Yard Signage

Yard Signage

Drive through any town or neighborhood in America, and you’re bound to come across a yard sign. If it’s election season, you’re likely to see a whole lot of them. Yard signs have been around for a long time, and they continue to be a popular marketing tool for various industries. SpeedPro can help you create quality yard signs that will help you get the word out.

What Are Yard Signs?

Yard signs are small signs that typically serve temporary purposes but are tough enough to stand up to the elements outside. These signs are easy to install in any lawn simply by pressing the stakes that uphold the sign into the ground. Attached to the thin frame is a sign made from a lightweight, outdoor-grade material such as corrugated plastic, aluminum or PVC.

You can find generic versions of these signs to advertise yard sales, for example, but most yard signs are personalized with an organization’s custom message and graphics. You can create yard signs for several purposes. A well-design yard sign will get the attention of people walking or driving by and help you gain exposure.

Benefits of Yard Signs

Yard signs offer marketers some valuable benefits. These signs are:

  • Affordable: One advantage of yard signs is their low cost. As a form of temporary signage, yard signs are affordable enough that campaigns and companies with enough funding can even hand them out for free to supporters or customers and enjoy the benefit of having their signs displayed on lawns all over town.
  • Weatherproof: Yard signs have an advantage over many other types of affordable, temporary signage in that they are also made from weatherproof materials. This means you don’t have to worry about yard signs deteriorating when it rains or snows. These signs will hold up to the elements and continue to make an impression.
  • Convenient: Yard signs are also one of the most convenient signs when it comes to transporting, installing and removing them. They are easy to carry from place to place, and you can display them anywhere the ground is soft enough for two small stakes to pierce through. When it’s time to remove the sign, you simply pull it up, leaving virtually no damage to the yard.
  • Eye-catching: Finally, yard signs can be especially eye-catching. People are used to seeing signs when they’re out in public, but a sign in their neighbor’s yard is likely to attract more attention. You can also display yard signs close to intersections or other public areas where people are likely to notice them.

How Can You Use Yard Signs?

Yard signs are great for events, sales and more.

Yard signs have long been a staple for political campaigns and real estate agencies, and these remain some of the most popular uses for yard signs. Their usefulness doesn’t stop there, though. Yard signs make for great event signage, sales advertisements and much more.

  • Political campaigns: You know it’s campaign season when you see political yard signs dotting your neighborhood. Some campaign managers feel these signs are no longer important in our digital age, but a recent study found that these signs increase voter share to a small degree, meaning they could make a real difference in a close election. This effect is even higher for yard signs posted in public areas rather than residential lawns. Lawn signs can increase name recognition for a candidate and generate enthusiasm among voters.
  • Real estate sales: Despite the popularity of online house hunting, yard signs remain an essential fixture of the real estate world. These signs get the attention of passersby to let them know a house is for sale or there’s an upcoming open house they can attend. The National Association of REALTORS® found that yard signs are second only to real estate agents themselves when it comes to the most popular offline sources that assist buyers in their search.
  • Landscaping and home improvement: If someone notices their neighbor’s newly landscaped lawn, new roof, new fence or any other improvement to their property, they may wonder who did the work — especially if they want to have similar work done on their property. Local yard signs are an excellent marketing tool in these instances because they’ll tell that onlooker right away who did the work and prompt them to reach out to get a quote for their own project.
  • Sales promotions: Businesses can place yard signs out in front of their location to draw attention to a sales promotion. The more signs you install, the bigger the impact. People won’t be able to resist looking to see what all the fuss is about. Because yard signs are temporary, they carry a feeling of urgency or immediacy that can generate interest in a special sales promotion.
  • Delivery and take-out services: Restaurants can use yard signs to advertise delivery and takeout services. A simple message like, “We deliver,” or, “Ask about our carryout deals,” with the number to call or website to visit can make an impact on passersby. You should also consider getting vehicle wraps for your delivery vehicles so you can advertise your delivery service on the go and gain greater exposure.
  • Outdoor events: For outdoor events, you want temporary signage that is also weatherproof. Yard signs are an ideal solution, as long as your event is taking place on a lawn where you can install the signs. Event yard signs are especially helpful as wayfinding signage to point guests to various amenities and attractions. For events that take place on an asphalt or concrete surface, consider using floor decals or freestanding signs.
  • Congratulatory recognition: Lawn signs are useful for more than advertising. You can also create custom yard signs to honor and celebrate individuals. This could be high school graduates or public servants, for example. You can personalize yard signs with individuals’ names, or you can create signs that apply to a whole group, such as a “Congratulations to the class of [year]” sign with the name of the high school. Yard signs are a great way to show appreciation or share congratulations.

Custom Yard Signage From SpeedPro

If you want to create yard signs that make a positive impact, partner with SpeedPro, the nation’s leading printing and graphics network. With studios all over the nation, you can find a SpeedPro near you and consult with the team there to create yard signs that help you accomplish your marketing goals. In addition to yard signs, we can also help you create a whole suite of graphics so you can be sure to reach your audience in every way possible.

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