Safety Screens

Safety Screens

When viruses and illnesses are present, safety screens are one of the best ways that you can make your business or organization safer. Safety screens can help you slow the spread of potentially dangerous viruses between your customer base and your staff, keeping both parties better protected. Businesses attempting to improve social distancing throughout their stores are incorporating custom signage and safety screens in their social distancing strategy.

Besides offering greater protection inside your buildings, safety screens come with numerous advantages that can assist with your marketing and branding efforts. If you’re looking for ways you can improve the interior of your buildings, you’ll want to know what the screens are and where they’re used.

What Are Safety Screens?

Safety screens are plastic physical barriers placed between people to prevent viruses from spreading due to sneezing, coughing and other hazards. Generally, these signs are transparent so employees can still see their customers, clients and other visitors. The principle behind the screens is to encourage social distancing, especially at times when illnesses are prevalent.

The safety screens can be made out of various materials, but clear plastic is usually the best in terms of price, appearance and durability. For example, acrylic shields are a great choice for those looking to add a transparent barrier in key areas of their building. Acrylic is a multi-functional transparent plastic sheet that’s durable and lightweight. It also can be cut in ways that allow you to pass money or items through strategically placed openings.

If you want a harder and more durable plastic sheet, plexiglass is an excellent choice for your safety screens. Plexiglass is a specialized type of acrylic that undergoes a more intense manufacturing process to create a tougher final product with a low chance of cracking. If people or objects may regularly contact your safety screens and you need a tougher material than acrylic, plexiglass is a good choice.

Where Do You Use Them?

Businesses often use safety screens at cash registers where employees and customers regularly interact. The barrier helps prevent any sneezes or coughs from passing from one person to another. Since cashiers interact with possibly hundreds of people each day, it’s crucial to keep them safe while they scan and bag items. For example, a customer could transfer a virus to a cashier, who then interacts with other customers, passing the virus along to them as well.

The barrier helps prevent any sneezes or coughs from passing from one person to another.

Pharmacies also use safety screens with small holes cut at the bottom to allow products and prescriptions to pass through. Banks use similar safety screens to allow transactions to occur safely.

Basically, any company that has workers interacting with visitors can find ways to use safety screens to incorporate social distancing practices into their business. Some common business environments that rely on these screens include grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, retail stores, offices, bars, restaurants, professional services and banks.

Benefits of Safety Screens

Before you invest in safety screens, you’ll need to be aware of the advantages associated with using these screens throughout your business:

  • Keep employees safe: Safety screens keep your business running smoothly by protecting your employees from germs. The screens stop particles from passing between individuals due to coughing, sneezing or even talking. Protecting your employees is crucial to keeping everything running on track and also being a responsible employer. Create a healthy and safe work environment by making an effort to protect your employees with safety screens.
  • Protect clients and customers: Whenever a contagion requires social distancing, you’ll want to craft a safe environment for your clients or customers. You don’t want to be the reason that people get sick, and safety screens are one of the ways you can prevent your company from being a carrier of a disease. If an employee comes into work carrying a virus, for instance, the safety screens can help reduce the spread of that virus to your clientele.
  • Increase trust: Safety screens create a safer environment and put customers and clients at ease. When social distancing measures are necessary, people choose where they go more carefully. By placing safety screens around your building, you’ll make your business or organization more appealing to customers concerned with safety. A safety screen sends the message, from the moment a customer or client enters your doors, that your company takes public health seriously.
  • Create a culture of social distancing: Safety screens are one piece to the larger puzzle of proper social distancing. Other social distancing practices include keeping people 6 feet away from each other, wearing a mask and eliminating physical contact. Since people can forget about these restrictions due to habit, safety screens help to remind visitors and employees to maintain social distancing practices throughout a building.
  • Affordable: When you look for safety screens, you’ll be able to find plenty of affordable options. One of the primary materials you can use for safety screens is acrylic. This type of plastic is quite affordable, especially when you go with a simple, transparent plastic sheet.
  • Customizable: Not all safety screens have to be entirely clear. Though many find that clear plastic screens are preferable, acrylic shields can also be customized with graphics or other effects. For example, architectural finishes can be placed onto a plastic safety screen to obscure sight in areas where employees work close to visitors but don’t need to communicate with them. You can also add logos or other graphics to the screen, along with messages relaying safety information.

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