Event Graphics

Event Graphics

Sure, you could advertise your event with a few posters or invitations. You could adorn the venue with the usual decorations in the usual places, hoping the environment enhances your event’s overall purpose. Or you could create a complete, coordinated visual experience using custom event graphics that wow your guests and leave a lasting impact, both professionally and personally.

Turn to the printing experts at SpeedPro during your next custom event graphic setup. From custom banner pieces to a full experiential graphics package, we’re here to help you put your mark on your next event.

Why Use Custom Event Graphics?

Special gatherings and venues demand special marketing collateral. Banners, posters, signs — hanging, standing, pole-mounted, indoor or outdoor. You have a gathering, and you require printed materials exuding energy, atmosphere and, of course, targeted messaging.

Using event graphics for professional and personal gatherings comes with many benefits, including the following.

1. Brand the Space

Give personality to whatever event hall, conference room, presentation or party you’re hosting — your personality, that is.

Personalize your event space.

Encompassed in your brand are a set of traits, characteristics and colors making your business what it is. Use event graphics to showcase those qualities. Be bold, subtle, contemporary or classic. Whatever design elements fit your brand’s personality can be infused into the banners, signage, decals, directional signs and more printed especially for this experience.

2. Draw More People to an Event

Branded events attract more eyes and more feet. Consider how essential it is to draw traffic at specific events:

  • Trade shows or industry conferences, where your business’ booth needs to stand out from the others, captivate passerbyers yet still convey expertise and authority
  • Store grand openings or remodels, drumming up energy for businesses new and established
  • Pop-up events, the trendy experiential marketing tactic of the moment requiring visually impactful, beguiling environments. Restaurants, bars, boutiques and more open flashy, limited-time-only store offshoots, usually involving some sort of experiential twist for those who “pop by” for a visit. Yet people need to “pop by” for such events to be successful, which is where graphics come in.

3. Energize and Uplift

Research shows that room ambiance has a direct correlation with guest wellbeing, satisfaction, energy and overall mood.

Ambiance has a direct correlation to guest wellbeing, satisfaction, energy and overall mood.

Well-designed, well-lit event graphics promote an energizing and uplifting environment. In one study published by the journal Research in Public Hospitality, event planners themselves ranked physical factors like directional signage and facility decor second only to service quality in metrics that lead to overall event satisfaction and success. Other studies support the idea that the more thoughtful and creative the physical details and decorations of an event are, the happier the attendees are.

4. Infuse Strategy With Atmosphere

From company shareholder retreats to corporate trade shows, product launches to birthday parties, events have a purpose. Keeping that purpose at the forefront while still balancing branding needs is a task made easier when you utilize the many types of custom event graphics available at SpeedPro’s studios.

Branded images can be displayed in creative places, such as on tabletop decor or temporary wallpaper. Friendly messages printed on floor decals can greet guests as they arrive, formally welcoming them to an event. Directional signage can help conference goers navigate without sacrificing charm and ambiance. In short, you get the best of both worlds from event graphics — personality and professionalism.

5. Have More Fun

Event graphics are engaging. At the end of the day, putting on a special event, whether for professional or personal reasons, is about uniting people for a common purpose. Infuse that purpose with fun by including high-quality, on-theme event graphics.

Where and When to Use Event Graphics

Where and when to use event graphics

Event graphics can be used across personal and professional settings. These custom printed materials are staples for any event planner wishing to wow attendees — and keep a business or service top-of-mind:

  • Grand openings: Whether a new storefront or a new product launch, grand-opening events carry endless graphics opportunities. Grand openings benefit from large, bold banners hung in entryways, stickers and clings sprucing up windows, creative point-of-purchase displays highlighting fresh products and backlist signs enhancing room color and texture.
  • Trade shows and conferences: Every industry maintains branding and networking opportunities in the form of trade shows and conferences. From technology to the manufacturing sector, health care to academia, if you’re involved in a particular trade, you have a matching trade conference, even if it’s not many. Each of these events will be designated in some way, most commonly through their use of branded materials. See for yourself. Take note of the signs, posters, stage decor, brochures and other printed materials at your next industry conference.
  • Parties, celebrations and festivals: Theme parties especially present so many options to create and customize their environments. The decorations on tabletops alone can set the perfect scene for the perfect theme, as can signs and banners hung in strategic locations to increase festival or party awareness. You’re limited only by your imagination. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more celebration types are also ideal for custom event graphics.
  • Award ceremonies: Custom graphics help boost your ability to celebrate employee, team, colleague or student accomplishments. Honor a group or individual with bright, eye-catching posters and banners. Showcase accomplishments and award categories on event tabletops and brochures. Even print out lifesize cutouts of award recipients, all to have some fun while recognizing achievements.
  • Sports events: Events from marathons, triathlons and charity races to the local high school’s homecoming game all require custom graphics to honor the occasion. Advertise mascots on flags or add visually appealing directional signage that leads to a stadium or field, then let these visuals intertwine with your brand.
  • Music venues: From stadiums to concert halls to outdoor stages, music venues will host a wide array of talent. Showcase the diversity and range of acts with an ever-changing display of event graphics, indoor and outdoor — perfect for increasing both event energy and a venue’s own visibility.
  • Seminars and networking functions: Teaching a class where attendees will earn a professional license or certificate? Traveling for speaking engagements and industry tutorials? Hosting a professional happy hour once a month at various area bars or restaurants? Use custom event graphics to advertise these functions as well as greet and establish a significant presence when guests arrive day-of.
  • VIP events: Many businesses put on invite-only, VIP events for special tiers of customers and clients or high-achieving employees. These celebrations are an excellent way to build loyalty and create stronger connections with key stakeholders — and a prime place to amplify brand personality through specialty graphics.
  • Family gatherings: Throwing a large family reunion? Welcoming home a grandkid from college or a cousin from overseas deployment? SpeedPro studios can print event banners and signage perfect for the special family occasion.

