Want to grab people’s attention and get them to give your business a second look? Put custom-printed flags in front of your property or at the entrance to your business. Marketing flags trigger passive attention. They are colorful and stand out, making people look at them even if they don’t intend to do so.

Along with capturing people’s involuntary attention, custom flags also solidify your brand’s identity in the minds of consumers. When you print messages or slogans on the flags, you share your company’s values and beliefs with passersby.

On a more practical level, marketing flags let you share useful information with consumers. You can set up a flag or two to announce a big sale or the new arrival of a coveted product. The flags you use can also provide customers with simple instructions, such as “Come On In” or “Check Out Our Specials.”

Businesses in a wide range of industries can take advantage of custom-printed, outdoor marketing flags. Get to know more about the different types of marketing flags available and how you can use them to boost brand awareness.


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How Custom Outdoor Flags Can Help Boost Brand Awareness

Types of Marketing Flags

How to Set Up Outdoor Marketing Flags

Where to Set Up Outdoor Custom Flags


How Custom Outdoor Flags Can Help Boost Brand Awareness

When someone is in the market for a new car, a new house or a new outfit, who do they turn to? If you operate an automotive, real estate or clothing business, you want the answer to be your company. Increasing the awareness people have of your brand is one way to make sure you become the go-to company when someone needs or wants what you have to sell.

Advertising is one way to boost brand awareness. In today’s world, you can’t deny the power of online advertising and marketing, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon more traditional types of advertising. Outdoor marketing, such as bannersdecals and flags, gets your message out there, grabbing people’s attention involuntarily. Using in-person, physical marketing tactics like flags makes sense if your company’s goal is to attract local consumers and increase foot traffic.

How flag signage can help boost brand awareness

Some of the reasons why outdoor marketing flags are excellent tools for increasing awareness of your brand include:

  • They’re fun: It’s simple enough — custom-printed flags are fun and whimsical, like kites or pinwheels. They also look festive, making them perfect for events like fairs or festivals.
  • They’re dynamic: Marketing flags move in the wind, making them dynamic. When people see movement in their peripheral vision, it automatically grabs their attention. A fluttering or rotating flag is more likely to attract someone’s attention than a static advertisement is. Though flag poles are flexible and rotate in the wind, the flag itself will remain stretched over the pole so it’s fully readable, even when it moves around.
  • They’re colorful: Imagine you’re jogging through the park and spot a bright orange or bright blue flag. You’re probably going to be interested in what it has to say. By using colors associated with your brand, you can help boost your brand awareness with every passerby, whether your flags are outside, in front of your trade show booth, at a community event or anywhere else. If you want to include text, consider making your background lighter and the text darker for a bold effect.
  • They’re tall: Flags come in a variety of sizes, but many of them are quite tall. The tallest flags from SpeedPro are over 18 feet high. Something that large commands people’s attention and is more likely to be seen from greater distances. If you’re looking for a way to make your signage more impactful, you don’t need to overthink it. By simply making it bigger, you increase your chances of getting people’s attention.
  • They’re compact and efficient: Though flags can be tall, they’re all pretty narrow. That means you have to be concise with your messaging to fit it on the flag and make it readable. While this may feel like a challenge when you’re designing your flag, the result will be simple, bold text that people are more likely to read compared to long, drawn-out messages. In some cases, all you need is your company’s logo or just a single word to have an impact.
  • They’re weather-resistant: Flags can be placed indoors, but they’re also made to stand up to outdoor conditions. This is true for all outdoor flag signage, but some shapes are especially well-suited to dealing with stronger winds. Because flags are so durable, you can expect them to last a long time, even when they’re subject to rain, wind, snow and other forces of nature. Extreme weather may still be an issue, but typical weather conditions won’t hurt your flags.
  • They work 24/7: When you post flags outside, especially next to a busy street or popular area of town, people can see your marketing flags morning, noon and night. Your custom flags work around the clock advertising for your business without you ever having to do anything after that initial installation. If you install them in a well-lit area, then they will even be visible at night.

