The 6 Feet Office

 The 6 Feet Office

The coronavirus has changed many people’s lives, and offices will likely be affected by it even after employees start going back to work. With public health and safety a huge focus, you’ve probably wondered how you can make your office space a safer place to work. While consistent handwashing and wearing a mask might be easy to implement at your office, you might not have a setup that adheres to the 6 feet social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To fix this problem, you should consider the 6 Feet Office. This type of office space is one of the best new ideas for how your business can react to COVID-19 and keep employees as safe as possible. Find out more about what the Six Feet Office is and the types of signage you can use to make it work for your company.

What Is a 6 Feet Office?

In response to the coronavirus, people all around the world have been trying to keep 6 feet away from each other while out in public. Minimizing contact between people should help reduce the spread of the virus. Even though businesses will continue to reopen — if they haven’t already — it’s likely that life isn’t going back to normal. Many businesses will need to change their practices, and offices are no exception.

The 6 Feet Office is a new type of office that incorporates social distancing measures into the workplace. Like the name suggests, a 6 Feet Office redesigns the company’s workplace to keep people 6 feet from one another and includes new signage and procedures that encourage social distancing.

The 6 Feet Office begins with an analysis of your workplace, looking for areas where people tend to congregate, such as in common walking areas, workspaces and break areas. With this information, you can then look for opportunities to change the office. Next, you put in place rules at your office that center around social distancing and hygiene.

After developing rules, place signage and graphics around the office to help with routing, directing people on how they can navigate the office without coming into close contact with others. Besides routing, workstations should be adjusted to accommodate daily cleanings and maintain a proper distance from others. With all of these steps, your office should be a much more sanitary environment that reduces the chances of the virus spreading.

Types of Signs Used in 6 Feet Office

Types of Signs Used in 6 Feet Office

If you want to harness the advantages of a 6 Feet Office, one of the ways you can implement change is to have high-quality signage and graphics placed throughout your workplace. Invest in the best signs for encouraging social distancing. Below you can find out more about your top options:

1. Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are one of the best types of signage available to companies hoping to improve the safety of their workplace. These graphics stick to the floor, so they’re great at showing people how far 6 feet is and provide reminders about social distancing. Vinyl floor graphics are easy to install and remove, while also being durable enough to remain in place and look attractive even as people walk on them throughout the day.

In the office, floor graphics can take a couple of different forms:

  • Routes: As people navigate your redesigned office, you’ll want them to avoid walking directly beside someone’s desk or passing one another in close quarters. To help your employees walk through your office in a way that minimizes risk, you can place floor graphics that illustrate the route employees should take to go to commonly used areas. These floor graphics will likely take the form of wayfinding signage, with arrows and lines helping users travel through the office.
  • Standing zones: In areas where people tend to gather, such as the breakroom, you can place small sign graphics on the ground to show where people should stand or sit in the room to socialize at an appropriate distance. Additionally, you can use them in areas where lines tend to form, such as in front of the microwave or the coffee pot, to show people how far apart to stand while they wait.

2. Indoor Signage

You can place various indoor signs on doors, walls, cubicles and windows throughout your business to remind employees about new social distancing policies. As with floor graphics, you can implement indoor graphics to provide directions to employees who might not be familiar with the social distancing approved routes around the office.

Besides offering directions, indoor signs are also perfect for highlighting new policies and reminding people to engage in sanitary practices. For example, you can mount indoor signage in highly visible areas to display your new policies relating to social distancing, so your employees all know what actions they need to take to be as safe as possible.

For example, a conference room door could have a sign mounted on it that reminds people of the safety precautions your company has put in place for meetings. Having signage outside conference rooms helps everyone get on the same page and be fully informed about what’s expected of them before they enter the room.

3. Digital Signage

In times when information is changing and policies might need to adjust to meet the new demands, you need to invest in digital signage. These signs are perfect for companies that need to update information quickly to communicate the latest safety policies to employees. Digital signs use sleek, high-resolution displays to highlight bright images, graphics and text. These high tech signs are often mounted in receptions areas and on walls that people are likely to see throughout their day.

With digital signs, you can feature multiple messages on one sign, rotating through various images, text and even videos. These signs can also be changed with just a few keystrokes, allowing you to update the information as needed. Besides giving information on social distancing messages, digital signs can also highlight company news, meeting schedules and other relevant information that employees should know.

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