Curbside Services Signage

Curbside Services Signage

Curbside pickup has been gaining popularity for some time, but the Coronavirus pandemic accelerated this popularity in a major way. Between April 1 and April 20 of 2020, the number of orders people placed online and then picked up at a store surged by 208% compared to the same time back in 2019. It’s easy to see why curbside services have become a valuable option, both for businesses and for the customers they serve.

This option limits the contact between workers and customers while still allowing your customer to bring home their favorite food, groceries, clothing or whatever it is they count on from your business. You may also entice some new customers to try your business because of the curbside services you offer. The right signage can help you capitalize on curbside pickup, ensuring your clients know about the service and making it a convenient experience for customers.

Curbside Services Signage [Infographic]

1. Banners

Banners work great as eye-catching displays, both inside your business and outside. Outdoor banners are a great choice for advertising your curbside services. They can be made from fabric or vinyl. For example, a banner hung over your front door can let people know as they pass by your business that they can still patronize your business without having to go inside.

Every display type comes with its own advantages. One advantage of banners as curbside pickup signs is that they offer a lot of surface area for graphics and text. This means you can include more than just a message like “Now Offering Curbside Pickup” on your banner. You can also include the number to call or website to visit to place their order along with eye-catching graphics, like your logo or a mouthwatering photo of the food they could pick up.

2. Flags

Flags are generally designed for more minimal text and graphics compared to banners, but they are also great at getting people’s attention. Flags become dynamic displays because they flutter in the breeze. You can choose from different shapes and sizes for your flags. Just one flag with a message as simple as “Curbside Pickup” can make an impact, but you can make even more of a statement by lining up multiple flags.

This arrangement also allows you to share more text. For example, a series of colorful flags could read “Here for You,” “Order Your Favorites,” and “Pick Them Up Curbside,” with a final flag boldly featuring your logo or another graphic. Flags can grab the attention of passersby, so they know you’re offering curbside services.

3. Window Graphics

Window graphics are an excellent display option if you want to communicate with people walking up to your entrance — especially if you are not open for shopping or dining inside. You don’t want people to get to the door and be confused about why the door is locked and simply leave. Your window graphics can list your current options, such as delivery and curbside pickup. If you know the date you plan to open up the inside of your business, you can list that date, as well.

Window graphics are easy to apply to any glass surface

Window graphics are decals that are easy to apply to any glass surface. They’re also easy to remove when you need to update the information. You can create window graphics you apply from the inside facing out, or you can create window graphics that face inside and outside, so customers inside your business also see they have the option to use curbside pickup next time.

4. A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

A-frame sidewalk signs are two-sided outdoor displays that are easy to fold out and place wherever you want, then fold up and put away whenever needed. If your business is located on a street with a lot of foot traffic in the front, sidewalk signs are a great option to consider for maximizing your business’ exposure.

Your a-frame sign should tell people how to take advantage of your curbside services, whether it’s placing an order through an app, on your website, or by calling. If you’re still open for business inside, you may also want to include that on your sign. For example, it could read “Come Inside or Order Ahead and Pick Up Curbside.” A-frame signs are a quick and easy solution for keeping your customers updated as they walk past your business.

5. Directional Signage

Directional signage is essential to a successful curbside pickup setup. Just telling people they can arrive at your business and pick up their orders isn’t enough. You need to make it completely clear once they arrive where they should park and how to receive their order. You can create directional signage using all sorts of different display types and materials. Whatever you choose, directional signs should be simplistic in design, so customers can instantly understand their meaning.

Start with the entrance to your parking lot, adding a sign with an arrow that points customers in the direction of the curbside pickup area. Once they arrive at the spot, they should see another sign confirming they’re in the right place. This sign should also include any instructions they need to know to receive their order. For example, you may want them to call to let an employee know they’re there, or they may need to check-in online.

6. Customized Tents

Because curbside pickup occurs outside, you should plan for the possibility of rainy weather. If your business doesn’t have an awning where people can park for curbside pickup, you should add one to shelter your employees from the rain and to keep pickup orders from getting wet. A great option to consider is a custom outdoor tent from SpeedPro. These tents are a popular option for events, but they can also serve as an awning for curbside pickup when needed.

If you no longer need the tent for curbside pickup in the future, you can use your tent for sidewalk sales, fairs and festivals, or any other outdoor events. You could always purchase a plain, white tent to use, but a custom printed tent will feature your graphics. This makes your tent bold curbside pickup signage in addition to being a functional covering.

Curbside Service Signs From SpeedPro

If your business is offering curbside services, you need eye-catching signage to advertise your services and to help your customers have a seamlessly smooth experience when they take advantage of curbside pickup from your business. As North America’s only printing franchise system specializing in large format graphics, SpeedPro is the ideal partner for creating bold displays that will help your business thrive, even during a challenging time. To get started creating your curbside service signs, find a SpeedPro studio in your area.

 Curbside service signs from SpeedPro.