Window Clings

Window Clings

If you’ve entered any establishment in the last few months, you’ve probably seen some kind of signage on the windows explaining how they’ve adapted to the coronavirus pandemic. These signs might be hastily printed on printer paper and taped to the door or printed on professional materials that match the branding and standards of the business. Of course, you want your company to be in the latter group.

The changes that businesses have had to make are likely to stick around as we try to keep COVID-19 at bay and make public spaces as safe as possible. A temporary, poorly made sign just won’t cut it, and custom window clings are an excellent, low-cost, long-lasting alternative that looks much more professional.

What Is a Window Cling?

If you see a sign on a glass window, it may or may not have an adhesive helping it stick to the glass. A window cling is the kind of graphic that does not use an adhesive. For adhesive stickers that will also work on floors and bumpy surfaces, you’d need a decal. A window cling sticks to the window using static electricity, which makes it easy to move and reuse as needed — a great attribute to have with such uncertain times.

These thin graphics are made of vinyl and are often used to display things like store hours, advertisements and other informational details.

Usually, you would need a different sign for long- and short-term use. If you’re using other window graphics, you’ll also have to consider whether it is going on the outside or inside of your windows. Since window clings will stay in place on both sides, that’s not an issue — one size fits all. And, while they won’t last for centuries, they’ll retain their color and vibrancy for a long time. They’re also cost-effective, so you won’t have to pay exorbitant amounts to get a quality sign.

Custom window clings are very versatile in where they can go and what they can look like. Some of the design options include:

  • Cutouts: Larger shapes can be cut out and provide you with a cling that has just the elements you want, such as a logo.
  • Transparent backgrounds: You can also put lettering on a clear background, so guests just see the text or image on the glass.
  • Filled image: You can also get a cling that looks more like a traditional sign with a full-color design that fills to the edges.

Window Clings for Coronavirus Signage

When it comes to telling your clients how you’ve adjusted to COVID-19, window clings are an excellent approach. Maybe your customers can’t legally enter without a mask. Perhaps you’re strictly enforcing social distancing measures, and they need to abide by those rules. Whatever steps you’ve taken to improve the safety of your staff and customers, window clings can convey that information easily without sacrificing your standards of quality.

Clings let you announce new practices, provide reminders, and promote your brand.

Window clings can be placed in many spots, whether that’s in your doorway, on tall windows or on a sneeze guard in a restaurant. You can even place window clings on other surfaces like metal and plastic, as long as it is smooth and glossy. Since these are common building materials, you might have stainless steel or plastic construction throughout your facility. Clings let you use that space to announce new practices, provide friendly reminders and promote your brand.

They’re much more professional than a piece of paper taped to your door and can include your signature fonts and colors. They look more attractive and cohesive — a well-considered part of your establishment’s efforts to improving safety rather than an afterthought or a hasty reaction.

Ways to Use COVID-19 Window Clings

Window clings can help you convey a wide variety of information to your customers. Let’s take a look at the places and purposes for which you may want to use window clings.

When placing a window cling, many businesses choose to put their graphics in the following locations:

  • On the door: If, like many establishments, you have a door with tall window panes in the middle, you likely already use that space to post your hours and other information. You probably have new ways of running things, from mask requirements to the maximum number of people allowed in your building. Using window clings lets you place your information front-and-center, where people can’t open the door without seeing it.
  • On structures: The structures within your establishment are great places to put social distancing reminders. A simple sign that says, “Please stay 6 feet apart,” can help people remember to keep their distance from other people. You could also use clings to mark specific spots people should stand or provide other general safety tips.
  • On sneeze guards: If you run a business such as a deli or a butchers where sneeze guards are in place, you can put window cling signs on them. Remind people not to point over the glass or to still stand a few feet back.

While there are a lot of placement options, there are also a lot of types of signs you need during coronavirus. Here are some that custom window clings can help with:

  • Hours displays: Show your customers how your hours have changed in a clear, easy-to-read location.
  • Requirements for entry: Whether part of a government mandate or from your own establishment’s policy, people might need to wear masks or agree to your social distancing measures. Window cling graphics allow you to post your requirements on or near the door so people can’t miss them.
  • Social distancing reminders and standing points: If your building has indoor surfaces to support clings, you can place them where they’ll remind people to stay 6 feet apart or at specific locations.
  • General safety reminders: To promote an environment of general safety, you can put reminders up so people can stay as safe as possible. A sign telling people to avoid touching their faces, a diagram showing how to wash your hands and many other safety reminders work well as window clings.

Window Clings From SpeedPro

As COVID-19 has made businesses of all shapes and sizes change their ways and navigate new practices, SpeedPro has committed to helping however we can. One of the ways we do that is by offering high-quality signage that supports your establishment.

We can print your designs on affordable, adjustable and moveable custom window clings, whether you need them for temporary changes or permanent adjustments. These signs can help you keep your customers and staff safe while matching the brand imagery of your company. Find your local studio today to learn more about how we can assist.

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