Grand Opening Flags

Grand <span>Opening Flags</span>

Grand Opening Flags

Whether you’re starting a new business or opening up a new location, a grand opening can be the perfect way to get the public’s attention and entice them to come inside. Colorful, custom flags from SpeedPro can help you advertise your grand opening so anyone who passes by knows about your business and gets excited to pay you a visit.

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Grand openings are an important means of marketing new businesses or business locations. Using eye-catching signage to advertise your grand opening is important because it can help you:

  • Start strong: Starting a new business comes with some real risk. About one in five small businesses fails within its first year, so it’s clear that getting a strong start is important for any new business. Some companies may get a slow start and then begin to enjoy more growth and success down the road, but the ideal scenario for every business is to start with a bang and become profitable as soon as possible.
  • Attract attendees: Businesses can make their grand openings truly grand by attracting plenty of guests and maybe even some media attention. Especially if you’re investing in event attractions like live performers or carnival rides or expenses like free food samples or swag, you want to make sure your event is well attended to make your investment worth it. Promoting your grand opening heavily with colorful signage is key to making it a successful event.
  • Raise brand awareness: Grand openings don’t happen very often, so you’re likely to attract the attention of your local community when you advertise a grand opening. As small business expert Marc Prosser points out, advertising a grand opening isn’t just important for drawing event attendees — It’s just as important for spreading the word about your new business more generally so consumers make a point to come by in the future.

Why Flags are the Perfect Choice for Grand Openings [list]

Why Flags Are the Perfect Choice for Grand Openings

You can advertise grand openings in many ways, so why are flags an ideal advertising choice for grand openings? Let’s look at how some of the main benefits of flags perfectly complement the advertising goals of a grand opening:

  • They feel celebratory: Flags have an inherently fun and festive feel about them. You may be able to make any type of signage appear fun with the right graphics or message, but flags feel celebratory by their very nature, no matter what message you use them to display. A grand opening should be a fun and exciting event, making flags the perfect display type to advertise your event and serve as decoration.
  • They grab attention: People’s eyes are naturally drawn to flags because they’re usually big, colorful and flutter around. Flags are fixed into the ground, but some breeze can cause them to move just enough to catch the attention of passersby while still clearly displaying the message. Getting people’s attention is a must when you’re advertising a new business. You need people to notice your location so they come back for your grand opening event or at a later time.
  • They make a concentrated impact: Flags are impactful because they’re also designed for succinct, concentrated messages. When a display limits the text to just a few words, people are more likely to read the message instantly when they look at it. Simple “Now Open” flags, for example, can get the word out more effectively than a sign with a long message. Save more detailed information like your hours of operation for other signage types, like window graphics.
  • They’re weather-resistant: Flags work inside, but they’re usually used as outdoor displays. Flags from SpeedPro are made with durable, outdoor-grade materials that can withstand the elements, including rain, snow or wind. If you’re in an especially windy area, consider a teardrop-shaped flag, which won’t move as much in the wind. You can place flags anywhere outside so people will see them and get excited about your new business or location.
  • They’re cost-effective: Many new businesses have limited funds. Add to that the fact that new businesses are encouraged to limit their spending on a grand opening to 20% of their first year’s marketing budget. Flags are a one-time investment that continues to effectively advertise your grand opening and your business around the clock. Plus, they can double as decoration for a grand opening event. Add a banner, and you have an affordable, festive display to draw attention to your storefront during your first weeks or months.

How to Use Flags to Advertise Your Grand Opening

If you want to create a flag or multiple flags to advertise your grand opening, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a size and shape: Flags from SpeedPro come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Determine whether you want grand opening feather flags, teardrop flags, straight flags or edge flags. Do you want a smaller flag to place right in front of your building, or do you want a huge flag that will attract attention from afar? Or maybe you want some different sizes for different locations. Note that the size and shape of your flag will dictate how much text you can fit on the display surface.
  2. Choose a color: Now choose your color for the flag’s material. You can choose something simple like white that will allow your message to pop or a bold, attention-grabbing color. Consider choosing a color that fits your branding since a major goal of any grand opening is to raise brand awareness. If all your marketing materials include yellow and blue, for example, consider creating flags in one or both of these colors so people make a connection between the other marketing materials they’ve seen and your business location.
  3. Design your graphic: With flags, it’s best to keep the messaging simple. For a grand opening, concise phrases like “Now Open,” “Grand Opening,” or “Coming Soon” are usually enough to get the message across in an impactful way. You can also include graphics like your logo to raise brand awareness. Consider designing multiple flags if you want to include additional text or images so the messaging stays simple on each flag. You can also choose between displaying your graphic on one or both sides of a flag.
  4. Determine a display location: You may have had a spot in mind from the start, but if not, make sure you figure out where you want to place your flags. This will help you choose the right display base. Some bases are designed to burrow into the ground while others sit on top of the ground without disturbing anything. These bases are especially helpful if you want to place your flag on a sidewalk or parking lot surface.
  5. Start attracting attention: Flags are easy to install in any location with the right base. You can quickly set up your flags so you can immediately start advertising your grand opening and your business. Consider ordering other display types to complement your flags. Especially if your flags are located a distance away from your storefront, closer to the street for visibility, a matching banner or sidewalk sign in front of your business can help the public find your location.

Custom Flags From SpeedPro

For custom flags that make a huge impact and help your business start strong in your new location, trust SpeedPro. Big, bold graphics are our specialty. And with print studios all over the nation, you can find a local SpeedPro studio to help you create flags and other display types for your grand opening. Once your business is off the ground, SpeedPro can continue to serve your needs for high-quality signage and displays so you can keep on drawing attention.

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