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Types of Marketing Flags

When it comes to brand awareness, different tactics work for different companies. Fortunately, marketing flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can choose the best option for your space and budget limitations as well as your vision for your flags.

marketing flag shapes and data-lazy-sizes

Marketing Flag Shapes

You can choose from several different shapes for your flags, depending on the space available and your company’s preference. Some popular flag shapes include:

  • Teardrop: A teardrop flag looks like half of a tear or dewdrop. The wider part of the teardrop is at the top of the flag while the narrow point is at the bottom. It includes a pole that bends over the top to hold it in place. These flags are tauter than some other shapes, which makes them a great option when you want them to remain still rather than wave in the wind.
  • Feather: Feather flags look like a bird’s feather. Some other types of flag shape, such as teardrop flags, are actually a subcategory of feather flags. Like the teardrop shape, the feather flag pole bends at the top, though it does not come over as far. The flag itself is curved both on the top and on the bottom.
  • Straight: Straight-shaped flags have the same curve on top that feather flags have, but the flags come straight down at the bottom to form a right angle. Because they are straight on the bottom, straight flags offer a bit more printing space for your graphics.
  • Edge: The edge shape is simply a rectangle. The flag pole includes a bar on top to hold the flag in place. These flags look similar to a standing banner display.

Marketing Flag Sizes and Sides

Flags also come in various sizes, from as short as under 5 feet all the way up to over 18 feet tall. If you plan to place flags in a place where they will be in close proximity to passersby, such as in front of your business or your trade show booth, pick a flag that is eye-level in height (about 60 inches tall). If you want your flags to be visible from more of a distance, then larger flags can help you achieve that.

Another factor to consider is whether you want your flags to be single- or double-sided. On a single-sided flag, your graphic will be fully visible on one side. Since the material is somewhat translucent, you’ll see your graphic from the back on the other side. This means that images and words will appear backward. A double-sided flag is actually two panels of material that each feature your graphic clearly. If you want your flag to be just as impactful and readable from either side, double-sided is the way to go.

With so many ways to customize your flags, you can be sure to find the best fit for your application.

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How to Set Up Outdoor Marketing Flags

Setting up your marketing flags is easy. You just need to choose where they’ll go and assemble them. Assembly is as simple as putting the pole together, sliding the flag over the pole and connecting it to the base. You can choose from various options for bases. The best choice depends on the type of terrain where you’re displaying your flags. Some options include:

  • Ground stake
  • Cross base
  • Steel square base
  • Stackable base
  • Drive-over base
  • Auger stake
  • Fillable base
  • Water ring fillable base

While assembly itself is a cinch, deciding where to put your custom-printed flags can take a little more time. After all, you want to make sure your flags are as effective as possible. Best practices for flag placement really come down to where the most people will see your flags.

Where to Set Up Outdoor Custom Flags

Where to Set Up Outdoor Custom Flags

In some situations, placement decisions are made for you. For example, at a trade show, custom flags at the front of your booth can be an excellent way to grab the attention of attendees. If you’re having a sidewalk sale, it makes sense to include flags right there to announce the sale. However, when you’re solely focused on boosting your brand awareness, it may not be as obvious where you should place your branded flags.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine the perfect location for your flag signage:

  • Do any of the streets surrounding my building receive heavy foot traffic?
  • Do people walk past the front entrance of my business?
  • Is there a street near my business that receives more foot traffic than closer streets do?
  • Where around town does my target audience frequent?
  • Are there any high visibility locations off of major roads or highways near my business?

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Custom Printed Outdoor Flags From SpeedPro

Highly visible and versatile, custom marketing flags from SpeedPro are effective for advertising. Get the word out on one or both sides of your flags with big, bold graphics. Our flags are lightweight and mobile, so you can even advertise on the go. If you want your flags to stay put, choose from a variety of bases that will secure your flags in place, indoors or outdoors, no matter the terrain. Whatever the location, SpeedPro’s custom flag service will fly your message for all to see.

Partnering with SpeedPro means working with knowledgeable service professionals who can custom configure solutions, from flags and event graphics to tents, window graphics and beyond. We take a custom approach to every project to make sure we understand your business, your branding and your vision for your graphics. We can use color-matching to make sure any flags or other graphics we produce for you accurately match other graphics you’re already using.

To begin the process of creating your custom branded flag signage, contact the SpeedPro studio nearest you. We’ll work with you to help you create custom marketing flags that get your message across, increase foot traffic to your business and otherwise help you reach your business goals.