Indoor Event Signage

Indoor <span>Event Signage</span>

Indoor Event Signage

If you’re throwing a big event, you need signage. From telling people more about the event to promoting your business and identifying important locations, indoor event graphics can be an integral part of setting the atmosphere of an event. Of course, they’re also great for advertising products and increasing brand awareness.

From trade shows to Homecoming Week, indoor event signage can find itself in all sorts of places. Let’s break down event graphics and take a closer look at what they can do for your events.

Types of Indoor Event Signage

The options you have for indoor signage are vast. They encompass freestanding signs, banners on the wall and even editable digital options.

Here are some of the most popular types of indoor signage for events.

  • Banners: Banners can promote your event from the rooftops — literally. Hanging banners are excellent for grabbing attention from far away. You can use them to promote your event or identify important locations, like an event hall. They’re great for general branding and contributing to the atmosphere of the event.
  • Flags: Flags are great for pointing out events or attendees or even just getting people pumped up. Their shape screams, “Over here!” They can point out your check-in desk from across the event hall or advertise a merchandise sale, among tons of other options. Though flags are traditionally used outdoors, indoor stands are available, too.
  • Step and repeat banners: Step and repeat banners provide excellent advertising through their social media value. These banners are large, stretching out a pattern between two poles for attendees to take their picture in front of. You may have seen them at awards shows or set up behind people being interviewed. It spreads your image — usually you and your sponsors’ logos — on the social media pages of many of your attendees and gives them an opportunity to brag about being at the event.
  • Table coverings: By branding your tables with a cover or topper, you can make them stand out from the background or other tables, like booths at a trade show. You can also put table coverings at guest seating areas to advertise the event further, show them a list of speakers or promote your sponsors while they eat or wait.
  • Counters: If you have a check-in desk, bar or another similar setup, consider a branded counter that shows off your logo. Some counters can even be backlit for extra effect.
  • Floor graphics: Looking for more space to put your logo? Try sticking it to the floor with a decal. Floor graphics are also a great choice to help guests find their way. You can place decals that point guests toward a specific location, like a breadcrumb trail for them to follow. These signs can be valuable if some of your other signage can be blocked by a big crowd.
  • Elevator wraps: Does your event span multiple floors? Many conferences or expos can benefit from elevator wraps that advertise the event, promote a sponsor or provide information about what’s going on at each floor.
  • Digital signage: Many events, like sports tournaments or multi-day conferences, have a lot going on. Digital signage can allow you to change signs each day or cycle through different promotions.

How Can Indoor Graphics Work For Your Event?

How can indoor graphics work for your event? [list]

So what makes indoor signage so valuable for your event? Why use all of these options? They provide a variety of benefits to you, your sponsors and your attendees.

1. It Develops Brand Awareness

Whatever kind of event you’re putting on, signage allows you to turn it into a branding opportunity. Make sure that wherever people are at your event, they’ll know who’s putting it on.

By placing your logo all over the place, you can ensure that attendees associate your name with the event. They won’t struggle to remember who put on that amazing conference last year. They’ll remember you and have positive associations with your company.

Logos aren’t the only important thing to use in your signs. Using specific brand colors are an essential part of reinforcing your identity. Signature colors can significantly influence the chances of people recognizing your brand and can ensure people identify your booth.

2. Draws People In

If your event is open to the general public, eye-catching signage is key in getting people to come and see what’s going on. Banners can reach across an event space and flags can point them in the right direction.

In situations where you might be trying to stand out from other booths or displays, you can use indoor signage to grab the attention of attendees. Put banners and signs up around your booth to make it stand out.

3. Creates the Desired Atmosphere

Signage can help you develop the tone you’re looking for. Want your event to look cool and sophisticated? Try a minimalistic approach with lots of negative space and white or black signs. The signs you choose and the way you design them can contribute to making your event feel fun, summery, sophisticated or any other tone you want to portray.

4. Serves Functional Purposes

With large events, you may need to point people in the right direction. You can use directional signage for events or banners and other signs that serve the same purpose. Point people toward important locations with these graphics.

Ways to Use Indoor Signage

You’ll find indoor signage at a variety of events and locations, such as:

  • Grand openings: Advertise your product or service with vibrant colors and bright signage to show people what your new business is all about.
  • Trade shows and conferences: Put up banners on the walls and brand your trade show or conference so everyone knows who to thank for a fantastic event. It can also boost your professional standing. You can improve brand awareness as an event organizer or as an attendee with your booth displays.
  • Award ceremonies: While all of the signs we’ve mentioned are great for awards ceremonies, step and repeat banners look particularly at home.
  • Parties and charity events: Throwing a big bash to celebrate a product release or raise money? Signage can ensure that your brand stays front and center.
  • Sporting events: Sports events like tournaments and homecoming festivities can benefit from bright, bold signage that gets people excited. You can make sports graphics about star players or use digital signage to cycle through tournament brackets.

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