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Campaign & Political Promotional Signage

Campaign & Political Promotional Signage

As you gear up for an election, you’ll want your signage to attract voters to your candidate. Whether your candidate is well-established or is still trying to get name recognition, political signage can boost their campaign.

Choose from many different kinds of custom campaign signs near you to suit your needs, from custom signs to vinyl banners and decals.

Types of Signs to Use While Campaigning

When you look for signs, you’ll find a wide variety of options for promoting a political candidate. To assist with the process of choosing signage and graphics for an upcoming campaign, consider the following sign types.

1. General Signs and Graphics

While you prepare a campaign marketing strategy, you’ll likely include signs and other graphics as a significant component of building awareness. During campaign season, other politicians will place outdoor campaign signs along the road, on top of billboards, hanging from walls and in other locations. Even though signage and graphics are classic marketing techniques, they’ve proven their effectiveness over the years.

We will cover some of these signs and graphics in more detail in the rest of this post. Other than the ones we’ll highlight in this piece, you will likely want to take into account backlit graphics, digital signage, vehicle wraps and window graphics as you develop your advertising strategy. While you’ll need to include them indoors, outdoor political signs will be crucial as well.

Benefits of custom signs and graphics

Benefits of Custom Signs and Graphics

Custom election campaign signs provide several advantages for users. Below are some of the best ways custom signage can assist your campaign.

  • Brand your space: Wherever your candidate is to give a speech or hold an event, you probably want to make the space they’re in to feel like an extension of your candidate’s primary message and personality. Custom signs and graphics direct voters’ attention to your candidate or cause.
  • Inspire supporters: Part of any campaign is trying to get supporters inspired and ready to take action. The ambiance of a room relates directly to people’s satisfaction, productivity and overall mood. When you’re trying to get supporters to vote, spread the word and contribute to the campaign, it will help to have an environment that inspires confidence and hope. Reliable signage companies can design custom graphics with those goals in mind and help craft a space that makes supporters more likely to take action.
  • Compatible with temporary messages: Signage that is flexible enough to change on the fly is essential for political campaigns. If you need to encourage voters to register one day and share a fundraising goal with them the next, you’ll appreciate signage that can adjust to fit your needs. Digital signage and decals are great options for signage that can change quickly.
  • Display your legitimacy: Like companies who want to show their professionalism to potential customers, your campaign will want to demonstrate your candidate’s integrity and legitimacy. Without quality signs, your campaign can lose credibility in voters’ eyes, as quality signage indicates the politician knows what they’re doing.

2. Custom Decals

When you’re campaigning, you probably want your candidate’s backers to be able to spread the word about you. Anytime a presidential election rolls out, look around a coffee shop at the backs of laptops. You’re bound to see them sporting a few decals declaring support for one of the candidates. In traffic, you’ll often see them on trucks and cars, functioning as mobile advertisements.

Custom decals are popular because they give supporters the chance to share a piece of their political identity with others and do their part in generating awareness about their chosen candidate. Campaigns love them because they’re an inexpensive way to spread the word about a candidate virtually anywhere. Due to their grassroots marketing appeal, staff members will often give small stickers away or send them to supporters after they make a donation.

On top of the smaller decals that can adorn your supporters’ vehicles or other personal possessions, you’ll also be able to place them on walls, floors and store windows. These decals are incredibly versatile. Use them temporarily, such as at an event where you’re renting a space, or make them a more permanent fixture at a campaign headquarters.

If you have a headquarters or office space in a well-trafficked area, you can place vinyl decals in your windows to draw attention to your candidate. Decals can also take up wall or floor space with custom graphics like a slogan or campaign logo. These decals can cover an entire wall if needed, making it easy to make your mark on a space. Since they are easy to apply to a variety of surfaces and remove, campaigns often use them.

Benefits of Decals

Choosing decals for your campaign advertising strategy is a wise choice, as they come with several advantages.

  • Bold designs and colors: Vinyl decals can easily include vibrant colors that catch the eyes of customers, as well as intricate designs that will keep a potential supporter looking. No matter where you apply these decals, you’ll make an impression on voters.
  • Made to last: Though the decals are easy to remove, they consist of a durable, long-lasting plastic material. Their material holds up well against moisture and other elements, which helps them retain their visual appeal even when they are on a car or other location that gets consistent exposure to the weather. Durable outdoor election signs are valuable during a long political race, so you’ll want to use tough signage options like decals.
  • Easy installation: You can apply vinyl decals virtually anywhere, as long as they have a surface to stick to. You can also remove them quickly if your strategy changes, or you can only use them in a location for a set amount of time. Whatever your needs, you won’t need to worry about any specialized installation with these graphics.

Event graphics include a broad group of products.

3. Event Graphics

If you’re hosting an event to raise money for your candidate or draw attention to an important issue, event graphics are an excellent way to enhance the event’s environment.

Event graphics are a broad category that can range anywhere from tabletop displays to backlit graphics and stage backdrops. We’ve described some of the most popular event graphics below.