Setting up Event Graphics

Depending on your event graphics, assembly steps and procedures will vary. All printed materials designed and used for special events, however, will require the following list of general considerations:

  1. How extensive do we want our graphics to be? Graphics are affordable additions to any event, especially if they’re ordered in bulk. As early as possible in your event-planning stages, consult a SpeedPro representative to hear order recommendations and price quotes. Our studios will work to ensure your design expectations are met and exceeded at a price you’re comfortable with.
  2. What is our venue? Venue type, size and location determine appropriate event graphics. Evaluate the number of rooms you’ll be occupying, plus room types and configurations. Place event graphics in venue areas where form matches function and where they’ll receive the most strategic attention, ensuring every piece of collateral counts.
  3. Where do we want to place branded graphics? Envision the dream setup for your next industry event or party. Do you see a structured or formal set of materials, such as retractable banners and a few hyper-relevant displays? Or do you picture a complete set of complementary visual pieces in various standing, sticking, hanging and folded positions, meeting visitors’ eyes wherever they turn?
  4. Where can we actually place branded graphics? Determine the spatial dimensions and affordances of your venue. Will the event be indoors or outdoors? Do we have areas that can support hanging graphics and safe places to pitch tents or set up graphic stands? How many large-format banners, signs and stickers can the area contain without message oversaturation or misalignment?
  5. What is the overall event vision? Reflect on what you want your guests to take away from your event — the atmosphere, energy, mood and messages. What event graphics will create that vision best?

SpeedPro studios print all event graphics to be transportable and easy to assemble. Our commitment to user-friendly custom graphics setup extends across all order types and should require no specialty installation personnel. Whether graphics will be stuck on a wall, clinging to windows, draping from ceilings or propped up in retractable stands, assembly is designed to be as straightforward and intuitive as possible.

SpeedPro studios have found that the most commonly ordered event graphics include the following:

Each of the above materials can be delivered to your location in wheeled carts or hand-carried cases. Specialty equipment, such as display stands, retractors, pole mounts and other banner or graphics scaffolding, is typically included in the order unless otherwise stated.

For more on SpeedPro’s event graphic setup and material selection process, review the Trade Show/Event tab in our FAQ center here.

Creative Uses for Event Graphics

Event graphics are as diverse and multifaceted as events themselves. They’re called “custom” for a reason, designed and printed to your specifications at the onset of an order, even if a graphic doesn’t fit neatly into a current print category.

Looking for out-of-the-box branded materials for your next business or social gathering? Consider some of these trendy twists on traditional event graphics:

  1. Step-and-repeat banners: Make attendees feel like celebrities on the red carpet by setting up a step-and-repeat banner area. Use the printed backdrop to display your company’s logo alongside an on-theme design and color scheme. Guests will love snapping pictures and selfies in front of the backdrop.
  2. Backlit signs: Dimensional lettering and contoured signs lit from behind lend a one-of-a-kind ambiance to a room. These products literally shine a light on your message, whether you’re showcasing the names of a newlywed couple in a reception hall or illuminating a company’s new logo at a launch ceremony.
  3. Temporary wallpaper and wall graphics: Take a room from bland to bold using custom printed temporary wallpaper, wall decals and window clings. Vinyl sheets provide the base substrate for these prints, which you can “peel and place” onto desired surfaces for a fresh, on-theme facelift.
  4. Temporary dance floors: Inspire your groove with event graphics. Floor event graphics transform regular tile, cement and wood floors into fun, immersive spaces, like these floor graphics turned into wedding dance floors for actual SpeedPro clients.
  5. Experiential or interactive pieces: Use graphics as a template for interactive or experiential zones at your next event. We love the brilliant use of floor decals as the base for this lifesize Monopoly board game or the logos printed on this cornhole lawn game setup.

Different Types of Custom Event Graphics

There are dozens of custom event graphics to choose from for your next branded gathering. Large-format print studios like SpeedPro have the equipment and technology available to create any of the following graphics:

  • Wall murals: From step-and-repeat stages to trade show booth backdrops to specialty temporary wallpaper adorning an event hall, wall murals will draw all the right attention.
  • Floor graphics: With highly customizable and scalable short-term stickers and decals to adorn the floor of your event space, you’ll ensure that no one can resist your customized signage and offers.
  • Directional or wayfinding signage: Directing traffic and pointing guests to important venue areas like conference sessions, restrooms, cafeterias and lounges, wayfinding signage makes sure everyone knows where they’re going.
  • Window decals: Lending pops of color, pattern and texture to plain windows, window graphics can enhance any space. You can easily remove them at the end of an event, and they serve as great inclusions in conference goodie bags and event memorabilia.
  • Table coverings and tabletoppers: Pop-up and hop-up systems on top of specially designed table coverings will make your trade show booth stand out from the crowd. People planning parties and celebrations often use tablecovers and tabletoppers as a cost-effective decoration and way to complement an overall theme.
  • Custom banners: SpeedPro studios print more than a dozen different banner types. Versatile and high-impact, they’re among the most popular collateral categories and act as a fundamental way to draw more people to an event — then keep them energized and focused while they’re there.

Allow event form and function to guide your event graphics choices. Remember, the best way to advertise an event is the way that will make your mark, showcasing personality without sacrificing professionalism.

For the full list of SpeedPro event graphics and package services, see the “What Services Does SpeedPro Provide” tab under the General category on SpeedPro’s FAQ center, located here.

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