. Laminated door decals give a glossy finish that helps protect the decals from the elements and looks great. From blistering sun, to pelting rain, to frigid ice and snow lamination helps extend the lifespan of door decals and keeps them looking their best through every season of inclement weather.