Face Mask Signage

Face Mask Signage

As they open back up to the public or welcome their employees back to the office, many businesses are grappling with the best ways to protect people from the spread of COVID-19. For some businesses, this means asking employees or customers to wear face masks. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends wearing cloth face masks in public wherever social distancing is difficult. In healthcare settings, workers often use more advanced personal protective equipment, such as surgical masks or respirators, to keep themselves and others safe.

If your local government is requiring the public to wear face masks while in your facility, or if you are choosing to instate this requirement to protect your employees or customers, you need the appropriate signage to communicate this information. SpeedPro can help you create custom face mask signage to help keep your workers and customers informed and safe.

What Is the Purpose of Face Mask Signage?

If you plan to recommend or require face masks, posting face masks signs is essential. This signage can enable you to:

  • Enforce your policy: A face mask policy only works if you’re actually requiring people to wear masks. That means you need signs that make it clear you’re taking this policy seriously and will enforce it by asking people to leave if they don’t have a mask or by providing them with one.
  • Keep people informed: Aside from informing people that they are required to wear a face mask, you can also use your signs to provide additional information about why face masks are helpful or why your business is instating this policy. You can also use signs to recommend wearing face masks, even if it’s not a requirement.
  • Avoid confusion: You don’t want customers to be caught off guard if an employee approaches them and asks them to put on a mask or leave. This scenario could be embarrassing and frustrating for a customer. As with any requirements you uphold, make sure it is clearly posted so people are well aware of the policy as soon as they come in.

Why should you create custom face mask signs?

Why Should You Create Custom Face Mask Signs?

Because so many businesses are requiring face masks, you can find generic signs for sale that say “face mask required” or a similar message. So, why should you create custom signage rather than just using one of these generic signs? Here are a few key advantages of creating your own face mask signs:

  • Add your branding: One thing you get with custom signage that you’ll never get with generic options is the opportunity to incorporate your branding into the sign’s design. This could mean choosing fonts, colors and language that aligns with your visual branding and possibly adding your logo to the sign. Branded signs will have a more polished and professional appearance.
  • Be more specific: When you get to create the text that goes on your sign rather than settling for generic messages, you can add far more detail. For example, you can list the rooms where masks are required or specify what type of mask people need. You can even create separate signs that provide more explanation while others simply state the policy.
  • Choose the right medium: When you create signs with SpeedPro, you can choose from many different materials, shapes and sizes to suit your needs. You can create signs for indoor or outdoor and temporary or permanent applications.

Benefits of Custom Face Mask Signs [Infographic]

What Types of Displays Can You Use for Face Mask Signage?

When you work with SpeedPro, we can help you choose the right display types for your face mask signage. Here are some options to consider:

  • Window decals: Window decals are a great option to consider since you can use them to post your policy on your front door or windows where people will see it as they approach your business. Plus, they’re easy to peel off and discard once you stop requiring face masks.
  • Elevator wraps: If you are requiring face masks on certain floors, as may be the case in a healthcare facility, an elevator wrap is an effective way to share that information. Elevator wraps are eye-catching and can turn a standard elevator into a branded and informative display.
  • Floor graphics: You can apply floor graphics on the floor just inside your building or on the sidewalk outside to inform people they need a mask. These signs grab people’s attention where they’re not typically used to seeing signage and where they may already be looking down at their feet or phone.
  • Banners: Banners can be big attention-getters, whether you hang them or use a banner stand to set them up near your entrance. You can also create small tabletop banner displays to set on a reception desk. Especially in the case of standing banners, it’s easy to move the display around or store it once your policy changes.
  • Temporary indoor signs: Temporary signs are a smart option to consider if you don’t plan to maintain your face mask requirement for very long. Temporary signs are made from more affordable and less durable materials, but they still look very professional. These signs are intended for indoor applications.
  • Permanent indoor signage: If you plan to display your signage long-term, then you may want to create permanent indoor signage from durable and professional materials like acrylic, for example. SpeedPro can help you create signage that looks like a permanent fixture in your entrance rather than a temporary message.
  • Digital signage: Digital signage is an alternative option to consider for your face mask signs. With digital messages, you can scroll through information or change the message as needed. Digital signs can work well as an additional resource while physical signs are still posted at the door to notify people that they must wear a mask.

Custom Face Mask Signage From SpeedPro

We understand these are unprecedented times, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to helping our customers create professional custom signage with fast turnaround times and great results. If you need to create face mask signs for your business, our staff can help walk you through the design process so you can make the most of your custom signage. We’ll create your signs in our studio using the latest print methods, vivid inks and quality materials.

We are working diligently to provide our clients with the signage they need to help keep employees and customers safe and informed and, in some cases, to comply with local ordinances. Find a SpeedPro studio in your area to get started.

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