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How Small Businesses Can Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic

APRIL 21, 2020| SpeedPro

The current COVID-19 pandemic has hit small businesses hard. With most states putting a stay-at-home order in place, many companies have been forced to temporarily close or adjust their offerings to offer curbside or pickup only, significantly cutting down their profits. It hasn’t been easy however, there are a few things you can do to help make the best of the current situation and survive this crisis, ready to continue forward to serving their local community and grow stronger than ever before.

Put Your Family and Employees First

Start by making sure that you’re taking care of those closest to you first. They are going to need your support more now than ever. This is a unique time when the majority of Americans have extra time at home with their families that they typically don’t have. Take a moment to enjoy this precious opportunity and encourage your employees to do the same with their own families. Make sure that you have a support system and someone to talk to during this difficult time. Keep in mind that although owning a small business during this time is very stressful, it is never as dire as it may seem, and there are plenty of other people in a similar situation who know what you’re going through. Build a support system to help each other make it through this challenging time.

When possible, do your best to support your own employees, whether you’re able to keep providing them with work or helping them to find a short term job until you’re able to hire them back. If you take care of your employees, you’ll have an entire team ready to back you up when this is all over and help you to continue to grow your dream.

Utilize Government Financial Resources

Keep in mind that most small businesses are suffering right now. The government is doing everything they can to help lift the financial burden as you fight your way through this uphill battle until the stay at home orders have been lifted, and people can get back to their regular routines. The recent $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package gives small businesses access to $350 billion in forgivable loans to give them away to survive this crisis and stay in business. There may also be options available for you to hold off on paying your rent or other loans that you’re not currently able to pay on time. Reach out to your financial institution for additional information to see how they can help you get through this.

Keep Customers Updated on Current Hours

If you’re decided to change your store hours for the duration of the pandemic, make sure to notify your customers. Update your hours on your website, social media, and newsletter. Make it easy for anyone stopping at your store or driving by with an a-frame sidewalk stand or signs to hang on the front windows advertising your new hours, so customers can make sure to come back when you’re open.

Advertise Curbside Pickup & Carry Out

For most small businesses that are still open, they’ve had to adjust their services to carry out or curbside pickup only for their customers. To make sure they comply with local government regulations put in place to help flatten the curve. To help incentivize customers, many businesses are offering curbside pickup, so they just have to pull up to the front of the restaurant or store, and their order will be brought out.

However, for businesses that haven’t offered curbside pickup or carryout out to their customers before the pandemic, they might not know it’s available. Set up a yard sign or a-frame sidewalk stand right outside the front of your business, advertising your new offerings. This will also help attract potential customers who are passing by. This is also a great reminder for those who have placed an order to help give them peace of mind knowing that they have the option to have their order brought out while they stay safely inside their car.

Use Floor Graphics to Regulate a Six-Foot Distance

The CDC has put regulations in place that require people to maintain at least a six-foot distance from each other when out in public to help stop the spread of disease. Utilize social distancing floor graphics to send a friendly reminder to your customers waiting at checkout to stay at least six feet apart from each other at all times for their safety.

If your business is regulating the number of people inside your store at a time, floor graphics are also a great way to maintain a safe distance while they wait, especially when employees aren’t outside to help.
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Protect Your Employees

One of the best things you can do during the COVID-19 outbreak is to protect your employees while they are at work. Start by installing “sneeze guards.” Clear plastic containment guards that will create a barrier between your employees and customers when they are in direct contact with each other. This will give your employees peace of mind knowing that you are looking out for their safety and will do whatever you can to help. The best part is the guards are easy to wipe clean after every interaction with a customer to limit exposure to the virus.

We Are In This Together

Remember, you are not alone in this uphill battle. There are millions of small businesses around the world in a similar situation. Reach out to other local businesses in your area to see how they are doing. If possible, find ways that you can team up to help each other during this difficult time. This pandemic will pass, and when it does, you will come out stronger and more resilient than ever. Your customers will come rushing back to support you in any way that they can, so don’t give up! Take this time to evaluate your small business and brainstorm ways that you can grow your business once this is all over.

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