Germ Prevention Signage

Germ Prevention Signage

Your business has likely always been somewhat germ-conscious, but it’s also likely that your old policies to help prevent germs from spreading were minimal compared to your current policies. Implementing new ways to prevent germs is key to protecting your workers and customers and creating an atmosphere that feels safe.

While some germ prevention guidelines apply to any business, it’s likely that your business has identified particular policies and procedures that make sense for you so you can keep your employees and customers safe. You’ll find generic signs on the market related to stopping the spread of germs, but your business should have custom signage that allows you to be more specific. Let’s look at some types of signage you might want to create to aid in germ prevention.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizing is an important way of stopping the spread of germs. This is why hand sanitizing stations are popping up all over offices, stores and other businesses. Hand sanitizing stations are only helpful, however, if people are aware they are there and are reminded to use them. This is where signage can help tremendously.

You can use directional signage throughout your facility to point people toward the nearest hand sanitizing station, and you can install a display to make the hand sanitizing station itself more attention-getting. There are many types of signage you can use to draw attention to hand sanitizing stations. One example is a banner on a retractable banner stand right where your hand sanitizer is located.

You can create temporary signage if you only plan to leave the sanitizing stations for a short time, or you can create a more permanent installation. You can create a small sign to attach to your hand sanitizing station or create a large hanging or freestanding display to accompany your sanitizing station. Whatever signage type you choose, take advantage of this display to show off your branding while you point out the opportunity to clean hands.

Hand Washing Guidelines

Like hand sanitizing, hand washing is also an important way to stop the spread of germs in public places. Now more than ever, people must wash their hands thoroughly. A quick rinse with a dab of soap isn’t enough to get rid of germs on our hands. This is why it’s a good idea to post signage to remind people of the necessary times and proper way to wash their hands.

Hand washing guidelines signage

You should consider posting this signage anywhere you have sinks, such as in restrooms and in a kitchen or breakroom. You may already have generic signs in place with messages like, “Remember to wash your hands,” or, “Employees must wash hands before returning to work.” Your new signage should be more detailed. Use the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as the basis for your signage. One key point to remind people of is that they should lather up their hands for 20 seconds before rinsing.

Since you’ll be posting these signs near a sink, make sure you choose water-resistant materials like coroplast, gatorboard or ultraboard. You can also create surface window graphics and place them on bathroom mirrors to assist people with proper handwashing.

Social Distancing Reminders

At this point, you can be fairly certain that your employees and customers are familiar with the CDC’s recommendation to practice social distancing. That doesn’t mean, however, that they will remember to do it. After all, most of us are used to being in close proximity with other people out in public and coming into contact with people we know by shaking hands or giving hugs.

Indoor signs can serve as helpful reminders to people that they should practice social distancing to prevent potentially spreading germs. Whether in a restaurant, a store, an office building or any other facility, you can use signs as social distancing reminders. A great example is floor decals. You can place these decals inside on any hard floor or outside on the pavement. By positioning them 6 feet apart, you can give people an easy visual to facilitate proper social distancing.

If you’re changing the traffic flow in your building to help with social distancing, such as making store aisles one-way, you can use directional signage to help make this clear. Again, floor decals are a great option. A-frame signs are easy to set up and move around as needed. You can also place signs at eye level or overhead throughout your facility with messages like, “Thank You for Practicing Social Distancing.”

New Cleaning Procedures

If you’ve created new cleaning procedures to ensure you do your part to keep your employees and customers safe, you should create some signage to help you successfully implement and enforce these policies. In this scenario, custom signage is a must since it allows you to spell out your exact policies for your employees.

Perhaps you need to remind them to keep their desks clear so cleaning staff can clean and sanitize more thoroughly. Or maybe you require restaurant workers to sanitize surfaces more frequently than they were used to doing in the past. Maybe employees could use a reminder in the break room to wipe down the coffee maker with a disinfecting wipe after touching it. Whatever your new procedures are, you need to install the right signage to help employees adopt these policies.

Simply covering the information once and expecting employees to follow everything perfectly is not realistic. Germ prevention signage is essential to reminding employees of any new expectations they should abide by. You can use all sorts of media for these signs. Consider the place where you plan to install your sign and choose a material and design that will work well and pop in that space. You can also create digital signage so you can change the message as policies evolve.

Custom Germ Prevention Signage From SpeedPro

Generic signs with germ prevention messages simply don’t cut it. Your signs should display the exact information you want to share with your employees or customers in the exact way you want to share it. You can further customize your signs by incorporating elements of your branding like your logo, signature colors and fonts. This means you can raise brand awareness and put forth a professional image, all while informing people of the best ways to stay healthy.

Displaying these signs communicates a level of care for your employees and customers since it shows their health and safety is a major priority for your business. SpeedPro is your one-stop-shop for all your visual communication needs. We can help you create eye-catching signage to help with germ prevention at your business or any other signage you need to brand your space and share pertinent messages with your employees and customers. To get started creating your custom displays, find a studio near you.

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