Signage & Products for Corporate Events

Signage & Products for <span>Corporate Events</span>

Effective corporate event signage establishes the appropriate tone of professionalism balanced with forward thinking momentum and excitement.

Whenever you throw a corporate event, you can spruce up the event space and market it effectively with corporate event signage.

Corporate Event Graphics

Top Corporate Event Graphics

As you look to improve or develop your corporate marketing signage, you’ll need to know about the best corporate event signage available to companies. Some of the most popular options include:

1. Wall Murals

Wall murals can turn a wall into an art project that reflects the theme of an event. A vinyl mural will commonly highlight logos, mission statements, branded imagery and company colors that put a stamp on an event space. These murals can be placed inside or outside a building, making them an excellent choice for companies who want to market their event or improve the appearance of a venue.

2. Event Tents

If you’re throwing an outdoor corporate event, you can adorn the grounds of a park or other event area with on-brand tents. These event tents come in a variety of options with canopies, backdrops, half-walls, partitions, kiosks, bars and counters all able to be customized to the needs of your company.

With multiple tents, you can have dedicated areas for food, drinks, product demos, games and whatever else you want to feature at your event.

3. Step and Repeat Banners

As one of the best types of banners for corporate branding, step and repeat banners improve attendee engagement and get the most life out of your signage. At events, your step and repeat banners will typically include the company logo. The banners are designed for attendees to take pictures in front of them, so they can have a memento of the event. If the attendees share pictures on social media, your event will receive even more exposure.

4. Event Graphics

Event graphics are a wide-ranging set of graphics that enhance the appeal of rooms. These custom decorations include pole-mounted banners, posters, signs and other visual elements.

By using the event graphics, you can craft a unique atmosphere that gets people engaged with your company and in the mood that you’re trying to set for the event. They also are perfect for representing your brand personality, making the event more memorable and unique.

5. Digital Signs

To upgrade the interior of any event space, you can choose digital signs for all your needs. Since the signs are digital, they offer greater customizability than typical, static signs. Besides a digital sign’s ability to showcase the most vibrant, eye-catching designs, it also offers the ability to rotate through different messages to provide viewers with a great deal of information. Additionally, if you throw multiple events, you can quickly update the signage to fit the new corporate event.

6. Banners

You can promote your event with custom banners on the outside of your building. They can be hung over the entrance of your event space or the side of your building. Banners come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you’ll be able to create one that fits the theme of the event perfectly. Since they are constructed with vinyl, you can be confident any of the banners you choose will hold up against the elements.

7. Window Graphics

Whether you’re renting an event space or using a building you already own, you’ll love the flexibility of window graphics. These graphics can be easily applied to windows to spruce up their appearance. Weeks before the event, you can install the window graphics to generate any exposure for your event if it’s open to the public.

Along with exposure, companies regularly add window graphics to a building’s windows to immediately make an impression on attendees before they even make it into the building.

8. Floor Graphics

Walls and windows aren’t the only places for graphics. Floors are perfect for graphics too. Top companies consistently install floor graphics with arrows or other directional symbols to help attendees make their way around an event space. The floor is also a great canvas for unique graphics that add an extra visual element to an event space. People are so used to seeing graphics on the walls of an event that graphics on a floor can be a welcome, attention-grabbing change.

Corporate Event Graphics

What Type of Events Are Corporate Signs Used For?

At almost any corporate event, you’ll need to use some combination of the corporate event signage listed above. Corporate event signage and graphics are often used at:

  • Product launches: When you’re launching a product, corporate signage can add to the product’s appeal, helping attendees see its possible applications and the way it could impact a consumer’s life. Digital signs are often featured in these events, as they can display videos that better demonstrate how someone would use the new product.
  • Networking functions: If you’re hosting an event where networking is the main focus, custom signage can help put people at ease and get them excited to talk to others. If other businesses and local professionals are invited to the event, event graphics can make a positive first impression that opens the door for your staff to cement relationships with others in your industry.
  • Conferences and trade shows: If you’re hosting a conference or attending a trade show, a variety of signage can make your company stand out from the other companies in attendance. A banner hung outside the entrance of a conference can direct people to where they should enter and clearly brand the space as your own. Additionally, step and repeat banners can be a great way to get trade show attendees engaged with your booth.

How SpeedPro Assists With Corporate Graphics and Printing

SpeedPro’s ability to print, scale and finish high-quality graphics sets the standard among competitors. We print our corporate event signage on a variety of materials to match your desired setting.

For outdoor signs, like directional signs or custom promotional banners, we print on weather-resistant vinyl. For indoor signage, we consider the color usage and environment to dictate plastic, paper, or digital media. Wall and floor murals, two of our larger-scale graphic displays, drive home the brand and success of a corporate event when positioned on a stage or placed at the venue’s entrance. Whatever your needs, we’ll know how to meet them.

Choose SpeedPro for All Your Corporate Event Signage Needs

If you have a corporate event coming up, you’ll want to work with an imaging studio that can bring your vision into reality. With SpeedPro’s nationwide network of studios in your corner, you’ll have a wide variety of graphics available to upgrade your event and make it more appealing to attendees.

For more information about our other services and how we work with our clients, find your local SpeedPro studio to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

Choose SpeedPro for all your corporate event signage needs