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Product <span>Launches</span>

Product Launch Graphics

Product launches introduce new concepts to investors and consumers. They’re often the one and only chance to make a first impression.

And they can do even more than that. They help persuade visitors to become customers, and they can boost long-term brand loyalty. In a survey of over 1,100 consumers, 48% reported that they were more likely to buy something if they could try it first. Additionally, 70% of participants who purchase something because of a marketing event such as product launch go on to become regular customers.

Use Great. Big. Graphics. from SpeedPro to make a strong impression at your next product launch and help achieve these goals.

Guide to Product Launch Display Graphics

For a product launch, businesses typically create a fun, interactive event to introduce their new product or service to the world. They may offer free food and drinks, fun music, a cool vibe and a chance to try out the exciting new product, all in the hope that they’ll generate some buzz and get visitors enthusiastic about the new offer. Often, launch events generate sales right away, but even if they don’t, the positive impression they make helps convert customers over the long term.

During the event, you can draw attention in numerous ways beyond showcasing the product itself. Using bold custom graphics is one excellent way to do this.

Tons of different graphic products lend themselves well to the festive, upbeat atmosphere of a product launch. You can use colorful wall murals, banners, sectional graphic panels and even window clings to create two-dimensional product launch signage. Or you can use display kiosks and easel-backed cutouts to pump some 3D energy into your event.

Why Your Product Launch Graphics Need to Be as Big as the Product

Graphics aid in creating hype around the product before you reveal it — the bigger the buzz and intrigue, the better. You want something irresistible and large-as-life.

So many people are immune to the effects of traditional advertising because it bombards us everywhere. But an enormous, colorful, fun and festive graphic panel or display is harder to ignore — and when you have the right design, people won’t want to ignore them. They’ll be excited to come in and partake of the sights and activities.

Wall murals and banners work great for this purpose because they brighten any space and draw the eye. And they help assert your message and branding by taking up the bulk of an empty space and converting it to something vibrant and engaging. Large-scale, compelling graphics that will stand out and grab visitors’ attention are perfect for product launch events.

Use Backlit Graphics to Set the Mood When It Comes Time for Launch

If you want to take your signage and marketing a step further, spring for some stylish, alluring backlit graphics. Backlit graphics offer several distinct benefits to help showcase your new product.

  • They stand out and draw attention. For a product launch, you need your graphics to be uniquely visually engaging. Backlit graphics use LED lights and customizable, attractive fabrics to capture attention, generate interest and draw visitors in. Especially with large-scale illuminated lighting like 12-foot-tall graphic towers, you can commandeer attention and focus it on your product.
  • They create an ambiance. The warm glow of cozy lighting isn’t just for romantic restaurants and late-night spots. Adding illumination to your event also helps create a warm, comfortable, engaging feeling. It’s natural for people to feel drawn toward light, and illuminated graphics can create the same intimate feel of your favorite cozy gathering place, helping people feel relaxed, delighted and engaged. If your product launch is meant to have the atmosphere of a party, the fun, festive glow of illuminated graphics can help set the mood.
  • They’re versatile. Backlit graphics can be customized and swapped in and out for different events and products. If you design a series of attractive graphics for your product launch, you don’t have to hide them away in the closet when you’re done with them. Use them to brighten your store or office, or take them with you to trade shows to enhance your tent or booth with some light.
  • They can contrast or coordinate with other signage. Maybe you have a brand-specific color theme you’d like to stick through throughout your product launch. You can use that color palette to help the lighted graphics of your modular displays coordinate with your banners and wall murals. Or maybe you want to offer a smorgasbord of sights for your visitors to engage with. In that case, you could offer bright murals, sleek point-of-purchase displays and soft mood lighting via pop-up graphics to offset and contrast with the rest. Either way, you’ll create a pleasing and engaging effect.

Point-of-Purchase Displays for New Products

POP displays are designed to entice customers to buy products.

For a stunning visual effect, use a big, bold point-of-purchase display to showcase the new product as visitors enter the venue. Point-of-purchase displays are forms of signage designed to point out the product and entice customers to buy it.

Backlit counters, for example, make perfect point-of-purchase displays because they offer a showcasing surface while simultaneously flattering the product and drawing the eye with lighting. Or a wall panel can provide an engaging and informative backdrop against which to display new gadgets or software for visitors to try. If your product launch offers samples of food and drink, using a point-of-purchase display nearby to showcase the items available for purchase can help boost sales.

Your point-of-purchase display can also provide useful information for visitors. A basic display might feature the name or model number of the new product, an appealing image and a catchy tagline. A more elaborate display might explain the features of the new product and why visitors can’t live without it.

Using banners as point-of-purchase displays helps your messaging stand out above the product. You can also use materials like printed fabric panels, attachable shelving or graphic kiosks to focus positive attention on the product.

Product Launch Graphic Display Checklist

When you’re getting ready for a big product launch, don’t forget to check off these important steps:

  1. Determine your message. What are your strongest selling points? What benefits does your product offer consumers? Figure out how you can portray it in the most flattering and compelling light. Be sure to emphasize benefits rather than merely features. Demonstrate to your visitors how your product can make their lives better.
  2. Determine what types of graphics you need. Maybe you want to rely heavily on banners and wall signs, or maybe you want to diversify with backlit graphics and three-dimensional displays. Make this decision ahead of time so you can plan and design.
  3. Determine how many graphics you need. How much signage can your venue accommodate? You’ll want to create a vibrant atmosphere without overwhelming the space.
  4. Strategize about placement. You’ll need to figure out how you’ll arrange your products and graphics. If you’re offering chances to test physical objects, know how you’ll keep visitors from getting into each other’s space. Also figure out how you want your signage to complement your product display areas.
  5. Train your team. Having a knowledgeable, friendly, engaged team on hand makes your event that much more professional and engaging. Make sure team members know how to use, demonstrate and answer questions about the product. Every piece of information on your graphics and signage is something your team should understand and be able to elaborate on.
  6. Design and order advertisements and graphics. Choose a reputable company with quick, reliable turnaround times to ensure that you have quality materials on hand when you need them.
  7. Promote the event. Make use of physical, in-store and external graphic advertisements, and take to social media to get the word out as well.
  8. Launch your product. And remember to have fun.

Product Launch Displays That Work

Whether you’re launching a product at a unique venue, an expo or a supermarket, SpeedPro offers everything you need for a captivating presence, from custom backwalls to retractable banner stands and point of sale signage. Set the stage inside with wall murals, backlit graphics and display kiosks. Extend the visual appeal outdoors with custom product launch banners, window graphics, elevator wraps and vehicle wraps. Wherever people are visually meeting your product, we’ll help make sure they see it in clear, confident graphics that pop.

SpeedPro Creates Unforgettable Product Launch Graphics

Contact SpeedPro to create unforgettable product launch graphics.

SpeedPro is your product launch production partner. Partnering with SpeedPro means working with knowledgeable studio professionals who understand the signage needs for product launches. We will work with you toward the best choices in materials for the time, place and space of your product launch. We can also manage the display graphics production so you can concentrate more energy on the other elements, from research to drafting press releases. You can rely on SpeedPro for the big, bold graphics new products need to stand out from the crowd.

Use our handy online search tool to locate a SpeedPro studio in your area. Then contact us to find out more.