Teardrop Flags

Teardrop <span>Flags</span>

Teardrop Flags

With SpeedPro, you can create custom marketing flags in several shapes. One of these shapes is a teardrop. Teardrop flags, like other flag shapes, are excellent marketing tools for getting people’s attention and sharing your message with them. You can use marketing flags outdoors and indoors to raise brand awareness, advertise a sale, celebrate a milestone, share a call to action and much more. As with other flag shapes, teardrop flags offer some unique advantages, making this type of flag the best choice in certain situations.

What Is a Teardrop Flag?

Promotional flags consist of a flexible panel bearing your custom graphics slid over a thin pole that holds the flag material in place. Depending on the shape of the flag material and the pole, these flags can take different forms.

As the name suggests, teardrop flags — also sometimes called teardrop feather flags — resemble a teardrop shape. The point of the teardrop is at the bottom, though, and the fuller part is at the top. The flag pole bends over like a shepherd’s staff at the top to support the curved shape of the flag. The edge of the flag extends down from the curve at the top in a diagonal line to the bottom on the pole.

Benefits of Teardrop Flags

There are many reasons to create marketing flags for your business. Flags are affordable, easy to install and great attention-getters. But why should you consider choosing teardrop flags over other shapes, such as feather, straight or edge flags? There are three main advantages teardrop flags offer:

  • Eyecatching shape: One benefit of choosing a teardrop flag is that it’s an interesting shape that is likely to catch someone’s eye. With the right graphics and text, any flag shape can be an attention-getter, but teardrop flags can be especially eye-catching since they differ from standard flag shapes most people are used to. This makes them a great choice when you want to turn heads on the street or in your place of business.
  • Versatile canvas: Another unique benefit of teardrop flags is that you can display your message in multiple ways. You can line your text up with the diagonal angle of the flag, or you can orient the text so that it appears horizontally straight on the flag. With most flag shapes, there is one obvious way to orient text, so teardrop flags open up more possibilities. You can also use the fuller part of the flag as a focal point and include other text and graphics near the bottom.
  • Wind resistance: Another key advantage of teardrop flags is that they are exceptionally resistant to moving in the wind. Even on a windy day, a teardrop flag will remain mostly still. This is because the flag receives so much support from the pole to hold its shape and because it is pulled taut. In some cases, you may want your flag to flutter in the wind, but if you want your flag to remain stationary, a teardrop is an ideal choice.

Uses for Teardrop Flags

Uses for Teardrop Flags [list]

Teardrop promotional flags can be used for a variety of marketing purposes. Because of their ability to stand strong against the wind, they are a popular choice for custom outdoor flags. Just a few examples of how you can use teardrop flags include:

  • Promoting a grand opening: Grand openings or reopenings are the perfect time to celebrate and attract attention to your new business with flags. Position your flags near your place of business to make people aware of your location.
  • Celebrating a milestone: If you’re approaching an important anniversary in your business or you’ve reached an impressive achievement, flags can help you tell the world and, in the process, attract attention to your business.
  • Advertising a sale: Flags are an effective way of calling attention to a special promotion or sale you’re running. You can keep the messaging simple and encourage people to go inside to learn more.
  • Raising brand awareness: Flags are also an excellent tool for raising brand awareness. You can position them near your business or along a road where people are likely to see them. Keep the messaging bold and straightforward.

Options for Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags from SpeedPro are totally customizable. As with other types of promotional flags, you can select from options that help you get the perfect result for your application. In addition to creating your personalized graphics for your flag, you can also customize it by selecting your preferred size, number of printed sides, material and flag pole base.

  • Size: Teardrop flags come in several sizes, ranging from small to extra large. Even the smallest option is still large enough to make an impact on passersby, but when you want your flag to be seen from afar, larger sizes tend to be a better choice. No matter what size you need, SpeedPro can help you create teardrop flags that fit the bill.
  • Single- or double-sided: Another option to consider is whether you want your flag to be single- or double-sided. Single-sided flags have a bleed-through effect that makes your graphic viewable on the backside, though it will be reversed from that side. Double-sided flags are made from two back-to-back flag panels with material in between to prevent bleed-through.
  • Material: The material is another aspect of your flag you can customize. Generally, flags are made from a type of polyester fabric or from vinyl mesh. Both material options are versatile and can work well for teardrop flags. Fabric tends to have a more premium feel, which may make it preferable in some instances.
  • Base:  You can also choose what type of base you want to anchor your flags. You can use a ground or auger stake in the ground, or you can choose a base that sits on the ground. Some of these bases allow you to weight them down with sand or water so you can be sure your flag will stay put.

Teardrop Flags From SpeedPro

When you want to attract attention with custom flags, SpeedPro is the printing partner you need. We can help you select the best options for your project and answer your questions along the way to ensure you end up with flags that accurately reflect your vision. If you’re not sure which shape would suit your flag best, our expert staff can help you decide based on factors like the graphics you want to feature and where you plan to display your flag.

We print our flags using cutting-edge equipment, vivid inks and quality materials, so you can expect a great result from SpeedPro. To get started, find your local SpeedPro studio today.

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