Now Open & Service Hours Signage

Now Open and Service Hours Signage

It’s a thrilling day for many business owners when the local government decides that it is safe enough to reopen. In the last few months, COVID-19 caused governments to shut down many organizations, including retail stores, restaurants, salons and gyms, out of concern for the public’s safety. After lockdown and social distancing efforts have been going on for a while, some areas of the country are ready to reopen — and that means it’s time to bring back your customers.

With so much variation, it’s hard for consumers to keep track of what businesses are open and how their hours may vary due to the current situation, which is why it’s vital that you communicate your changes to them through signage.


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Now Open Signs

Service Hours Signage

Designing Now Open and Business Hours Signage

Types of Now Open and Service Hours Signage


Now Open Signs

If your business was closed entirely during the lockdown period, telling your customers that you’re open is an absolute must. Most areas are reopening in phases, meaning certain businesses get the green light to open before others. Customers might not be keeping track of that. They just know that more places are open.

Show them that your business is one of those places with big, bold “Now Open” signage.

While clarifying your status for some people, “Now Open” signs can also be a way to catch the attention of new customers. If your sign is vibrant and eye-catching, it can serve as an advertisement for new customers and old ones who may be accustomed to your closure.

Another aspect to consider with “Now Open” signs is how they relate to your previous status. For instance, if you’ve been operating solely on carry-out, you may want to add something about your dining room being open, too, so there is no ambiguity about what you’re offering.

A-frames, banners, flags and yard signs are all excellent options for “Now Open” signs. Consider the layout of your business as you choose. Do you have any of the following areas that could be good places for a sign?

  • A lot of exterior wall space for a hanging banner
  • A part of your property that faces a busy road where flags and yard signs will grab attention
  • A sidewalk beside your storefront where an a-frame would fit well
  • A large window that could hold a banner or window graphic

If you’re not sure about what signs will work best for your location, our experts can help with the decision.

Service Hours Signage

Even with abundant reopenings, many businesses have slashed their hours to allow more time for cleaning and abiding by other safety recommendations. With altered hours being common, you can help your customers by providing updated service hour signage, regardless of whether your hours have changed.

Provide customers updated service hours

In both cases, updating your service hours signage offers more information to your guests who might be unclear. You may need to confirm that you maintain your regular hours or convey your new ones.

Window graphics are an excellent way to update your service hours, especially if that’s where your regular hours are displayed. Placing them beside or on your door is an excellent placement option since that’s usually where people look for hours.

Another way to communicate your service hours loud and clear is to use banners, flags and yard signs. If your hours are relatively straightforward and don’t change every day, you probably have room to put them on other forms of advertisements. A simple “9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily” can go a long way and give people the confidence they need to visit. You can also promote your hours along with “Now Open” signs and other kinds of advertisements.

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Designing “Now Open” and Business Hours Signs

When creating these signs, consider your purpose. You’re trying to capture attention and inform. Bright, bold colors will help with the former, and legible, large text can help with the latter. Make sure your text fits the goal and the type of sign you’re using.

It’s also important to keep your branding consistent. If you have signature colors or fonts, be sure to use them.

Our technicians can also help with the design stage.

Types of “Now Open” and Service Hours Signage

When it comes time to select your signage, you’ve got a lot of options. Each one appeals to customers in a new way and can promote your message differently.

Types of Now Open and Service Hours Signage [Infographic]

Here are some of the popular formats that businesses are using to tell customers they’re open and ready to serve:

  • Banners: Banners can hang from the side of a building, stand alone on banner stands or cover your windows in signage. These large-format prints work well for appealing to people driving by, as you can make the text as large as you need to. Make them bright and vibrant to grab as much attention as possible.
  • Flags: Flags are often placed outside your establishment, such as along the edge of the property, facing the road. You can use a single flag or line up multiples to make an impression, especially since they’ll wave in the breeze. They also work well beside your storefront with the help of various stand styles.
  • A-frames: If your property is short on space, a-frames are an excellent way to display your new hours or reopening. These triangular stands can go almost anywhere and can grab the attention of everyone walking by. If most people reading A-frames will be up close, you can sometimes get by with smaller text and more information.
  • Yard signs: Yard signs are similar to flags in that they work well at the edge of your property or facing areas with the most traffic. Just like flags, you’ll want them to be bright and bold. You may need to fill up the majority of these signs with text so people can read the message from afar.
  • Window signage: Window graphics can go as far as covering your entire storefront or simply offering a small correction to your permanent hours display. You can advertise front and center with large, colorful banners or use window clings for the smaller stuff.

Partnering With SpeedPro for Business Signage

As you adjust to reopening or changing your hours, you may find yourself needing last-minute signage that meets the professional image of your business. During this period of difficulty, SpeedPro is committed to helping businesses of all sizes and across industries. Whether you run a retail store, restaurant, gym or any other organization that’s had to change operations due to the coronavirus, we’re here to help.

We carry a wide variety of signage and can color-match to your exact brand specifications. Our trained technicians are well-versed in business signage and can create high-quality graphics that support your adapting goals. To learn more about our products or get started working with SpeedPro, find your nearest location today.

Contact SpeedPro for a partner for your business signage needs.