Grand Opening

Grand <span>Opening</span>


When preparing for the grand opening of a new business location, quality signs and banners can attract the attention of local traffic and draw in potential customers. Turn to SpeedPro for Great. Big. Graphics. on banners and other display products.


Even if your business doesn’t depend on walk in traffic, it is important to let the community know about your new location. Word of mouth leads to referrals, which give your business a better foothold in the local market. Feather flags and window graphics draw the attention of people driving past, and they communicate that your business’ arrival is cause for celebration. Larger signs and banners allow you to communicate unique selling points of your business, letting the general public know about your newest promotional rates. Here are just a few examples of the types of signs that would be useful for a grand opening:


During the opening itself, custom banners mark the occasion and serve as a backdrop for photographs. Clear signs make the gathering’s purpose visible, and banners can even be used to invite the general public to join in the celebration.

The team at SpeedPro is experienced with printing professional event graphics for businesses. Learn more about our wide range of products and how SpeedPro can help with your grand opening. Your storefront banner may be the first impression your business makes on the surrounding community. Make sure it’s a positive one.