Temperature Check Signage

Temperature Check Signage

The pandemic has prompted many businesses to adopt new policies and practices to keep their employees and customers safe. For companies with employees coming into work, installing temperature check stations has been one way to screen for the virus. Some stores have even implemented temperature checks for customers coming in to protect other shoppers and employees from exposure.

If you are checking employees’ or customers’ temperatures as they come in, you need the right signage to notify people of your policy and carry it out in an orderly manner — all while reassuring people of your goodwill toward them and your commitment to keeping them safe. You can use several types of signage to share this message.

Window Decals

Window decals from SpeedPro provide a great way to let customers know as they approach your storefront or office entrance that they will need to have their temperature checked. You can apply window decals to any glass surface, including windows and doors, where you’ll get people’s attention.

One of the great things about window decals is that they are so easy to install. It’s as simple as removing the backing and placing the decal where you want so it can stick or cling to the glass surface. They have a professional and permanent look, just like your window graphics displaying your open hours, but they’re extremely easy to remove if and when your temperature check policy changes.

Directional Signage

Directional signage, also called wayfinding signage, is designed to help people navigate your facility and understand any rules or other information they need to know. This signage can come in many forms and can be placed inside and outside of your building. Whether it’s an office building, a school, a church, a store or any other type of facility, people should know where they are meant to enter and exit, how to find the department or room they’re after and other key aspects of wayfinding.

When it comes to temperature checks, wayfinding signage can provide the public with the information they need to follow your policy. For example, you may need to close off all but one entrance and ask people to form a line to get in. Or, maybe you are scanning temperatures automatically with a full-body scanner and need to inform customers that, by entering, they consent to have their temperature taken. Strategically placed directional signage can help you maintain order and safety for all.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are decals you can apply to hard floors inside or to outdoor surfaces like concrete or asphalt. They are made to be walked on, so they’re extremely durable and are easy to apply and then remove when the time comes. Floor graphics work especially well when you expect people to be looking down at the ground. This is often the case, but one of the scenarios where floor graphics work best is if you’re having customers line up to enter your business.

Whether you’re having customers line up so you can enforce limited capacity policies or so you can admit people only after taking their temperature, floor graphics can help you maintain an orderly line and share pertinent information with people while they wait. As people stand in line, floor graphics can show them how far apart to stand and can inform them of other important information, such as your temperature check policy and your commitment to their health and safety.


Banners, displayed with retractable banner stands, are a great option for getting people’s attention with your signage and notifying them of your temperature check policy. These banners can be made of vinyl or fabric and will display your custom graphics and text. You can place banners inside or outside of your building.

Retractable banner stands are extremely portable.

One of the advantages of retractable banner stands is that they are extremely portable. This means you can move your banner around as needed to ensure it’s seen. You can also roll your banner up into the base of the stand and store it that way. This means, if you choose to stop taking temperatures at some point, you can still keep your signage in case you need to reinstate the policy in the future.

A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

If you want to get people’s attention as they’re walking toward your building, an A-frame sidewalk sign is a great option. These signs fold out like an easel, making them easy to set anywhere and move around as needed. As the name suggests, these signs are often placed on the sidewalk in front of your building, but you can also place them in a courtyard, parking lot or anywhere else that makes sense for your facility.

A-frame signs also have the advantage of being two-sided. This means people walking up to your building from either direction will see the message about temperature checks. Because these signs are so portable, you can simply fold them up and place them inside when your facility is closed and then set them back outside when you open again. A-frame signs tend to be used for timely messages, like promoting a sale, which can make them especially effective at getting people’s attention.

Temporary Indoor Signs

If you only plan to conduct temperature checks for a short time, you may want to consider creating indoor signage that is intended for temporary messages and, therefore, is more affordable than more long-term signage materials like fabric or acrylic. One popular choice for temporary signage is foam core. This material consists of a dense foam center with a matte paper covering on the outside.

You can print your custom graphics and text on the sign and then display it by mounting it on the wall, hanging it from the ceiling or placing it on an easel stand. As with a-frame signs, temporary signs displayed on an easel have a timely feel that can help grab people’s attention.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is another option to consider. If you have screens in your lobby, you can use them to display information regarding your temperature checks. Digital signage can be a helpful addition in this instance to physical signage. With your physical signage, you can quickly let people know their temperature must be checked. With the digital signage, you can explain why you are conducting these checks or share helpful statistics and information about staying safe during this time.

An advantage you gain with digital signage is the ability to make changes on the fly. This is why it’s a great mode of communication for time-sensitive information like when you’ll be starting or stopping temperature checks or what other policies are currently in place to protect your employees and customers. Our team can help you create digital signage to share your message in an informative and eye-catching way.

Keep People Safe and Informed With Signage From SpeedPro

SpeedPro is here to help you create all the signage you need to help your employees and customers stay safe during this challenging time. We are always committed to fast turnaround times, which is especially helpful for our clients right now as they try to remain agile and respond to changes quickly. If you’re implementing temperature checks, partner with SpeedPro to create the perfect signage to help you carry out your policy and keep people informed.

There’s no need to settle for generic signage when you can create custom temperature check signage that bears your branding and your specific message to your employees or customers. Find a SpeedPro studio near you to get started creating your temperature check signs today.

Keep people safe and informed with signage from SpeedPro.