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Custom Floor Decals

Using your business’s floor space is an innovative and cost-efficient way to gain maximum visibility while spending a minimum marketing budget. Floor decals are the best customizable and creative signage to utilize your branding asset fully. SpeedPro has you covered. 

Unlike traditional signs like a-frames and wall-mounted graphics that take up a lot of space, custom floor decals are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, completely customizable and cost-efficient. SpeedPro’s vinyl graphics will allow you to improve displays, create a better shopping environment and use open floor space. 

Customize your floor decal or vinyl floor stickers with any shape, color, text, image or graphic with SpeedPro’s professional tools and experienced design team. 

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Why Use SpeedPro’s Custom Floor Decals

How to Apply Your SpeedPro Vinyl Floor Decal

Customize Your Vinyl Floor Decals with SpeedPro


Floor Decals

Why Use SpeedPro’s Custom Floor Decals

In an oversaturated market of branded advertising spaces, floor decals occupy a more surprising space that’s always in the customer’s line of vision. If used smartly, floor decals can be an effective form of advertising for your business. But beyond their attention-grabbing nature, vinyl floor graphics have several other advantages to consider, including:


The Benefits of Floor Decals [infographic]

Whether you want something fun and colorful or professional and brand-cohesive, floor graphics are entirely customizable. Create consistent branding across your organization with floor decals and custom stickers. 

Use your floor decal to project: 

  • Mascots or branding figures 
  • Patterns or interesting shapes 
  • Logos, slogans and taglines 
  • Inspirational messages
  • Printed textures 
  • Product images 
  • And more! 

Effective Branding

Companies use experiential design to merge technology, visual arts and consumer behavior to create a seamless user experience. Floor decals go beyond the scope of traditional branding strategies and are a part of this cohesive ambiance.  

To make the most of your space, you can place vinyl decals at: 

  • Company building’s lobby or entryway 
  • Hallways and rooms with heavy foot traffic 
  • Queues directing customers to a specific product or service 
  • Product aisles or custom display areas 
  • Trade show displays 
  • Artwork exhibits

Cost & Spatial Efficiency

A floor decal is an excellent alternative to more expensive signage or a cost-efficient addition to a preexisting business branding setup.  

Here is how floor decals add to your marketing savings: 

  • Costs of decals are low, to begin with 
  • Vinyl decals are durable and long-lasting  
  • Floor decals are built for rough handling and require zero maintenance  
  • You save on prime branding spaces like walls, doors, windows, etc. 
  • Unlike 3D signs, these don’t require mounting or placement costs 
  • Minimalist design, unobtrusive views – excellent customer experience


Floor decals can serve as more than decoration or branding. Strategically placing custom floor signs along floors and walkways, like a yard sign, helps traffic control and prevent obstructions in busy areas. Add real value to your customer experience with SpeedPro’s directional signage. 

Directional floor decals are great for many kinds of businesses, including: 

  • Retail stores 
  • Malls and outlets 
  • Supermarkets 
  • Offices 
  • Warehouses 
  • Public spaces 
  • Roads and public vehicles 

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How to Apply Your SpeedPro Vinyl Floor Decal

Floor decals are one of the most customizable types of signage. You can choose any size, shape, color or print, making them versatile and applicable to many uses. Your vinyl floor graphics are perfect for showing off logos, mission statements, business values and other public relations media. 

Applying Indoor Decals 

SpeedPro provides excellent adhesive backing on all our floor or wall graphics. Indoor vinyl graphics are the more common form of a decal.  

Apply the following steps to get the best out of your indoor floor graphics:   

  • Check that the area is clean, dry and free from recent treatments for at least 24 hours. 
  • Use squeegees to lay the vinyl graphics flat, so no air bubbles are trapped. 
  • Let the laid-out floor graphic set for 8 to 24 hours.  

Applying Outdoor Decals 

Outdoor decals must be durable enough to withstand various elements. From exposure to the weather to heavy foot traffic, outdoor graphics like concrete floor decals and asphalt floor decals are meant to last, even with natural wear and tear. 

When you’re applying an outdoor floor decal, remember to: 

  • Inspect the ground for any significant bumps, cracks or unevenness. 
  • Check that the laminate layer is applicable for proper use. 
  • Avoid moisture spots to save the adhesive backing. 
  • Avoid places with rapid temperature fluctuations. 

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Customize Your Vinyl Floor Decals with SpeedPro

There are nearly endless ways you can use floor decals. With SpeedPro’s nationwide network of studios, we can tackle any project, even in time-sensitive situations. We will match your company’s colors, style, designs and logos to your decals to ensure cohesive branding throughout your store. Our team is attentive to every detail, providing you with the best possible design while meeting your specifications. 

Get started on your floor decal project with SpeedPro today — find your local studio to request a quote or consultation. 

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