Contact- Free Signage

Contact-Free Signage

The pandemic has brought with it unprecedented concerns over coming into close contact with other people. As some aspects of life return to normal, many customers may still prefer to avoid traditional sales transactions that would have them in close contact with a cashier or delivery person.

If you’re joining the many other retailers, restaurants and other businesses that are offering contact-free options, you need signage to inform customers of that option. SpeedPro can help you create custom signage that draws attention to your contactless options so your customers feel well cared for and safe.

Types of signs for curbside pickup

Signs for Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is a great option for people who want to keep patronizing your business without ever stepping foot inside. If you’re offering curbside pickup as a service to your customers, you need eye-catching outdoor signage to advertise this service and help customers know where to go when they come to pick up their products. Here are a few types of signage SpeedPro can help you create for curbside pickup:

  • Directional signage: Directional signage helps customers navigate your campus. These signs should direct your customers to exactly where they should go when they arrive to pick up an order. You’ll likely want multiple signs to point them in the right direction and tell them where to park. Your signage can also direct them to check-in online or call when they arrive. Directional signs can be temporary or permanent and come in many forms.
  • Banners: Banners work well as an outdoor display to advertise your curbside pickup services. Especially if this is a new development for your business, you want to make sure your current customers and potential customers see that you’re offering this valuable service. This will help you maximize your business during a challenging time. You can hang banners or create freestanding banner displays using a stand or frame.
  • Window graphics: You may also want to create contact-free decals for your front door or windows to update customers on your curbside pickup services. People who drive by or walk up to your storefront will see they have the option for curbside pickup from your business. Window graphics are easy to change out as needed so you can keep your information updated on whether your business is open and any contactless options available.

Signs for Contactless Payment

Contactless payment options, which use a person’s mobile device to pay, were already gaining traction before the pandemic, and now these options have become even more popular. Contactless payment allows a customer to avoid touching card readers that many other customers touch or exchanging cash that can hold onto germs. If you have the point-of-sale equipment you need to accept contactless payment, this is something you want to highlight right now. You can do that using these signage types:

  • POP displays: Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are designed to highlight a product or service right at the point where customers are making a buying decision. In this case, that means highlighting your contactless payment options right near the checkout area. As customers wait in line, they’ll learn that they can use their phone to pay — welcomed news for many that may have them coming back again.
  • Tabletoppers: Tabletoppers are displays you can stand up on a counter or tabletop. They could be folding panel displays, tabletop banners or popup displays. Rather than having your cashiers explain to each customer who comes through that they can take advantage of contactless payment, add tabletop displays to your checkout counters that advertise this service and lists the specific mobile pay options available for your business.
  • Floor graphics: If you have people waiting in line to check out, floor graphics are a great idea. These decals capture people’s attention as they look down. You can place your decals 6 feet apart to help aid social distancing and can use them to advertise your contactless payment options. For customers who have mobile pay set up, this option can give your business a competitive edge over others in town.

Types of signs for contact-free delivery

Signs for Contact-Free Delivery

Some restaurants have added contactless delivery to allow customers to enjoy their favorite food without having to interact with a delivery driver. If your business has added this option, you should make sure you advertise it so people know they have that choice. If someone wants to order food but would prefer contact-free delivery, they may choose your restaurant over your competitors. Here are some contact-free signage options to consider:

  • Digital signage: Digital signage allows you to share multiple messages on the same screen. If you have a monitor set up in your restaurant where people place carryout orders, you should use this screen to advertise your contact-free delivery service. Create some eye-catching graphics and reiterate that you’re here to serve your customers in whatever way makes them most comfortable. Some customers may opt to have their food delivered contact-free.
  • Flags:Flags are some of the most attention-getting display types out there. Advertising flags call for short messages, which works well in this case. Something as simple as “Contact-Free Delivery Available” or “Now Offering Contactless Delivery” can help you get the word out to anyone who drives or walks past your business. Creating custom flags allows you to choose the shape, size and color that works best for your business.
  • Vehicle wraps: A fantastic option to take advantage of for contact-free delivery is a vehicle wrap. Advertising contact-free delivery on your delivery vehicles shares the message with your current delivery customers, as well as with anyone who sees your delivery cars on the road.  Vehicle wraps can be a great way to get the word out — all while giving your delivery vehicles a more professional and customized look.

Custom Contact-Free Signs From SpeedPro

As customers’ needs change, businesses are adapting to meet these needs. At SpeedPro, we remain a trusted printing partner for companies all across the nation. We can help you create vibrant and informative contact-free graphics to let your customers know about the ways you’re helping them stay safe.

SpeedPro staff can help you choose the right signage types and materials and assist you through the design process so you end up with a finished product you love. We’re also committed to sticking to fast turnaround times so you can start getting the word out about your contact-free services as soon as possible. To get started, find a SpeedPro studio near you.