  • Tabletop displays: Tabletoppers are popular at events that feature a meal, such as at a fundraiser. They help you accent the environment. To make tables more visually appealing to customers, you can place a table cover over them that includes your signature campaign colors and other powerful images, further branding the space.
  • Murals: To make a statement at an event, you can use murals that let you cover a lot of ground in a creative way. These wall decorations will help you own any event, no matter where you are.
  • Directional signage: If you need to help people find parking or make their way around your event, directional signage is for you. While signmakers can design this signage to reflect your campaign’s signature colors or logos, it primarily serves a functional purpose by helping people get where they need to be. You want people engaging with your event and not wandering around lost, making this sort of signage a must-have for larger events.

Where to Use Event Graphics

Your campaign can use event graphics in a variety of situations to accent the environment and create a more inviting ambiance. Consider the following ideas for where you can use signs and graphics to your advantage.

  • Campaign launch: Wherever your candidate wants to launch their campaign, you’ll want those watching to feel inspired by the surroundings. You’ll be able to accomplish this goal by using graphics and signs that reflect your candidate’s brand.
  • Conferences: If your candidate is going to any political conventions, event graphics can be an excellent way to stand out from the competition and bring people to your booth, along with raising awareness of your candidate.
  • Fundraising: At any fundraising event, you’ll want people to feel as stress-free as possible. Well-placed and expertly designed graphics will craft an environment that inspires confidence and excitement about your candidate, making it easy for supporters to feel ready to chip in.
  • Campaign headquarters: Along with placing them in highly public areas, you can use event graphics at your campaign headquarters to make it a visually appealing workplace for volunteers and staff. Making the headquarters as visually appealing as possible is doubly important if you ever host events or film promotional materials in the space.

4. Event Tents

If you’re attending or hosting an outdoor event, an event tent is an attractive option. It offers shelter, and it comes printed with identifying information on it to help you draw in potential voters or donors.

The tents are crucial for any outdoor event, as they will attract attention to your candidate’s campaign. Along with being eye-catching, the tends can service a functional purpose by protecting your staff members from the sun or rain.

Types of Event Tents

You can choose from several styles of event tents. They range from pop-up canopies to frame event tents, but all will give your message more authority. Below are some of the most common event tents.

  • Pop-up canopies: These tents feature a four-legged frame that keeps the fabric top in place. For a hot or rainy day, the fabric top provides some protection from the weather. Generally, these tents are a cinch to assemble, as you can easily fold and unfold the frames. Along with being quick to assemble, the tents are durable, with steel or aluminum frames. Depending on your needs, you can choose a square or tubular shape for your tent.
  • Pop-up canopies with sidewalls: Similar to the canopies described before, these tents differentiate themselves by coming with sidewalls that enclose at least part of the space.
  • Pole tent: These tents have the same basic design as pop-up canopies, as they have four legs and a fabric top. The primary difference between the two types of tents is that pole tents are larger. If you want to invite event-goers to come and interact inside your event tent, the size of a pole tent is perfect for those larger-scale interactions.
  • Frame event tents: These tents feature tubular poles for the frame. That means there is no need for a pole in the center to hold up the canopy, and the tubular frame gives the tent a unique appearance.

Types of Vinyl Custom Banners

5. Vinyl Custom Banners

If you want to go beyond conventional signs, consider these highly visible graphics to grab the attention of passersby. If you need to decorate your campaign headquarters, throw a rally or host a fundraiser, placing large campaign signs on the exterior of buildings and along the sidewalk is an engaging way to display your message.

Hang vinyl custom banners from poles or a building. Vinyl is a synthetic, durable material that can support complex printing jobs to bring your message to life. Banners will typically display information, images or logos, which make them an excellent choice for spreading the word about a candidate.

Choose between different kinds of banners to suit your needs.

  • Hung vinyl banners: These banners are the best way to make a statement on the front or side of a building. If you’re hosting a rally, hanging a large banner over the entrance to the meeting place will get your supporters excited from the moment they enter and act as an advertisement to any undecided voters walking by.
  • Banner stands: These banners are typically best to use indoors at trade shows or conferences to accent the space and provide information to those passing by. If your candidate is going to some sort of political conference or event, banner stands can be an excellent way to put the campaign’s stamp on a booth and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Boulevard banners: If there are sidewalks outside a venue where you’re hosting an event, you can line them with banners that hang from streetlights or other street posts. These kinds of banners are excellent accents to an area, fitting in well with the environment.
  • Step-and-repeat banner: To create a lasting impression after an event, you can use step-and-repeat banners as a backdrop where people can have their photos taken. After supporters take a picture with this kind of banner, they will be able to take some of your signage with them. If they upload snapshots of themselves at your event, you can get extra mileage out of the banner as they show it off to their social media followers.

Consider Adding Custom Campaign Signs and Graphics to Your Next Political Campaign

If you’re looking for a place to get political signs near you, SpeedPro can help. SpeedPro is the nation’s leader in large-format graphics, meaning we can handle custom political sign printing, along with other, more standard print jobs. Because we have a nationwide network of over 130 studios, we are prepared to meet your needs.

To get started, find one of our studios near you. Once you find your local studio, one of our representatives will be happy to assist you in the creation of your custom campaign signs that will draw in voters.

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