Delivery & Take-Out Signage

Delivery and Take-Out Signage

The need for take-out and delivery options is steadily increasing, with greater demand every day for the safety and convenience of having a meal or product delivered straight to a consumer’s home. Though people sometimes only think of restaurants when it comes to take-out and delivery, many businesses can benefit from implementing these services. Whether it’s due to health concerns or convenience, many customers want to skip the in-store or restaurant experience.

As you make delivery and take-out a larger component of your business strategy, consider why you should invest in delivery signage and learn more about your best options.

Why Use Delivery and Take-Out Signage?

With a greater demand for delivery and take-out options than ever before, you need to make sure people know you can get your meals or products directly to them. The ability to deliver, for example, is a major draw for consumers who want the convenience of getting a hot meal delivered straight to their door or for those who are trying to avoid other people for health reasons. Additionally, take-out is perfect for people who don’t have the time to walk through a store looking for an item or wait for their food to be prepared.

People may want a company to have delivery and take-out options for many reasons, but whatever their reasoning, they need to know whether your company offers those services. Signage provides that information to your potential customers and encourages them not to pass your business by for a competitor they know offers take-out or delivery. Essentially, delivery and take-out signage let you highlight a key selling point of your business.

Besides spreading awareness, you can use graphics and signage to highlight any specials you have if customers choose your take-out or delivery options. For instance, information about free delivery on Friday night could drum up additional business for your company. If you offer take-out and delivery, it’s a smart financial decision to invest in the signage, whether it be to highlight specials or to simply generate more awareness of your services.

Top Signage Options

To let people know about your delivery and take-out options, you’ll need to have the best signage and graphics options in your corner. There are a few different signage options available that can be perfect for take-out or delivery signage. Below you can find several of the best options you can use:

Delivery and Take-Out Signage [Infographic]


Banners are excellent choices for the exterior of your building. Custom banners can be placed on the sides or entrance way to a store or restaurant. If you’re unveiling new delivery and take-out options, banners are excellent at getting the message out there. When placed over the entrance way of the building, they attract people’s notice. They also look great strung across the side of the building.

Boulevard banners are great when you want a series of banners promoting several messages.

Boulevard banners are great for times when you want to have a series of banners promoting several messages. They can be hung off of street lamps or other poles, with each one highlighting something you want to get across about your company. For example, one banner could describe your new delivery options, while another might simply contain your logo and branded colors.

Banners can be made out of many different types of vinyl, such as mesh, calendar and cast. With various options, you get lots of customization, making it easy to find a banner that suits your needs.


A-frame signage is often used on the sidewalks outside of restaurants and stores to advertise specials and options. A-frames are primarily aimed at pedestrians since they’re generally smaller and low to the ground. They’re perfect for appealing to people who want to pick up a quick meal while they’re on the go. Advertising take-out on an a-frame can grab some of those busy customers who are trying to get something done and don’t have time to sit down for a meal.

Delivery Vehicle Graphics

One of the best places for delivery signage is right on the vehicles that your staff uses to deliver products directly to consumers. This signage comes in the form of delivery vehicle wraps, which are vinyl coverings installed directly onto your vehicle, with custom graphics, colors and text included on them. Delivery vehicle graphics can display your delivery options to other drivers and also advertise your business as a whole.

As a mobile form of advertisement, vehicle wraps bring your message all around the city where you operate. They make it possible for your delivery vehicles to drum up new business for your delivery services. Delivery vehicle wraps are also quite customizable, with the option to purchase individual decals, partial vehicle wraps and full vehicle wraps.


Flags are excellent at grabbing the attention of those passing by your store. They have the benefit of being tall and colorful, which makes them instant eye-catchers when they’re placed outside your store, on a busy street or another well-trafficked area. They’re also a dynamic form of signage since they move in the wind and attract more attention as a result.

Custom flags come in several different shapes and sizes, meaning you can customize them to whatever message you want to get out there. If you’re trying to get the word out about your take-out or delivery options, a flag generates the attention you need to make people aware of your services.

Yard Signs

When you’re first announcing delivery and take-out capabilities, “now delivering” signs often come in the form of yard signage. Since yard signage can be placed in multiple locations at a low-cost, they’re ideal for times when you want to get your message out.

Yard signage can be a low-cost option

Due to their affordability, you can produce lots of them even for times when you have a temporary message, such as announcing your new delivery service. You can place yard signs in loyal customers’ yards, along roadways and outside your store to make sure people know that you can deliver.

Choose Delivery and Take-Out Signage

Whether you’re new to delivery and take-out or you’ve been doing it for years, you need signage to advertise your services. As a nationwide network of studios, SpeedPro has the expertise and materials needed to produce high-quality signage for your company. We can help you craft signage that matches your brand and gets people interested in your delivery or take-out options.

Find your local studio to speak to one of our friendly representatives who can discuss our signage options with you and provide a free quote.