Door Decals

Door <span>Decals</span>

Door Decals

When you invest in signage for your business, be sure to make good use of your front door. Your front door is right in front of your clients’ eyes as they enter your business — they have to reach out and touch it before they can come in. A lively, attractive, informative front door appeals to clients and makes them more interested in what you have to offer. If you have doors inside your business, you can also use decals to label rooms and add your branding throughout your facility.

Let’s look in more detail at how you can use door decals in your business and why you should consider this attractive and practical display option.


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What Are Door Decals?

What Are Door Decals Made Of?

Types of Door Decals

Benefits of Door Decals


What Are Door Decals?

Door decals are a form of out-of-home advertising — advertising that focuses on consumers when they are out in the world, as opposed to being at home, looking at their phones or watching TV. Most people spend 70% of their waking time out of their homes, and advertising to consumers while they’re not at home typically returns $2.80 for every dollar spent. Television advertising, in contrast, returns only $2.43 for every dollar spent.

Door decals are a great way to promote your business and catch the eye. These decals are designed to affix to your front door or other doors in your facility and turn an otherwise blank surface into a branded design. You can even use door decals to share information like your business hours and contact information. By using door decals for both aesthetic and practical purposes, you can enhance your business entrance and make a more positive impression on your customers.

One of the greatest advantages of door decals is their versatility. You can get decals in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to use throughout the year. Or you can get a few decals that you love and leave them up to advertise for your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whatever you decide to do, your use of colorful, durable, professionally made decals will impress people with your sense of style, your care for your clients’ experience and your commitment to your business.

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What are door decals made of?

What Are Door Decals Made Of?

For door decals, vinyl is an ideal material because it is weather-resistant. This means you can install a decal on the exterior of your front door and expect it to look great for a long time. Most door decals are made of calendered vinyl, which is rolled out with hard-pressure rollers to create an even thickness, usually 3 to 6 millimeters. Calendered vinyl decals are generally rated for several years of outdoor durability. Some decals are laminated to make the surface even more durable.

For a door, vinyl decals are also ideal because they can hold up to wear from plenty of touching as people open or close the door. The decal’s adhesive is another important part of what makes door decals so versatile and durable. Door decals’ strong adhesive helps them remain firmly in place on your company’s door, even if it opens and closes hundreds of times throughout the day.

But if you want to change things up by using fresh decals to complement the season or advertise a special sale or product, door decals are easy to peel off the door when you’re ready. You can even reuse door decals by sticking them to their old backings, laying them flat in a cool, dry place and storing them conveniently until you’re ready to use them again.

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Types of Door Decals for Business: laminated door decals, single-sided door decals, contour-cut door decals, and double-sided door decals

Types of Door Decals for Business

Door decals come in a few different types, so you can choose the style that best fits your business and its aesthetic. Door decals are also a breeze to customize. So if you’re looking for a specific color scheme to match your existing branding, want to recreate your distinctive logo or need very large, small or intricately shaped graphics, it’s easy to get the perfect decals to make your business look bright and inviting.

Vinyl door decals are easy to customize and enhance through a few different finishes and printing options.

  • Laminated door decals: Lamination gives decals a glossy finish that looks great and helps protect the decals from the elements. It is particularly recommended for door decals, since they will be mounted outside and may be exposed to all kinds of weather, from blistering sun to pelting rain to frigid ice and snow. Lamination helps extend the lifespan of the door decals and keep them looking their best through many seasons.
  • Contour-cut door decals: Door decals can be simple rectangles, but they can also take more surprising, exciting forms. Contour-cutting allows you to create decals cut into unique shapes. This means you can print your logo without a border or you can choose a shape that fits with your business, such as a car for a dealership or a dog for a pet-boarding facility. With custom contour-cut decals, you can make that happen. Be aware, though, that intricate shapes may take a bit longer to cut and finish than simpler forms.
  • Single-sided door decals: Single-sided decals are typically used for solid doors. They have printing on one side and adhesive on the other, and they can be mounted either on the outside of the door, facing out, or on the inside of the door, facing in. One way you can use single-sided door decals is in an office to label different rooms in your facility.
  • Double-sided door decals: Businesses often use double-sided door decals on glass doors or doors that contain a glass panel. Glass door decals for businesses are advantageous because they allow you to display your message in both directions at once. Use double-sided door decals to create a colorful scene that clients can view from both the outside and inside of your business. Just remember that lettering will be reversed on one side, so double-sided door decals tend to work better for graphics than text.
  • Door wraps: Some decals cover just a portion of your door. However, you can also create door wraps that cover the entire door except for the door’s hardware. This can be a great option for an impactful front door decal or a fuller display on an interior door in your facility. To create a door wrap, use the door’s exact dimensions to ensure you get total coverage.

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Benefits of Door Decals for Businesses [Infographic]

Benefits of Door Decals for Business

Door decals provide a variety of different benefits for your business.

  • They help you stand out: Your front door stands front and center in your business, so using it to display attractive decals means passersby will take undoubtedly notice of your message. If you’re trying to increase the visibility of your business on your street or stand out to more people, door decals should make up part of any effective strategy. Also consider window decals for the rest of your storefront.
  • They’re completely customizable: Door decals are endlessly customizable. Whether you need a specific color scheme, graphics to match your other signage, unique shapes and sizes or whimsical characters to bring your business to life, you can make it happen. Door decals are versatile enough to give your business a vibrant look that’s exactly what you’ve imagined.
  • They’re durable: Unlike a paper sign that may tear, bleed or blow away, door decals will stick firmly to your door for years if you want them to. The quality materials and careful craftsmanship that goes into their manufacture means they will withstand the elements and look fantastic for a long time. Of course, they also work great for short-term displays.
  • They’re affordable: Compared to other long-lasting display types, decals are exceptionally affordable. With a door vinyl decal, you can dress up your facility and add signage in a way that looks highly professional, all while respecting your budget.
  • They can welcome customers: As businesses focus more on cultivating the ideal user experience for customers, they should use their front door as an opportunity to make customers feel welcomed right away. You can even create seasonal greetings for the holidays to make your clients feel a festive spirit when they visit your business.
  • They can communicate important information: Door decals offer a convenient way to communicate with your clients. For instance, you can use different decals to announce new products or special promotions. You can also display your company’s web address, contact information and store hours. If you’re hiring, let people know that too with a door decal.
  • They can provide directions: If you have some doors that remain locked, installing a door decal that points visitors toward the correct door is a must so they can gain entry without any confusion. You can use door decals for other wayfinding purposes, too. Inside a building, door decals can label rooms like restrooms or offices and can denote exits.
  • They may engage a new clientele: Every business wants to attract new clients, but expanding an existing client base can be hard to do. Door decals help you take a step in the right direction. Using bright colors, bold shapes and eye-catching designs will make people smile as they walk down the street and catch sight of your door — and bringing a smile to people’s day is a great way to capture their attention and encourage them to come inside.
  • They can boost brand awareness and recognition: Even if you have other, larger business signage, using door decals is a great way to reinforce your branding. Engaging door decals help capture attention and make your business stick out to potential clients among the many storefronts competing for their patronage. Even if people don’t stop in right away, they’ll likely remember your business and make a point of coming by later to check it out.

Ask yourself if you can capitalize on any of these benefits to turn your doors into canvases for engaging visuals and information.

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